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  1. Is there any way to get this to work with the deployed payloads of KSTS? I get if that's not practical, just thought I'd ask.
  2. The link in the BDA thread you linked leads to a 404 now.
  3. loki130

    [1.4.X] SM Armory Group. See Note First post Ref BDA

    Anyone else think the SM AFV tank turrets seem a bit...anemic compared to the stock Abrams? I checked in the config and the only major difference I can seem to find is that the AFV turrets don't have a bullet defined
  4. loki130

    [1.4.2] Kerbal Space Transport System

    Gonna second the request for a 1.3 build; I'm pretty sure my modded career is too delicate to make it through another update at this point.
  5. loki130

    KSP BD armoury war

    The demands of grad school take precedence for me, I'm afraid--though I might have time now I don't want to commit if I might be too busy later. I'll leave you with a final tip that you might be able to create a list of banned parts in the "Janitor's Closet" mod and pass it around to eliminate any OP parts you don't want in the game and also download more mods without cluttering up the parts list too much.
  6. loki130

    Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    If you can do it better, go ahead. @exbyde could you check if the wing pieces on the Pachys are properly autostrutted? I saw a lot of flex in them.
  7. loki130

    Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Am I in line to compete soon? I put a link back in page 12.
  8. loki130

    KSP BD armoury war

    Yeah, but I suppose my point is that would encourage the use of a large ground radars, rather than an AWACS plane. The plane would have nothing to do after first detection and be a big target if in the air, so functionally it would just act as a highly mobile ground radar. I could see some use to that, but it's probably not worth using a launch for. I should maybe play around with BDA a bit and see how the long-range radars work (as well as the new update). Also: - Does AJE play nice with airplanes plus? - Opinions on helicopters?
  9. loki130

    Any writers around here?

    I write sometimes, and it sounds like an interesting project. I had a milSF series running on reddit for a little while, but I had to back-burner it for grad school, so I wouldn't mind having something a bit less elaborate to work on for a while.
  10. loki130

    KSP BD armoury war

    Coordinating tankers for that sort of thing seems pretty tedious and might require something like the FMRS mod which could be tricky. Also it effectively allows you to hit any position in enemy territory since they can't launch interceptors to stop you. (That mod might be worth including just for the nice drop tanks, though). I'm still not seeing a situation within ksp where AWACS could be effectively used; i.e., when you would be in the air and not already know where the enemy planes are. Given that ECM are distinguished by one weapon type I'd lean towards including them in the uncategorized points system I proposed. I might look at how the rules ended up on FoK and see how the could be updated for this. They are a couple mods out there with more modern tank turrets, but I don't think they're necessarily balanced too well. There's also the problem of what to do with things like artillery missiles and such, given that the defenders have no realistic chance of defending against them.
  11. loki130

    Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Alright, I'll throw my pachy in here. It requires just BDA and Airplanes Plus. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8jzccbfufenrwwh/F-9C Pachycephalosaurus.craft?dl=0
  12. loki130

    KSP BD armoury war

    Yeah I definitely think a FoK type point system would work much better than a funds limit (which most weapon mods don't seem to be well balanced for) or a time limit (which would just be annoying). Couple points on dundun's point system: - We could maybe just do without the fighter/attacker distinction and run on a system where you can build whatever plane types you want but have limited points, and perhaps have points for engines as well (or a minimum number of points for a certain number of engines) We might also add requirements like you need an extra kerbal if you have a targeting pod or precision AGMs. - How are you imagining tankers, ECM, and AWACS planes would work practically in ksp? - Any plans for offensive ground forces or naval units (I could take or leave the navies if I'm honest but we do need something for these planes to attack) ? - 3000lbs is a bit light to destroy an FOB, it's potentially a single flight by an attacker - The distinction between large and medium bases seems pretty minor.
  13. loki130

    KSP BD armoury war

    I'm tentatively interested, but we'd definitely have to make sure to think through our ground rules first; and, first off, establish if this is a ground or space thing, and what era?
  14. Big fan of this mod, definitely going into my next install. That said, I've been looking at the balancing at lot of parts lately and I'd say a lot of yours are definitely underpriced. I'd say you need twice the price for some of your cheaper probe cores and most of your antennae, three times the price for your reaction wheels, and four or five times the price for the 15G and up relays.
  15. Is it possible to have nodes only appear if certain mods are installed? It would be nice to have some 1.875m nodes, but I can see how they would be annoying if you don't have any of those parts.