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  1. I'll try and do what you suggest. Maybe I'll do another one of my good'ol probe missions to jool. Thanks!
  2. I don't want to be pessimistic, but once a new update is out, I play it for a while, and then stop. I don't know if it's going to work.
  3. I've been around here for 2 years now. I took a brake from playing this game, which lasted for more than a year. I do really want to get back into it, but how would I stop myself from quitting the game after only a few minutes? (Is this the right place on the forum for this even?)
  4. I I I.... I don't know what all this fuss is about. What is wrong with destructible buildings? I don't know how they did it, but it sure did need quite some framework, I imagine. Oh, all the things that can be done with it!
  5. Make a lightsaber ship, and then slay darth kraken?
  6. Windows 64 bit was released because it COULD be released, so was linux 64 bit, but mac 64 bit is impossible at this moment, deal with it.
  7. Do it. What could possibly go wrong. Also, don't forget the motto, when in doubt, add more boosters, when adding more boosters, add more struts. Done.
  8. I know that, didn't know about the angle, but using 1 SRB is not possible, as I will get above 7100 meters before i reach 370m/s. I will try firing at an angle.
  9. Testing a solid rocket booster between 1000 and 7100 meter at a speed of at least 370m/s. IMPOSSIBLE
  10. I had munwise kerman. I unfortunately did not have the chance to retrieve his airplane from the runway island to get in on the mun. D:
  11. Thank you for postponing the .24 update and making it awesome.
  12. I think you were able to destroy the planet in .19.1 with the result of those pictures. Those were the times(inb4 .7 players) 1:50
  13. As a supporter of the forum team, it it is hard for me to say that the reddit team won this round, especially team 4 and 5.
  14. Development would stop. EA only releases unfinished games
  15. I think it is a yearly Koscar, for the best forum user of the year. The first one to win the Koscar is of course Whackjob, who will hand them out.
  16. I usually put things on there like: Should've taken a ladder with me.
  17. I would want to suggest one thing, an URL bar. It takes a long time to get from kerbalspaceport to the addon releases forum.
  18. Sandbox, career is a bit too grindy, might change in .24
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