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  1. Nice to meet you!  I am a relatively new kerbalnuts from Taiwan.

    I've download your GN drive and CVN-65 Enterprise mod recently, and i have so much fun with them!

    Thanks for sharing these perfect making mods!


    Besides, i notice that in the release page of CVN-65 Enterprise mod, there is a F-22 with ACE-combat Idol master camouflage paint inside the  picture shown at the top.

    Can i ask you for this mod?


    I also like ACE combat series so much!

    I just made a acecombat X-02 mod by using blender and unity several days ago, but still some minor tweaking is required...  as i couldn't reproduce their variable wing mechanism with FAR physics by just using a stock animation module lol


  2. Turn down the lights?

    I will remove the deck light in OLS system.
  3. [1.3]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    Have you checked the instruction of the Hangar MOD?
  4. Hey, cool! You watched Neon Genesis Evangelion!

    I just want a friend who watches anime, I'm sorry.

    1. flywlyx


      Don't be sorry, it is always good to meet someone have same interest!

    2. Fdkhio


      Do you have Discord?

  5. [1.3]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    I have a plan of include tweakable function, too busy to work on MOD now. Tweak scale will be resulting in some trigger size problems, but mostly workable, you could use it for now.
  6. [1.3]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    Step1: Provide KSP.log file.
  7. [1.3]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    Maybe it is related to KJR or other MOD, but I am flying single part plane anyway, so whatever
  8. [1.3]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    I couldn't spawn any stock plane, all of them will be disassembled in hangar. I assume it is a bug from Hangar, no idea how to fix it.
  9. [1.3]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    That was left for pilots from planes but seems not necessary now, I will reduce it to 6 (maybe 10?) soon.
  10. [1.3]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    Do you have more details? The custom float system might cause some issue, But it also could be the stock floating system, I am always trying to figure out which one goes mad.
  11. [1.3]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    Try using KSP_x64.EXE to start your game, log file looks OK, nothing goes wrong there.
  12. [1.3]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    You mean Enterprise? I am still working on new parts for this MOD, more and better carrier will be added to future plan but not now.
  13. [1.3]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    Which part crash your game? Can you isolate it? Also, ksp.log will be very helpful
  14. Category Help

    @DoctorDavinci Everyday opening help and support subforum is like opening a treasure box, thanks for the awesome code. Edit: So, does it compile with CC licences or I need to transfer to GPL too?
  15. [1.3]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    Hyper Edit /VesselMover Continued/Kerbal Konstructs with Water spawn point(developed by Tony Jones) For putting the CV into the water I would consider adding a blast deflector but don't really know how it works in KSP.