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  1. Any chance we can get longer winches? Towing gliders and aerial refueling
  2. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Well, here goes nothing.
  3. Update looks great, but my Diamond 40 still stalls at 90kts (So much for slow flight). Still great for rockets though!
  4. Okay, so here's how I see it. If Ferram and all the people making contributions want to see their product be used, they need to update the front page and get on the top of their game. 1.2 has been out for months and people have been asking weekly when it will be out. There needs to be a layman's terms, no questions asked explanation of where we stand and what needs to be fixed for a release. Ferram, a published estimate on how 1.3 will effect a prompt release would be wise to just get everyone off our backs and give them a timeline to think about so they aren't spamming us.
  5. You apparently didn't read the post directly above yours very well.
  6. So what about the 1.2 update made a release take so significantly longer than other updates? No complaint on the time, i'd rather get a product that's polished and ready to rock than a prerelease, but is it changes in the way 1.2 handles physics? What messed up the flow?
  7. That is perfect! Thanks for putting in the time and effort!
  8. Here's what I mean, this wing mounted pod but in .625 form factor:
  9. So, it seems like the new theme of new tantares is less modularability and more "recreate old stuff", since the soyuz main stage is now one part instead of two, etc. Is this what you're going for? If so, i'd be interested in upkeeping old tantares.
  10. ...now add VOR's, intersections, GPS waypoints, airspace, RVSM, transponder codes, flight following...
  11. Ok I finally wrapped my head around the parts, I love this mod already just made my circumnavigation by Cessna possible. Any chance we could see smaller refueling pods, like .625 size for smaller tanker aircraft?
  12. Cool, I figured out you can fly the aircraft manually and engage the probe "magnet" once you're sufficiently close enough. Does the supply aircraft lose fuel proportionally as the recieving aircraft gains it? It appears the rate of flow is about 20 units per second to the receiver, but does the tanker lose fuel at the same 20 units per second rate while docked?
  13. What about a manual mode? Also, how is the fuel transfer handled? Is it through the stock fuel transfer or scripted? Id like to use the parts, but manual refueling because... fun
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