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  1. Thanks for answering. When would wings be needed? If non-gimbaling engines are used? Going back to KSP, since you do have engine gimbaling then I guess my wings really aren't needed.
  2. Greetings and salutations! So here it is, the Falcon 9! Epic! I've watched several of SpaceX's launches and after playing KSP for a while, I got to thinking why don't they add stability wings? Is it is a determent to the rocket overall? Is the aerodynamic shape all that's needed for stability? Does it just not need them due to its size? I usually put 4 wings on the lifter stages of my rockets in KSP. Wasn't sure how to prefix this, so I chose physics, because it all comes down to physics. Thanks for answering my question fellas!
  3. I think a lot of people forget this was the first steps into Career Mode. It's not done. I am sure it'll be reworked and tweaked for months to come. Posts like this seem valid only after version 1.0 is released not while it's in the alpha and beta stages.
  4. This is quite excellent! I look forward to seeing this mod grow.
  5. Name: Ioannes Kerman Quote: Better out that in!
  6. There are people who proffer a mindset that using MJ is cheating and will always be cheating, but if it is cheating then NASA cheats because they have autopilots and computers that do some of the same stuff as MJ does. I think KSP asks a player, "How do you want to play?" And it's up to that player to decide the answer. For me, I use MJ sometimes to get into orbit, other times I do it manually. I never used the autopilots until I learned how to do it manually. Most of the time now I am using just for the TWR/DV calcs and the time warper it has. Saves me from overshooting maneuver nodes. This is how I play and it makes the game fun and interesting for me. Some people want total control of every and some people want to hand off the "Did this 1000 times" over to something like MJ. I don't like to use a lot of part addons. I try and stay as stock as possible. Other people love millions of parts to choose from. My point: There is not WRONG way to play KSP. It's single player. Enjoy it how you want.
  7. Give FFSPLIT a look - http://ffsplit.com/. It's what I use and it's free to use.
  8. I am an atheist and I am neither lost, sad, or confused, so your assessment of what it is to be an atheist needs reviewed.
  9. ..I fall under the Overview Effect. I really can't help myself. I draw the parallels between Kerbin and Earth and our solar system. And I find myself in love. In love with such a game that is not only awesome to play and fool around with like a LEGO set, but subtlety under all the code, under all the 1s and 0s speaks to that part of us that are still . We still want to set off in a direction, come what may, and discover something new.KSP gives the 'normal person' a chance to do this. I am wholly ignorant of much of the physics and other things related to space travel and rocket design, but, you know, guess what? I've left my home planet. I've traveled to the stars, maybe only briefly, only to the the Mun, only to Minimus, only to, with much struggle, to Duna, but I achieved this. I've expanded my view. It has grown past those little green men. I've grown past my planet. I've seen that, in the solar system I am given, that only life persists on one of them. At that point, I cannot but feel the corollary between Kerbin and Earth. I cannot help but feel that we humans are the little green men and I am left watching over and over again. Such a powerful statement on what it is to be human and to live the very short existence afforded to us.And they say video games are a waste of time. SQUAD, man, you all are doing something amazing with this game. You are capturing minds and you are igniting curiosity. Consider this as you move forward. You have the chance to change the world with a simple game. (I posted this over at Reddit, too. Username, VaccusMonastica. I just want to make sure Squad sees this, so they know what this game is doing.)
  10. I never knew you could do something like this with the in game tutorial system. This is fantastic! I've watched so many tutorials on Youtube about docking and rendezvousing, but this was great! Great job on tutorial! Now, let's see if I can get a small science module on my space station core. Thanks this was really great!
  11. Trying it out now. Docking is driving me insane and I know it's just one little detail I am missing!
  12. We know Kerbals are masters at fixing broken tires on rovers. Why not make them good at fixing other things like crashed rockets. This could be tied into career mode as you would need to train up a Kerbal with skill in repair and then make it take so many hours/days in order to fix whatever. Maybe have it cost something for the repairs or have it as a repair kit you have to add to the rocket itself. Or maybe they could salvage what they can from the crash and attempt to fix the rocket. If they fail, then it could necessitate a rescue mission be planned.
  13. I am going to work on docking and just redo my whole space program. Put up satellites again, visit Mun and Minimus again. Try to get to Duna. I figure I might record and Youtube some of it.
  14. I saw it on STEAM. Checked out the video on STEAM. Was like 'meh' at first, but then watched some videos on Youtube and was like, 'Real physics, build rockets, orbit, go other other worlds?! WOW!' Finally after watching the STEAM movie for the umpteenth time, I downloaded the demo and played it ...for six hours straight! That's all it took to know. I became the 'SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY' meme and I can't tell you how happy I am that I bought the game! It has made me smarter that's for sure!