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  1. Hi All. Is 146 hours rubbish and slow trying just to get to the Mun and orbiting or is it dedication lol. Today I have finally orbited Mun with my Rocket after 146 Hours its orbiting 61km and 60KM above mun. I have finally also figured out how to do Asparagus staging for the fule. I just cant believe it took me 146 hours to learn. lol. How long did it take you?. I no there still lots to learn but this is a big brake threw for me. I don't no why but listening to Two Steps from Hell and Audio Machine at the same time must have helped as this is the only thing different I have done since playing.
  2. Yeah but when first started and only to last night the gab was way too big for my liking but now I can get it down now. At the moment I have a pod up there and its at AP 91,918 and PE 66.595. But I have just launched my 1st satellite with batteries and solar panel and a communication and thermometer that is AP 86.037 PE 71.154 which im happy with. The thing is thouh my rocket started at 180 degrees instead of 000 but I still managed to get it right like it started at 000 degress and pointed it to 90 on the nav ball.
  3. Hi all. I could not believe it I was on KSP last night and it was 18:30 and next time I looked at the clock it was 22.50. Not been on a Game (SIM) that long since FSX and that's been a while. Any way I have finally figured out why my AP and PE are way off when I finally do the last burn to get into orbit. I have been going up way too fast from blast and not slowing down in time until last thing last night and now done it many times with the same rocket and a better shape. The only thing is that it is different with each rocket you make due to the weight on how much or less the rocket weighs as to how fast or slow you go up. That's my next thing. lol.
  4. This took 25mins to upload my uploads speed is rubbish. Its the rocket im using at the moment.
  5. No I have not, actually I will look into that tomorrow. hehe explodey stuff. Decided not to give up and will continue.
  6. I have watched the orbit vid of his 9000 times and it feels like I no him now lol.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I have not given up yet actually I have just built my 1st proper small rocket. Its stable and gets into orbit. The problem im having when getting into orbit is my AP and PE when I do the way point node is that its perfect and sometimes matches the same distance apart but when going to thrust to get to the way point there is a massive gab. This is my problem. The pic here is a complete burn when you get the the path node waypoint what you made. 1st pic is is the Blue AP and it reached it target of 103.361 Slightly off as seen in Pic 2 by the Orange PE Node. which is also 103.367. But the big problem is the Orange PE Node as the target is 98.883 but on the Blue PE its at 34.550 which is way off and its this what is getting me mad lol. Why does this not match like the AP?. Sorry use full screen and 1080p as im new to uploading things on youtube and movies upload is very slow as I would have recorded it.
  8. Sorry if I seemed I sounded like I was bashing the sim as its not the sim its me if you no what I mean.
  9. Sorry but I give up. I have been on it for 22 hours and not got a clue any more what to do. I don't no how fast to set your throttle and I have looked every where but can not understand it. I don't no when to start rolling properly and a what height and speed etc. I no its only Alpha version but wish there where more descriptions in game for what things do as to me its not clear and more on tutorials and not just the couple. I am leaving this game a loan for a bit as its now getting me mad.
  10. Because there is no killing in it.
  11. Its taken me 14 hours so far to build a simple rocket and kill a couple kerbals and get into orbit. 1st time I got into orbit it was like an egg shaped Apoapsis and Periapsis. I didn't right the hight down as it was a tester but it was way off and I did this for a couple of hours trying to get it right. Any way about 1hour ago which is 14 hour game play since Friday night I finally got a near 100% Apoapsis and periapsis which height was. AP 100.142M and PA 99.583M. I was messing around with views and looking at jebediah looking all chuffed and smiling and then I ended the flight. Then I realize when I went back there where no flights to be found Any one else done this error yet?.
  12. Hi im new here and got Kerbal Space Program on steam. This might seem a silly stupid question to some but how did you learn and at what stages and how to remember what goes where?. I have watched many youtube video etc but still can not seem to get pass the 1st tutorial bit with out exploding my ship. I can do a basic ship that is it then I fail. Command Module, Parachute, Decoupler under the command module and add fule or just that rocket like in the tutorial. Other then that when I try and do anything else it don't seem to work. I no its me and not the programme so how did you all learn and never mind making bases and rovers. lol.