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  1. I seem to have found a bug, or i have a faulty download and it's corrupted, but whenever you go into cockpit view and zoom in on something and exit out of cockpit view, it locks the FOV at whatever it was set to while zooming in, and it messes up scatterer that makes the ocean go away, the sky messed up, or have the atmosphere bug up. http://imgur.com/a/V33fI Most recent version of scatterer Ksp 1.1 I don't know if my specs have anything to do with it, it has worked perfectly before 1.1 Nvidia Gtx-970 I5-4690K
  2. Would it be possible to have my name changed to Dead Pixel to match my youtube channel
  3. My post is almost 3 years old and is still going strong! Thanks for all the suggestions, keep them coming!
  4. I would gladly make a video showing off the features of the new update! I'd get the chance to see how professional of a video i could come up with, with the footage acquired from playing the new update! ~Dead Pixel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZEtQRTzxAgKMjFdSSbihPg
  5. Kinda wishing i could change my name and all that without making a new account.

    1. legoclone09


      You can change it in a thread in the Kerbal Network.

  6. Adding several mods together like Firespitter. BD amory, KAX and all those goodies is fantastic! But have you ever wanted a mod that was just full out World War 2 Themed, Or Even WW2 To Korea? I know I Have Look, I know it's time consuming to make models in ksp with blender and all that (and making mods in general) I Make maps for source engine games and stuff like that. But i've never made a mod for ksp before and it would take forever for me to get the hang of it. So maybe somebody could try making a full ww2 themed mod. As in having WW2 Themed Weapons Like The M2 Browning... Hispanos... Mk103 Cannons... WW2 Themed Airplane parts Like Fuselages, Wings, Tails, Engines And All A Wide variety of engines like the v12 merlin engine the list goes on and on. Like i said, I would try to do it, but i have NO experience with modding, and i would love to see this!
  7. Whenever i try to use the propellers... i go to the runway and the engine is at full overheat and explodes in like 5 seconds, found no where to fix it, and i don't know why it's doing it.
  8. I mainly created this one, because it's not really official. but also people can post their ideas and images on what female kerbals should look like without needing to wait for a moderator to approve the post if not ever approve it. so Post your ideas and thoughts on what they should look like. I like these They actually look like females. and not just standard kerbals with lipstick and long hair I Guess Putting Big Breasts and a big butt on them makes them look like females. no offence.
  9. No offence, but i dont really like any of them. they just don't look like womam like or feminine to me, some of them are just a standard kerbals with lipstick and long hair. But thats just my opinion The only one i really liked. was this one It actually looks like a woman. <snipped by moderation>
  10. I put the engine on and the wheels and the parts. etc looks just like the one in the pictures. but the car just goes 20 m/s. just slow. is it suppose to be like that. or am i doing something wrong, because i was expecting sports cars and going fast.
  11. Im not recreating anything. i just was making a .25 speed challenge, just because something has been done in the past doesnt mean doing it again is copying or whatever. if people go by that logic, america was copying russia by trying to get to space and the moon. or android trying to make their phones better than apple and so on by using their stuff. etc etc
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