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  1. It would be really poetic to release it on the 11th anneversary of the original game's release
  2. Thanks @adsii1970 and mods for the recognition! I've loved KSP for this past decade and happy to contribute to the discussion of the sequel.
  3. Congrats on release! the parts look amazing! Also i may just be a dum dum, but how do you install the IVA's? i tried to do it in the SSPXr gamedata folder and they arent showing up? Do i put the IVA stuff in Gamedata > SSPXr folder or do i put it in the internal folder? i tried both and it wasnt working, even for the older parts when i put the IVA's in the gamedata folder, the kerbal pictures do not show up
  4. I definitely agree with this, as multiplayer is one of the 5 or so improvment points plastered all over the website as well as (albiet without specifics) core to some of the ideas talked about in the dev blogs and videos. I honeslty think that if multiplayer isnt ready by the time they said they will release it they would just push it back again. the KSP community would understand as it has for previous delays. we all want a good game, not one devoid of a main feature. I defnitely agree with this as well in the fact that T2 will milk this game of all its sucess. my only hope is that that hype will work in KSP's favor as more and more people are inspired by rocket science and little green men.
  5. With the development of new content for KSP 1 now being essencially complete, ive been thinking about how the devs of KSP2 will approach releases and new content. When KSP2 is released, will it be completely finished in terms of features, or should we expect more content in the form of free updates like KSP1? Will there be DLCs to KSP2? I realize that alot of these questions may not have answers as of this point, but I'm sure that alot of us are curious as to what we should expect from KSP2 development after initial release. What do you all think? (thanks guys!!!)
  6. id be down to see more of the Kerbol system, but i would also expect a more mellow one after the bombshell (imo) that was the Gurdamma reveal. damn that planet looked so good
  7. i would love to see a red giant system. A star nearing the end of its life with some dying planets around it, and maybe an ocean moon around a gas giant that has thawed from the expanding star. Maybe thats what they have in mind for Glumo and Merbel
  8. My god Gurdamma is absolutely GORGEOUS! @Nate Simpson you mentioned that this planet is analogus to the early earth in the late heavy bombardment. will there be an asteroid hazard of rocks coming down to destroy colonies? that would be a crazy but fun environmental hazard players would have to deal with.
  9. this hit me like a truck just because i grew up w the game, but this solves two problems. First, I no longer have to restart my space program with the fear that a new update could break mods that i use for a bit. Second, this will eliminate scope creep from KSP 1 to KSP2, and make the KSP2 Dev's lives easier by being able to implement everything from KSP1 to KSP2. All in all, i think this was a good decision for the future of KSP.
  10. Wow... didn't expect to get the feels today. I discovered KSP in the summer of 2011, shortly after it was released. I was in 5th grade back then, and I was complelty unaware of the immense importance that this game would have on my life. I am now a junior undergraduate in college studying aerospace engineering, and preparing to build rockets for a career. All I want to say is THANK YOU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all who have worked on this game and developed it over these last 10 years. It's been a wild ride and I can't wait to see what KSP 2 has to offer.
  11. Home base is looking sweet. awesome job guys and thanks for all the hype stuff
  12. Im predicting on the 11th anneverary of KSP's original release. July 27th 2022
  13. @Nertea is the person i think when it comes to this job. His parts and concepts for them are absolutly amazing, and his work on Restock as well as the other modders on that project have created a common art style which i hope will be a continuing theme for KSP2.
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