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  1. [WIP] Ж-20 "Moroz" Spaceplane

    Can't believe I missed that trick.
  2. [1.1.3] Dr. Kermnassus' Parts Emporium

    Given the date of the last comment in the thread, probably not. Part config fields have changed, languages been added etc. But that said, no harm in trying.
  3. Electrocutor's Thread

  4. Black Friday!

    Mr commercialised imperialist capitalist lapdog!
  5. I will download it, view it every now and then and admire it. Promise!
  6. I say bring it, you've done the work, it fills a niche, it looks cool. Most people* only look at IVAs now and then anyway. *based on a sample of one person (me)
  7. Official FAR Craft Repository

    Sarcasm aside I tend to re-enter at 30-50 degrees AOA depending on the plane, and make sure that my control surfaces aren't stalled even if parts of the main wing is. When it works it gives a lot of supersonic lift, and allows for shedding speed high up, and doing s turns if needed. I tend to land with empty tanks though which makes it easier. Currently I am trying to make an SSTO with low landing speed and land it on laythe with (almost) full tanks. It's proving quite hard and I'm leaning towards a supersonically optimised shape with RATO, or something like that ...
  8. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Ever been called a perfectionist? No? Ok. (Amazing work)
  9. @GregroxMun playing the mod (love it) and planning a refuelling outpost on bop. My first step is an orbital survey, but it seems impossible below 25000m, and the sphere of influence is only 1000(?). Is there a way around this issue?
  10. [1.3.x] Comfortable Landing [V1.4]

    This is gold. If it came as part of heatshields it would be diamond.
  11. [1.3.1] EvaFuel Continued. No more infinite EVA Fuel!

    This mod is amazing, but I can't seem to get it to work. I can send logs when I get home, but essentially I set fuel to 0.5, and as they leave the craft the mod displays a warning about no fuel - for them to then have 4.5 units rather than 0.5. is this a known problem?
  12. When I first used KAS I remember installing it for use as an EVA tether. I searched this thread and about a year it wasn't possible, but I'm just wondering if there is a way to do it?
  13. [1.3] Beta - Integrated Stack Tank Decouplers

    How elegant. Such a great idea and (in hindsight) obvious. Downloaded!
  14. [WIP 1.3.1] Kube - spaceship parts

    This is cool, I like the "retro sci-fi" aesthetic also.