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  1. Probably some time next week, but I'm not making any promises. The game is running smoothly these days, but I'm very busy in real life right now.
  2. Good news, everybody! After Cydonian Monk's advice, I realized what the issue with the save probably was: the game crashed the last time I played it, so it probably generated a messed up file. So I just replaced the persistence with the last quicksave and everything is back to normal (except for the long loading times, I can't figure out those). I'm beating myself up for not realising that sooner. Thank you all very much and we'll be back with a new chapter soon!
  3. Tried the Alt+F2 method, and noticed there are a bunch of errors related to the Pathfinder/Buffalo mods. But where the loading gets stuck is while loading the Kspedia assets, and the big issue is that after clicking "Resume Save Game" in the main menu, I get an empty list, as if there were no saved games in the folder. I tried running the program as admin, changing the game folder from "read only", not to mention disabling my antivirus and my internet connection, and also did a throrough clean up of the drive, and updated the graphics driver. I think Kuzzter's solution might be a good idea, but I don't know when I'll have the time for that.
  4. Hey, folks! I'm glad there's still someone paying attention to this comic. But I have some bad news. I've been having issues with KSP on my computer since last week. At first, it was just the newest install taking forever to load and being very laggy, so I ended up taking the chance to play with my buggy 1.1.2 install, which contained Plan Kappa. But after I posted the latest chapter, the same issue started happening with the old install. Now I can only get it to work after 10 minutes loading, and even so I can't access the Plan Kappa save (or its backup), because the "load save game" button isn't working. Does anyone have any idea about what may be causing this? I'm at a loss.
  5. Thanks for your comment! "Kerbalness" is exactly what I'm going for here, so I guess it's working! Thanks, I just added a little footnote under the page. I guess it doesn't matter how many times I reread the pages, there are still a few errors when I post them online...
  6. Thanks for the comments, folks! Here's another one! * Obviously Ron Kerman is a bit confused when he refers to our planet as "Earth" instead of "Kerbin" ;-)
  7. Hi, guys! Just dropping by to give you a quick update on the state of Plan Kappa. As I already told you, I have little free time these days, but what's really delaying the new chapter is the fact that the Plan Kappa save game is even more screwed up than the in-story universe. Ships randomly explode, engines stop working for no reason, the planets and moons often disappear when I load a vessel, and the game crashes at least 50% of the time. It's been really frustrating working under these conditions, as you may imagine. But I'm doing my best, and if the game cooperates, I may be able to release chapter 52 in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!
  8. * Correction: In the third panel it should read "Adventurous 4" instead of "Adventurous 3".
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