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  1. Hyper Edit /VesselMover Continued/Kerbal Konstructs with Water spawn point(developed by Tony Jones) For putting the CV into the water I would consider adding a blast deflector but don't really know how it works in KSP.
  2. Thank you, this is very helpful! For landed vessel, place the vessel will always result in some issues...
  3. Is it possible to add a part to the active vessel during flight? If not, is it possible to create a vessel from thin air and dock it to our vessel immediately(which is an alternative way)?
  4. I agree, CLLS has no requirement for flight deck style, you don't even need one
  5. The tie down issue is mostly ALG issue, yes, it is fixed with ALG updated.
  6. You can use the newest update, there is a version that fails. Or using the update file in spacedock is also OK
  7. Are you using the spacedock update?
  8. Works well for me, thanks for update.
  9. There is a problem with that update, layer 21 only collider with layer 16, which is not working, I have update them again.
  10. If I put a trigger into layer 21 Part Triggers, it will not call OnTriggerStay with collision with wheel collider, layer 0 trigger collider. So which layer it is collision with and if I want it to be totally ignored by all other physic system like aero, drag which layer should I put the triggers to?
  11. I randomly encounter some issue when ALG rolling through trigger collider, it will consider trigger collider as typical collider. Is it necessary to change all collider to layer part trigger to avoid this from happening,
  12. Possible, I encounter some issue randomly too. I will check with Shadowmage if he has any clue. Edit: I notice I missed some trigger collider to put them to part trigger layer, do you mind test it again to isolate the possible failure?
  13. I notice some abnormal bouncing while testing with ALG, but no idea how could Fixedpoint been damaged, it shouldn't collision to anything. I will update the collision box and you can test it later.
  14. Good to hear that. Try this one, I will include, if works fine, I will include it in next update.