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  1. Yeah, definitely. I also experimented around with putting the steerable landing gear on one of the hydraulic pistons as well and that worked pretty well. Allowed me to shorten the length of the gear when retracted. It'd be cool if in maybe a larger scale build, if someone actually built compartments for gears and made robotic doors and stuff for them. I may try that next with the concorde
  2. I "quickly" (spent hours too long) whipped this Concorde up, trying to see if I could replicate the droop nose. I think I got kinda close. The window which pulls down ended up being the hardest part, and it's two robotics parts moving it actually. The smallest hydraulic press and one of the servos. Edit: Oops, let me add the craft file. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am-Klu4h5TIdmq4zUjBj9xbo7y6YtQ Action group 1 lowers/raises the nose for takeoff Action group 2 is used after action group 1 to put the nose in/out of landing position I also mapped the gear butto
  3. That's weird, they all had about the same range when I tested them out myself. That said it doesn't really matter with the excessive range they have anyways, lol.
  4. Test Pilot Review: @Andetch's - Night Fury HSKT / HSKT - EL / HSKT - ELX HSKT: Price: 89,507,000 Fuel: 1380 Kallons Cruising Speed: 1200m/s Cruising Altitude: 20,000m Fuel Burn Rate: 0.65 Kallons/sec Range: 1900km HSKT - EL: Price: 91,157,000 Fuel: 1780 Kallons Cruising Speed: 1200m/s Cruising Altitude: 20,000m Fuel Burn Rate: 0.72 Kallons/sec Range: 2250km HSKT - ELX: Price: 248,777,000 Fuel: 2840 Kallons Cruising Speed: 1150m/s (Full load) Cruising Altitude: 20,000m F
  5. Alright guys, gonna work on a review tonight/tomorrow. We just got our stuff done tonight for the most part. Also @NightshineRecorralis, we're team 2046, based near Seattle
  6. Hey guys, I might end up having time to review something this week, yay! Part of First Robotics Competition where we have to build a robot in 6 weeks and program it. We finish building tomorrow, which means much more team to do stuff like this
  7. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM KPE: On some SSP-2 models, you may need to turn braking all the way up, otherwise sufficient braking may not be achieved on especially short runways. This is our recommended setting anyways. If you decide that full braking on all three gears is to much, you may lower it from that if your airline so wishes to. Thank you for your time. Note: With the settings above, we have about 1/3rd of the island runway landing with touchdown occurring about 65m/s
  8. Sorry for not being able to judge at all...got a project going on that takes up most of my weekends to. I've been lurking a bit (sorry). I should have some time to do reviews in like a week in a half, although that depends on how my project is doing. Know that I am eventually coming back to help review this, and that I still try to keep up with the thread.
  9. Test Pilot Review: @Samwise Potato Spud Flight: SF-S240 "Marigold" Figures as Tested: Price: 31,094,000 Fuel: 1600 kallons Cruising speed: 1110 m/s Cruising altitude: 20,250 m Fuel burn rate: 0.24 kal/s Range: 6330 km Review Notes: We enjoyed this plane quite a bit, due to it's small size and nimble controls. Our test pilots were easily able to handle the plane with no training or practice, finding the handling very similar to some of our own planes that we had developed. The Marigold took off very quickly thanks to its two Whiplashes, riv
  10. Yeah I'm on, I won't have time to do any reviews though for like another week. I plan to crank them out next weekend though
  11. Test Pilot Review Addendum: @Samwise Potato's Spud Flight - SF-J240 "Daisy" Figures as Tested: Price: 20,810,000 Fuel: 800 kallons Cruising speed: 243m/s, 530m/s at supersonic Cruising altitude: 7000m, 9500m supersonic Fuel burn rate: 0.09kal/s, 0.11kal/s at supersonic Range: 1828km, 3540km at supersonic Verdict: After some testing mistakes and figuring out our unit was somehow defective, which got rid of the whole oscillation issue at cruise and Spud Flight even added a tail gear to help protect the tail from the overzealous pilots who
  12. Alright, I do have the advanced tweakables on. Does the advanced tweakables stuff actually get saved in craft files?
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