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  1. You know, I thought I'd do some testing before posting, but I don't know if the results make sense. Like others, I noticed I had to manually keep the pod pointed retrograde during reentry, which is not what I expected having played with DRE, so to sandbox I went to test. I launched into a 100 km orbit and reentered to a about 12km periapsis, I pointed the reentry vehicle retrograde at 70 km and the turned SAS off. With pod, parachute and stock heatshield, the craft soon turned to about 40 degrees off the retrograde, and exploded at 15 km. With pod, parachute and a heatshield with physics turned on, it stayed on the retrograde, used up less than half of the shield and while coming in quite fast over some mountains, performed pretty much as expected. Then, pod, parachute and no heatshield at all, fully expecting this to blow up high in the atmosphere, but no, it survived all way down. What the...
  2. After lurking for a while, which means since the .19th century, I guess I should delurk. 40-something old taxi driver from Stockholm, Sweden. KSP made me finally stop pretending to be playing Eve Online, though I'm still playing Skillqueue Online, as one (in)famous KSP youtuber called it. Spacefix fixed, or something like that. So far I have landed successfully on Mun and Minmus, in noncopied vessels, utterly failed at anything related to spaceplanes, built a small station in LKO (but not used it for anything, really) and killed off The Original Three in a failed attempt at an Apollo style Duna mission. My proudest moment was landing and making my second docking ever in this: ... with about 3 units of fuel to spare. The return vehicle made it back to Kerbin with about 10 units of fuel. Now I'm sort of mopping up this save file in eager anticipation of .21, where my save will not be called Test, where I will have some sort of plan, and where I will try to keep TO3 alive. For a little while at least. And I will still use the Kamelot logo on my flag, can't change everything now, can I?