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  1. I like the thought of Kerbalism - its clearly very impressive, feature full and complete. My only struggle is to figure out what mods are/ are not compatible? It seems way more are than it appears on the front page, but still I try to figure out which are not. What about Tantares, or USI suite? Thanks! ps. sorry if this is blatantly visible somewhere and I missed it.
  2. @dboi88 This is really really impressive stuff! Thanks for sharing .. maybe I will have my base on Duna ready to resupply when this is released. I can but dream.
  3. I have had the same problem with all docking nodes that have a "deploy something" option, and essentially: if you have Tweakable everything, and there is any option with a docking port (like a soft docking ring, or in this case an alignment pin) try activating it in the VAB editor, and at least for me the node then reappears. Once you have attached to it, you can then safely "de-deploy" again. Essentially I think I just said the same as @linuxgurugamer.
  4. Was just going to report that all my saves got lost... Seems i should just download the latest build instead. Great work, thanks!
  5. I think the bottom one looks a bit tacky, and... But I still prefer it. I will say it, I like it. The colourful one that is.
  6. Tantares 2 is like the original Tantares.. Just even better. Amazing work, love it. I use USI-LS but couldn't find any configs so I looked at the ones @panarchist did for Cx, and tried to cobble something similar together. The balance is a bit questionable (basically what I felt fitted the feeling of MIR), and its all very simple (all the Soyuz modules are basically the same). All in all there might already be something better around (in which case please let me know so I can get it). But if anyone would find it useful, it appears to work so far:
  7. Sorry for my complete ignorance... but: Looking through the compatibility patches I noted there are two USI-LS patches, one with many words and letters, and one with much fewer but the more verbose one appears commented out in its filename ".cfg.txt". I'm literally just curious, is there some magical wizardry I am unable to understand?
  8. That was my problem too and moving the wheels forward helped, but without detracting too far off topic; requiring high take off velocity for an SSTO may not be such a strange thing - especially it as you say is optimiser for near orbital velocity (and full of fuel). Imagine trying to take off horizontally with the space shuttle (hint - don't). Looking at supersonic bombers even, they don't turn on a dime. so it might show realism (or closer to realism) of the model rather than a fault.
  9. If surface attaches the pieces in creative ways the radius can also be brought down to fit in a fairing - then once in orbit an engineer can put them in place.. I think it's pretty cool.
  10. So.. I had the same problem. I had done a sloppy install and just installed on top of the previous one. And I think the plugin location is now in a sub folder.. hence giving two copies of the plugin. That was me told..
  11. Appears it is called Landertron and that a community update is in the works.
  12. Looks grand! There was once a plugin that allowed 'fire and forget' solid rocket retroboosters that was pretty neat and would fit well I think.