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  1. 1. Awesome. I'll have a dabble with that next. Only use it because I play with JNSQ. 4. Part is animating and deploying but no science is being executed. It just occurred to me that maybe it requires another part to function a bit like a duel scanner but I don't remember seeing anything in the description regarding that. Way ahead of me then haha. Good to hear. Regarding the lights it seems a bit inconsistent. For me pop out docking light stays perminately deployed and doesn't illuminate. The EVA docking light boom on the other hand doesn't deploy and also doesn
  2. Hahaha. Fair enough with the geometry. The current IVA for Kane is very much like the old modded RPM Mk1-3 (back then the Mk1-2) layout. As in displays down infront and outside your field of view instead of an overhanging panel in front of your face like in the actual Apollo or even the stock IVAs. I ended up cheesing it into the cfg anyway. Not a perfect solution but its a workable one. So now I have BDB with your IVA Required editing a fair few part references since they change names. Theres probably more then a few issues I haven't noticed yet because of the novelty effect but I'm en
  3. Just an update on the progression of my 1.11.1 game since I'm practically using BDB parts exclusively and on the dev branch so in many ways I guess I'm also testing. Should I post this stuff on Github in future? I'm not sure how open development is @CobaltWolf? Anywho. Other then some more minor mass discrepancies, the kraken gently nudging spacecraft landed on the Mun (Probably mass bug and Principia) and some minor broken functionality. All is well. I've compiled a small list of bugs and quality of life stuff. I know some are already known (like the lights in 1.11.1) but I fig
  4. @MOARdVHey my dude. Just a quick question out of curiosity. Regarding the now out of date example IVA mod you did for BDB. Why did you opt to use the old FASA CM instead of BDBs simply dropping it into BDBs parts? Was it IP related? I ask because I'm trying to go through the motions to use your IVA on BDBs stuff instead of using the now very outdated FASA model. Cheers man.
  5. Reposting my comment on BDB to here since this mainly concerns MFI Sarbian.
  6. I semi take it back . It's mostly resolved, at least on BDBs end of the woods. Long time lurker and veteran KSP user here that hasn't bothered posting in a long long time A fascinating issue really, one that I believe combines the previously recorded mass bug and how FAR & Modular Flight Integrator handle drag. Public service announcement! Latest BDB Github master works fine with 1.11.1 providing you stay BELOW version of MFI (KSP ver 1.10), assuming of course you are running it. Using a recent version of MFI reintroduces our funky mass issue BUT only in atmosphere
  7. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Juno is usable again!!! I had to stay on 1.10 with my new playthrough because of the mass bug. Really is odd when for all intents and purposes I have a TWR of 2.7 yet the corresponding true velocity change suggest something just over a TWR of 1.1?
  8. THANK YOU! I had a sneaking suspicion it was that. But I really wasn't sure. Cheers buddy. Saved me a lot of time
  9. Hi Guys Finally decided to post on the forums since I have an issue with texture replacer and I can't sort it out if it were the death of me. Okay, so. Originally I had Endrixials planets with Riordens skybox. I placed them into the folder and I renamed the Riorden skybox .pngs from skybox_postivex, skybox_negativex etc etc to galaxytex_postivex etc etc NO WORRIES THERE! None with the planets either. BUT, when I tried to load Pimp my Kerbals they wouldn't show up in game. I have the new Mun, visor reflections but the custom textures for Jeb, Bob and Bill and the generic kerbals wouldn't appear
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