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  1. Blast shield will limite the plane size, and lift is the same. Also, blast shield is only visual effect, it can't deflect particles. And lift is the door to the hanger which I prefer achieved by other MOD. So, no, I dont plan on doing any of these.
  2. Fighters need BDA to auto pilot and fire, but u dont need BDA the drive the ship and fly the plane.
  3. No need to sorry, that is only a small mod for fun anyway. It is designed to play as fleet battle which you are able to launch dozens of fighters and fight AI. You are always welcome.
  4. There is a MOD called WWII carriers. If u are interested.
  5. How to disable map mode when certain vessel is active? My plan is to play FX during teleportaion but also limit the player to open map mode and see through the trick. It is as easy as modify mapview every update. if(MapView.MapIsEnabled) MapView.ExitMapView();
  6. Video? Mod list? You are right. Put OLS on a small cart and drive to the end of the runway. Try Physics Range Extender Log file.
  7. Yes, the reloaded missile is determined by the missile you load in the beginning, replace the missile on the rail and click reassign will change the type it will reload.
  8. THis is a good news. Could you take a screenshoot to indicate where the hole is?
  9. I would suggest multiple ray cast to hover the vessel. When you are on water, use altitude replace ray cast, all other calculation stays the same. Check the hover craft MOD I made previously.
  10. Not a Unity problem, same part works perfectly in previous version KSP will be messed up in new version. It is not only happened in 1.8 through, Enterprise has been updated a while ago.
  11. KSP has a major problem on the multi mesh collider now, old MOD might suffer from it since the bug was not there back then.
  12. Which one? Parts should not impact part's CL until activated before landing.
  13. forget this totally, I will update next version.