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  1. This DLC is going to be awesome. thanks squad/taketwo for continuing to improve the game. STOCK ROBOTICS FTW!!!!
  2. @Nertea I've been looking at this thread for the past hour now. let me tell you, your style and care to the coveted stock parts of ksp are absolutely AMAZING!! I've been playing this game since 0.14, and trust me, I definitely agree with your concerns for the inconsistency in style across the game. this pack is what the parts of ksp deserve, and I hope you continue to make some astounding work with this restock initiative. I'm so excited for when you eventually release these parts, but until then, I will wait patiently... Also, the new FX for the engines are amazing. will they be configured for realplume as well?
  3. Hey guys forgive me if this was asked but is MKS and the other roverdude mods comparable w 1.6? Despite it saying they are for 1.3
  4. i didnt know i needed this so badly until i saw it! now my kerbals can look interesting when they are standing around!
  5. Hey @linuxgurugamer sorry to bother you I know you have a lot of mods to update but I'm having trouble w janitors closet. I'm in version 1.4.3 and when I click the button nothing comes up.
  6. I must say. this is an extraordinary mod. The only thing I find a bit weird is that the clouds shimmer in an odd way. However, as others have said above, you definitely need to license this mod. I recognized some textures from other mods, which need to be addressed...
  7. Hi, So I'm on a MacOS High Sierra and I keep running the " mono --verbose --arch=32 ckan.exe" in my terminal. it seems to launch CKAN but it immediately closes. I downloaded the newest version of mono as the directions instructed, but I don't know what else to do.
  8. Having some trouble with Scatterer on KSP on the MAC. The halo around the planets is still present, even with the fix in the config. also, the mod seems to drastically reduce framerate to the point where the game is unplayable. Is there any way to minimize the lagging? I've already tried to turn off the ocean shaders to try and reduce it but no dice. Not sure if the halo problem got a fix before but would really appreciate the help
  9. So I was reading the dev blogs and I saw that 1.4 was mentioned, so I began to wonder: What will 1.4 have? What major features of the game are yet to be added? What do you guys want out of 1.4?
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/039vjd3i7i8c0j5/KSP.log?dl=0 Im running KSP on a Mac on MacOS High Sierra, and using the terminal to start it in open gl to prevent lag spikes making the game unplayable
  11. i have gotten the game to start with procedural parts but when i go to load a craft with the parts it does not load. crafts without the procedural parts work fine. hopefully an update will come soon
  12. This happened to me too. Its a problem with OSE Workshop bc KIS works fine for me. we just have to wait until it is fixed for 1.3.1