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  1. One word, Canada. Just because in one case it didn't work out doesn't mean it is impossible.
  2. Did the "heatshield engineer" just say that friction causes the heat build up.
  3. And you don't expect kerbals to have real buildings by lets say the third tier on the science tree.
  4. To be honest this is actually more realistic then what most of the people on here think the real progression of NASA's and Rocosmos's space center was like. They were crude and poorly built to begin with, but with time you get to what we have today, and even before we got there we were using barns at the White Sands Test Range. This is perfectly realistic. Though I do have to agree with the textures being a bit off especially the observatory.
  5. Likely the next president will not kill the SLS because it will achieve success in his term and if he gets reelected will grab the big success of the Asteroid Capture atleast the return to the Moon.
  6. Yet I remember in the last four years the launch of MAVEN, Expedition 35, LADEE, and the landing of Atlantis all being broadcast on news stations. The reason astronauts no longer drive corvettes is there are more than 7 astronauts. It is just the natural decline of any interest overall. Many people probbably don't care about new planes being built because it is normal now.
  7. I think many people on this forum seriously underestimate the public interest in space flight. Fox News for crying out loud promoted NASA after the failure of Antares, and so did several other media organizations. Do you people forget the Curiosity landing and how much buzz surrounded that. Just because the average person won't go out of their way to watch a rocket launch or they don't think that funding for space programs should be the prime goal of the government does not mean that they don't care about it.
  8. It's not randomly generated. It is just you have your ground on a low setting.
  9. Yes and the Russian Space Program and all space programs have to work under the constrains of a budget. Saying that the budget could collapse is a far cry from what is going to happen. The first missions are too close for funding to be cut. It would be a bad political move currently as everyone is starting to get hyped about space taxis.
  10. Do the white suits not actually respawn in non-permadeath, because I am pretty sure that is just a myth that the white suits don't respawn. So I don't see whatt the point is unless you are going to use it to attract attention to her. Though I guess I would be fine with it.
  11. Since once you get out of the 2.5km physics sphere the vehicle disappears for our purposes. No.
  12. The only downside that is keeping me away from bigger planets is that the detail will decrease planetside if it happens. If that can be fixed I will certainly jump on board the bandwagon.
  13. Then tell me what happens when you have ten thousand funds and then you crash a ten thousand fund spaceship.