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  1. You need Unity 3D and all the part tools. Get a prefeb of the KSPWheel and modify the model to work with the prefeb.
  2. There is a MOD called KSPwheel, it is very convinent to make toy cars like this
  3. Looks like your game is heavily modded, and some MOD is reporting ERR too. Since I couldn't recreate this bug, I assume it is from one of the old MOD file you fail to clean up or something. Please reinstall KSP ,reinstall your MODs and properly arrange your MOD folder structure, if it happens again, let me know which is the conflict MOD.
  4. Did you see the cable connected? If yes, please provide you KSP.log file
  5. Nope, GN drive will mostly stay what it looks like ,I might update the texture later. Sound is there already, it is just too low to notice, I will tune it louder latter. Visual will probably stay the same, I will add trans-arm and quantum burst effect latter. This mod is actually for robot design, so it is still missing the uniform torque function. Once the quantum burst function is stable, I will work on it as the last functional update.
  6. Technically speaking, it is SM's fault for updating a mod violating either one of the licenses, not the "thief". "Thief" doesn't necessarily need to know and agree to anyone's claim that he is infringing copyright until a precedent is there. This is the way how T2 covers them. I hope that day will come. But before that day comes, "Thieves" holds no responsibility. It is not T2 take the the copyright, it is modder grant it to them. So again, you misunderstood why I said "this is a disgusting fact that modder has to take", it is always modders' fault for uploading mods violating either one of the licenses. All the "ridiculous, illogical, unenforceable monstrosity" is just the fact sitting there. As I said, until any judge makes a decision, anyone could use it to cover any disgusting excrements as they want to.
  7. The latest updated of SM armory is after 1.4 release, so as far as the "thief" is spreading latest update, they are covered by T2. Using the game and creating a mod base on the game means "constitutes your acceptance of its terms". It is the disgusting fact that modder has to take.
  8. Technically speaking, T2 licence is the only license you could use to obey the EULA, so what I said as "forum licence" is the license requested in the forum which is basically spitting on T2's face. Although I am totally fine with spitting on T2's face, the "thief" could still use T2 license to defense what they did, until any judge makes a decision. Just like what you said: I don't think accuse other's probably totally lawful activities under an active EULA license as "stolen" is appropriate language, but as I said emotional disrespect for this kind of activities is definitely acceptable, just don't forget who made this kind of activities "totally lawful".
  9. This is only true if the MOD is created/updated before Mar 6 2018. After that data, claiming a separate license on MOD update violate EULA, and claiming T2 license violate any other irrevocable license if modder claimed previously. I believe the mod we discussed here is way newer than that miserable day. As I said, forum license is more for showing our respect to the modder, "Stolen" is describing the emotion not about the rules.
  10. "Original material" had been modified to a mod which directly connect to the KSP, so as cited in EULA "You hereby waive and agree never to assert any moral rights of paternity, publication, reputation, or attribution with respect to Licensor's and other players' use and enjoyment of such assets in connection with the Software and related goods and services under applicable law." And "use of assets" are described as "use your contributions in any way and for any purpose in connection with the Software and related goods and services, including, but not limited to, the rights to reproduce, copy, adapt, modify, perform, display, publish, broadcast, transmit, or otherwise communicate to the public by any means whether now known or unknown". The exclusive copyright is in T2's hand now. Unless T2 said so, there is no "mods license" could compete this "exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, fully transferable, and sub-licensable worldwide right and license". Since T2's exclusive copyright is worldwide, for sure you could have some special extra "license" on this forum (which obviously violates the EULA since T2's license should be exclusive), but those don't matter whatsoever anywhere else. As I said, this is more for showing our respect to the modder, "Stolen" is describing the emotion not about the rules.
  11. Technically speaking, T2 EULA allows almost any form of MOD spreading. So most of the cases should not be considered as "stolen". I would say, this is showing our respect to the modder. "Stolen" is describing the emotion not about the rules.
  12. Debris is easy if you don't care it is going to be a whole bunch wired gameobject messing around and take quite a bunch of your limited CPU capability. Since explosion scenes is already very buggy, such MOD will be a crazy Kraken summoner.
  13. It is cheating only if there is a rule. And the rules everyone agreed to here are Terms of service and EULA. Does MJ violate Terms of service and EULA? No. So the answer is very clear.
  14. Yeah, I noticed later, if the GO is not active, then GetComponentInChildren still give you result, but if child is not active GetComponentInChildren will return nothing.
  15. I think the explosioin color is not related to the sigil color and it should have some reaction if hit the Wave-Force armor. Since the orginal material already include the color, I don't have plan to change it. Next update plan is a reloadable torpedo launcher, which could be used to create scenes like this one. Since I am working on the orbital laser for now, the plan will stay as a plan until I have time.
  16. Advanced Tactical Weapon This Mod includes derived BDAc classes to extend the function and provide different game play experience. . Orbital laser Fire laser at the unloaded vessel, laser travels in the speed of light, destroy the target vessel if the vessel stayed unloaded, if player load vessel before laser arrives, run laser-shooting dmg calculation. Planed feature: Evaporation thrust Laser visible in map view Unloaded vessel damage estimation Funnel Hovering turret drone, remotely attack an enemy from all directions. Planed feature: Funnel shield Better flight control Funnel is detached as separate vessel instead of hovering part Download: SpaceDock Source included in download. Dependencies: Latest BDArmory Continued
  17. You got a accurate vision of the furture.
  18. I am trying to add a model to a gameobject A, my plan is to create a new gameobject B with the model and attach B to A as child. But the KSPparticleemitter in B could not be got by GetComponentInChildren<KSPParticleEmitter>() after attachment. GameObject DebObj = GameDatabase.Instance.GetModel(SunbeamFXPath); KSPParticleEmitter pe = DebObj.GetComponentInChildren<KSPParticleEmitter>(); Debug.Log("<color=green>[RayMonitor] </color>Deb PE = "+ pe.name);//This log will return the name DebObj.transform.SetParent(RayObj.transform); KSPParticleEmitter rpe = RayObj.GetComponentInChildren<KSPParticleEmitter>(); Debug.Log("<color=green>[RayMonitor] </color>Ray PE = " + rpe.name);//This log will return NRE Is there better solutions?
  19. Blast shield will limite the plane size, and lift is the same. Also, blast shield is only visual effect, it can't deflect particles. And lift is the door to the hanger which I prefer achieved by other MOD. So, no, I dont plan on doing any of these.
  20. Fighters need BDA to auto pilot and fire, but u dont need BDA the drive the ship and fly the plane.
  21. No need to sorry, that is only a small mod for fun anyway. It is designed to play as fleet battle which you are able to launch dozens of fighters and fight AI. You are always welcome.
  22. There is a MOD called WWII carriers. If u are interested.
  23. How to disable map mode when certain vessel is active? My plan is to play FX during teleportaion but also limit the player to open map mode and see through the trick. It is as easy as modify mapview every update. if(MapView.MapIsEnabled) MapView.ExitMapView();
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