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  1. the bunker i'm making the problem is landing something big and heavy like this on the mun. but after that it would look nice. the hatch on the side will have a door, and slot for supply tanks. other difficulty on landing i guess, is finding a landing spot 100% plane. or maybe i can adapt the collision mesh to the object "merge" half meter to the ground.
  2. i've just google it and am surprised it looks like the one from the movie. that was not the intend, i made it from scratch. maybe my mind played a trick on me, whatever. i read all the comments and they have big influence in the mod, i just have a problem in starting things and not finishing, sometimes the coffee ends before the modelling
  3. yesterday i didn't modeled nothing, because i was too busy playing kerbal space program. i landed in eve for the first time. the most difficult thing was get pass jebediah's head through the container door. i like the bunker idea, and i was thinking if i could do like a landing pad on top of it, and aside, something like a openeable bay door with supply tanks inside. then i though something else: docking supply tanks. you open the bay doors, a spacecraft aproach and switch an empty oxygen tank by a new one, then go away. i believe maybe it is possible to mod something like that. the game already provides such resources in cfgs, just need to figure out a few things. anyone knows if someone already did a mod like that?
  4. new version 0.82, there is the link to new thread
  5. some new parts in this version, and some thins fixed/optimized. new supply tanks and new graphics for some parts. the 2 tanks truss now can be surface attached the truss tanks now are: red - battery green - food blue - oxigen yellow - liquidfuel-oxidizer mix the big c is like a hangar with 2 doors fixed an issue where you could not place a ladder in front of the container door also the kerbonauts now don't need to be so close do the door to enter. some people couldn't enter just because 30cm height difference. fixed that too. new landing leg! the hab container now has nodes on six sides and also can be surface attached. i made this with the objective of building different shaped crafts. i don't know if this is a good idea. please comment! new truss to 1.25m adapter attachable (and openable) windows, for containers and fuel tanks i didn't made the custom decoupler yet, sorry for that i must thank for all the comments, some ideas are really good! i intend to make much more buildings, but probably is better to define some things before starting that, to prevent remodelling work in the future. sorry my poor english. i've optimized the parts, the lag some kerbonauts were complaining is much lower now, however it may still be more than the stock parts. i don't know if it is really necessary, but i suggest to delete the old parts before installing the new version, because some files have different names and will not be overwrited, i don't know if the remaining files can cause any issue. here is the download link http://www./?gve9xbhkgqj77zr i appreciate anyone that post screens of your designs, i am enjoying this and the feedback really helps me to improve the mod!
  6. this one will be just a hangar, but kerbonauts can walk in and lock themselves inside this is just the second major part i make, i plan to do one like a command center that will work like a crew container.
  7. i've spend the afternoon optimizing meshes and textures of already made parts. i may say that the next release will lag much less. and i made this today: the big C is a heavy, useless and ridiculous piece of kerbal engineering. you will want to land it on the mun. i tried to make it to combine the same visual style of the other parts i'm doing. it has a main door and a top door that opens and closes separately, it will be in the 0.82 release. thank you, kerbonaut friends and again, sorry my poor english
  8. i am sorry for that. this is the first version i released and didn't optimized the mesh, by reducing polygon count, and the (simple) texture with it is unnecessaryly large. it was a quick upload i made just to see if anybody would download and enjoy. in about a week i will upload the 0.82 with more parts and i expect it to lag less.
  9. nope. i am writing the cfg right now
  10. kerbonaut friends the landing gear as you asked! next things to do are better tank textures, container nodes and a ASAS that fits the container style!
  11. by looking at this pic i see i really need to make some textures, specially to the tanks. and i am making the landing gear! i am having fun making this, even with my super limited skills
  13. i just released the Colony Kit 0.8 beta pack
  14. CK pack 0.8 beta Colony Kit here is the link to download it: http://www./download.php?tvl5qbqh2f6cqjt the tanks are made to fit the 2 struts that came with the pack. you can decouple them the HabContainer is a Crew container that you can put kerbals in it and click control from here. some other parts i'm planning: -besides "fuel" and "oxygen" tanks, "supplies crate" maybe, or "medical supplies". please make suggestions! -other 2 containers with different sizes and shapes, like "command center" or "colony center", please make suggestions! -strut adapter to 1.25m this is the first released version, so if someone find bugs, please comment and help me improve it. thank you