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  1. VERY AWESOME! Here's a meme for your hard work @Intercept Games
  2. Hey guys excellent additions with the methane engines, really enjoying them (especially with waterfall!!). Although i think i may have encountered a small bug. Is anyone else having trouble with the new "Harrier" Engine? whenever i use it my craft enters a roll and spins out of control. the thrust centering may be off.
  3. This developer update was so well done. Great Job! Also, cant wait to push my Kerbals to stage 3 panic XD Hopefully the video will be out on a FRIDAYYYYYYY
  4. Here's my predictions/hopes for 1.11: - Art Passes for more of the planets (probably jool's moons; prob Vall and Tylo are next) - Reusablity parts (maybe in the form of a DLC or free update, either could work) - would be cool to get a bunch of ew varieties for engines and size catagories that arent as fleshed out (1.875, , 3.75, 5.0, etc) - A 3.75 meter docking port! - More and bigger asteriod spawn locations (near dres orbit, not just orbiting dres, near eeloo) - it would be awesome to pick a mod to add to the game. maybe kerbal alarm clock? All these change
  5. I got the showstopper "Houston we have a problem" error and it told me to come here. Heres the log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4yhwc9z9ap8e58b/KSP.log?dl=0
  6. tbh, this would be kinda awesome. however, its prob better as a mod than anything else.
  7. This is sooo reassuring. Thank you @Nate Simpson, we patiently await your team's creation
  8. I agree with @ShadowZone with how we should approach this trasition of management, we dont know all the full details yet. But what i will say is this: I had the lovely chance of meeting Nate Simpson, creative director, at PAX east this past March. For the time we talked, we shared our love of the original game, and it was amazing to see his undisputed dedication to KSP2 and making it right for the community. Based on my interaction with him, he clearly cares about the game alot. Which is why i believe, like others have said, that if Nate made that jump to Intercept "immediately" as the a
  9. its too early to really tell but from the looks of things and the passion of the developers, i think it will
  10. but... i dont want to hurt their feelings They are all so freaking adorable. This is like trying to pick a favorite child
  11. Honesty this new release date doesnt really affect the way i see KSP2. I met the developers at pax and they truly, TRULY know what the essence of ksp is and i have no doubt that the game will be fantastic. in addition, we will probably get more of those awesome spotlight videos over the next year.
  12. Super excited for this. Can never get enough KSP in your life. Now all you need to do is partener with ROSCOSMOS and you'll get the trinity of world space programs! Cant wait to see more!
  13. dw man if you want crazy realiistic manuactirng like you descfribed im sure there will be some mods for it.
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