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  1. Was there a change? My custom space suit doesn't work anymore but I haven't changed anything since it did work a few months ago.
  2. CKAN claims this mod is no longer compatible with KSP. Is this temporary? :-) Thanks.
  3. I have a silly question, but I can’t wrap my head around the whys and I know you all are math wizards. It’s the age-old question. A car going 50mph has a head-on collision with another car going 50mph in the opposite direction… Now I understand that both cars receive an impact force equal to 50mph because it’s spread across both cars. What I’m wondering is, if one car was going 30mph and the other 70mph, would it still be 50mph to both or would there be a noticeable difference? Lastly, if the impact is divided between the two objects, why does a car going 100mph into a wall not distribute a portion of that to the wall but instead seems to take the full force?
  4. I recently returned to the game again and have really noticed the stutter. Mine is every 5 seconds. It's a brief freeze, but it's enough to ruin a close docking attempt or course correction. Worse, it's driving me crazy (granted, I don't have far to go there, walking distance really...) I've played the game off and on for several years, I don't remember the stutter happening or at least being this noticeable before. It has seriously become game-breaking for me.
  5. I'm returned after a long delay and am trying to get up to speed on the changes. I do have one question. I had a global launch program where I entered data as I ran the program. I now get an error when I try that. As an example, my first line was "Declare Parameter H,AP" Where H was my desired Heading and AP the Apoapsis. So I would initiate the program by typing run (program name) 90,150000. Is that no longer possible? EDIT: Ignore all that. I believe I found the answer here: "In order to avoid the issue of having uninitialized variables in kerboscript, any declare statement requires the use of the initializer clause."
  6. Forgive my ignorance, but now that this mod requires CommunityResourcePack, does that mean there is no longer a conflict with USI? Do they now play nice together?
  7. I loaded the game, re-created the issue, then exited and saved the output_log.txt file to Dropbox. I edited my post to attach the link. Thank you for the suggestion.
  8. I do have a modded (probably way too many) game. But I wanted to see if anyone has experienced this before I start disabling them to figure out which one is doing it. I was practicing plane flying and loaded one of the stock builds. It has an inline docking port that disappears after takeoff. I've tried going slow (thinking stress is breaking it) and fast. A short distance after takeoff, it always disappears. The plane flies fine, but the part is just gone. Dropbox Link
  9. They do not owe us an explanation. It is inappropriate for a business to discuss their internal affairs, especially on an internet forum, even their own. They've already explained that, on page three of this thread.
  10. You are describing a business/government relationship there. They may have to follow governmental regulations, but they do not have to go to their forums and explain their internal affairs to their consumers. I believe that might be the point he was making.
  11. Awesome! Thank you, I appreciate the answer. That's what I will do then. :-)
  12. Understood. Downloading as we speak, er, type. :-) I read above that your prerelease version is 1.1.2 compatible. But I also read in the CKAN thread that "issues" appear when you use CKAN for some mod installs and manually install others. Do you envision your prerelease having one of those vague problems?
  13. Are we able to get ahead of the curve and run simulations through KRASH now? (I've never used KRASH, so I'm only guessing) Or will this switch be official on the next big KSP update you mentioned.