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  1. Well about most of the code on our Dev version has now been cleaned and all the new generators have been added and are working fine... My biggest things I was working on were Adding Contract Configurator to make the contracts much easier... Refreshing the models and adding new ones for the Goo Chamber...
  2. Working on it @jd284, doing it in my spare time... also the original code is very jumbled and bolted on... so taking time to sift through and get it back to one piece...
  3. **BREAKING NEWS** Station Science Directorate has been bought out by wealthy billionaire, industrialist and philanthropist Spoony Kerman. The Directorate released a statement saying "this acquitsiton into the Spoony Industries family will bring in some much needed funding to the Directorate to progress our research programs into the future..." This mod originally added several large parts designed to be integrated into a permanent space station: the TH-NKR Research Lab, F-RRY Zoology Bay, D-ZZY Cyclotron and the WT-SIT Spectrometron. These heavy parts provide facilities for performing advanced long-term experiments. The experiments themselves are held in Size 1 pods that you can dock with your space station, execute, and bring back to the surface for Science points or transmit back to Kerbin. However the pods themselves are not re-runnable. The WT-SIT Spectrometron uses the D-ZZY Cyclotron to analyze results from other experiments, and allows you to transmit the data home for much higher value. In addition, there are tanks for storing other resources such as Kibbal for certain research modules like the F-RRY Zoology Bay. **COMING SOON** - A new research module :- Y-CKY Goo Chamber - This specialised chamber has been designed by the Science Directorate to store and experiment with bulk amounts of the mysterious Mystery Goo™. However the chamber will require substantial amounts of Goo per experiment. The new Y-CKY Goo Chamber will unlock a whole new research chain to Station Science based on Chemistry... explore the mysteries of the Mystery Goo and perform a whole new research tree that will also mix with the other experiments. Experiments Each experiment requires a completion resource that is generated by one of the reasearch modules (e.g. TH-NKR Research Lab > Eurekas). More advanced experiments also require additional completions such as Bioproducts, Kuarqs or Solutions Once an experiment has accumulated sufficient completion resources, use the Finalize Results action to finish the experiment, and generate Science value in the same manner as the stock science parts. Make sure your station stays in the same location for the duration of the experiment. If in orbit, this means entirely above or below the low/high orbit altitude threshold, which is 250km around Kerbin. If the experiment moves to a new location prior to finalization, it will be aborted and you'll have to start it over. To use the Spectrometron, dock the vessel carrying the science result, or transfer it to a command pod via EVA. The results will appear automatically in the Spectrometron's context menu. Select the one you want to analyze, and wait for requisite number of kuarqs to be generated. Then, you'll be able to review the result now stored in the Spectrometron using its context menu, and transmit it at 90% via your transmitter. ALL NEW Experiments Tree Biology / Plants Physiology / Creatures Physics / Kuarqs Chemistry / Goo Tier 1 Seed Growth Zoology Observations Prograde Kuarqs Mystery GooTM Disclosure Tier 2 Nutritional Value Creature Comforts Retrograde Kuarqs Goo Understanding Tier 3 Irradiated Plant Adaptation Bio-Goo-volution Kuarq Bio-activity Goo-induced Symbiosis Eccentric Kuarqs Refined Goo Analysis Tier 4 Transgenic Agriculture Super Creature Genesis Nu-Kuarq Particle Fusion Solved GooTM Alchemy Each of the original experiments have been seperated into their own individual tree based on the basic fundamentals of science conducted on real life space stations :- Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Physiology. These have been further refined into particular topics with the hope of maybe expanding further in the future, the current topics are :- Plants, Creatures, Kuarqs and Goo. All experiments in bold are included with the current MOARStationScience being maintained by @linuxgurugamer Contracts Contracts to perform station science experiments in orbit around a body will appear in career mode when you have been to that body and you have unlocked (and purchased the prototype) of the experiment and labs required. To complete the missions you need to recover the capsule back on Kerbin. **COMING SOON** - Contracts system to be overhauled and further contract oppotunites to come. Originally created by @ethernet The updated to v2.0 by @tomforwood Then maintained by @linuxgurugamer Now being developed by @spoonyboobah Current Availability (Soon to change...) MOARStationScience :- Source code: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/StationScience Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/2670/MOARStation Science?ga=<Game+3102+'Kerbal+Space+Program License: All source code and software (.cs and .dll files) is licensed under GPL v3, Everything else is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License Now available via CKAN Current Dependencies SpaceTuxLibrary
  4. Heya all, Hope everyone is all well... There is some big news on the way regarding this mod... so watch this space, next week @CastleKSideFuel Science has always been a bit of a pain for the Station Science mod, due to its "tacked on" nature... it even uses its own source code completely seperate from the rest of the mod, yet alone for contracts... I have seen @jd284 pull request, however, due to the soon coming announcement, it might make this all moot...
  5. @linuxgurugamerApologies, I had a really busy week and missed your stream am really sorry. Am now catching up on what I missed.
  6. Heya @jd284 and @linuxgurugamer Not sure what to do at this point, cause all my contributions have using the original StationScience assets and .cfg's not the Arcanum ones as although they are newer and do add "Fuel Experiment" the part quality in textures is quite bad espacially in relation to current Stock and Restock textures and the original ones look better imo... So these changes although good for fixing bugs will now complicate the mod to even greater extent... and this does need sorting out... and the base code needs sorting out and a decision made on wether to keep the Arcanum models or revert back to original StationScience models. Would absolutely love to chat with ya both and discuss this further.,..
  7. Hey @jd284thanks for this, yeah it's hard for me as @linuxgurugameris the one in charge of this, but yeah I have had many problems in regards to the Arcanum parts conflicting... but in my expansion, I use the original assets and I assume code... I do have future plans to do something "Chemistry" based that would replace Fuel Science... so maybe @linuxgurugamercan have a look at removing these assets and code... But unfortunately I do not have the coding skills to do it myself...
  8. UPDATE! Hi all, sorry for no update in a while... been doing tons of research and tinkering with Station Science... have my idea for my new chain of research flushed out and designed.... however this will need new models and coding... I am trying my best to learn but am kind of diving into the deep end with KSP modding haha! In the meantime, I have sent all the experiments that needed no new modding to @linuxgurugamerto update. I guess he has been busy with merging my updates... While I have been waiting I have been playing around with Station Science to work on quality of life improvements to the already existing mod parts... and am coming up with a list of stuff that I think would make StationScience much more "intergrated" with the Stock Science experiments.... If anyone has any time or experience to share in Modelling and Coding, I would love to chat and show ya what I got planned, please just drop me a message
  9. UPDATE! - NEW EXPERIMENT!! Heya all, it's that time again! Let's show you all what I been working on! Think you will all like this because it will complete the set of experiments with the one's that came originally with Station Science.... I am also working on tweaking other features and quality of life improvements.... and that will complete Phase 1 of my plans for Station Science... Phase 2 is already well on the way and planned, but will soon be in very need for help in regards to coding and modelling. I will hopefully soon have a volunteer helper for coding soon! but before that I will work on testing my plans with placeholder assets. If anyone is interested in helping me bring this great mod to a proper completion, please don't hesitate to contact me! Irradiated Plant Adaptation Tier: 3 Type: Biology - Plants / Kuarqs Scientists have requested to conduct an experiment to see how your plants can adapt to hostile spacey environments and explore other space hazards. Your mission is to blast these potted plants with kuarqs and see how the plants and the kuarqs react to each other. You will also need to keep some poor creatures in the lab nearby to act as a medium for "unfortunate exposure" and study their bioproducts. You will need a TH-NKR Research Lab, a F-RRY Zoology Bay and 1x D-ZZY Cyclotron. Eurekas Required: 50 Bioproducts Required: 25 Kuarqs Required: 50 (Half-life: 40) As I explained in my earlier post, this experiment is considered a "hybrid" experiment of both Plants and Kuarqs. Also this will complete all the Tier 3 experiments in Station Science although I do have many more in the works.... which I cannot wait to show you... Here is a new table to show you all the experiments that will be in Station Science after this first phase!... The colours indicate the type so the multi-color experiments are the "hybrids" and the ones in bold are the experiments that originally came with Station Science... Biology / Plants Physiology / Creatures Physics / Kuarqs Tier 1 Seed Growth Zoology Observations Prograde Kuarqs Tier 2 Nutritional Value Creature Comforts Retrograde Kuarqs Tier 3 Irradiated Plant Adaptation Kuarq Bio-activity Eccentric Kuarqs
  10. UPDATE AGAIN! Been grinding it out today and finally finished the reports for Experiment: Nutritional Value and the pull request has been sent to @linuxgurugamer So this update will bring 1 NEW experiment and 1 OLD one back to StationScience. Hope you all like, I have got much more lined up, just need the expertise to help me. I would also like to note, I have not used the Arcanum assets, so if you do not want duplicate experiments just delete the ArcanumIndustries folder from StationScience.
  11. UPDATE! Heya all.... just wanted to post what I have been up to so far, nearly completed the first couple if NEW experiments.... As planned I have seperated the experiments into the following catagories :- Biology, Physiology and Physics. (maybe more to come later...). I have also organised all the experiments and will make changes so that they are tiered... Here is a table on all the stuff I have sorted so far... Biology Physiology Physics Tier 1 Seed Growth Zoology Observations Prograde Kuarqs Tier 2 Nutritional Value Creature Comforts Retrograde Kuarqs Tier 3 **COMING SOON** Kuarq Bio-activity Eccentric Kuarqs ...??? The one's in bold are the default one's included originally in the Station Science mod... the one's in italics are ones I am working on right now...and if they are underlined then I have completed and will be sent to @linuxgurugamersoon. Each tier adds a layer of complexity to the exeriments requirements, e.g. Tier 1 only require 1 station module (Seed Growth requires just the TH-NKR Research Lab but Nutritional Value requires the TH-NKR Research Lab and the F-RRY Zoology Bay, the Tier 3's require 3 modules etc...) Also the Biology and Physiology Tier 3 experiments are now considered "hybrid" experiments such as Kuarq Bio-activity is a Tier 3 Physiology / Physics Hybrid Experiment where the point is to see how the kuarqs interact with the creatures in the F-RRY Zoology Bay and vice-versa... However this only applies to experiments that involve a subject (Biology = Plants and Physiology = Creatures) to be exposed to a "stuff" (Physics = Kuarqs particles and.... ). And there is also much more to come! Hope you all like these changes. I have many more changes to come and hopefully with expansions to the mod as well
  12. No idea, @N3Nnever used Kerbalism myself, and this mod is quite old and unfortunately been abandoned a few times, so I would guess and say patches are needed.
  13. Heya, No this should not break your save, as I have only added the "science reports" and not made any fundamental change to the mod itself. So you should be fine
  14. Thanks for the merge @linuxgurugamer!!! Just wanna point out to all that "ALL Science Experiments" means all the 'stock' StationScience experiments, NOT the Arcanum 'Fuel Experiments'. Also with my future experiments, I will be using the original "2.0" assets in the mod for the experiment pods and not using Arcanums, as they fit the "Restock-era" much better until I can figure out how to make my own/find someone willing to help Also... UPDATE! - NEW / RESTORED OLD EXPERIMENT!! Zoology Observations Tier: 1 Type: Physiology / Creatures How are our cute furry creatures affected by being in space, millions of kilometres from Kerbin? This pod contains a variety of observation and surveillance equipment to analyse how the creatures have changed. You will need a F-RRY Zoology Bay to perform this experiment. Note: don't attach directly to your station, unless you intend to return it to the surface. Bioproducts Required: 25 This is a restoration of the original built-in experiment to the F-RRY Zoology Bay that would be similar to a "Crew Report", however at some point it was removed... so this experiment pod will return it. It will also have a full set of science reports, which I have already got done as I didnt realise it had been disabled . So for the Physiology type experiments there will be currently two :- Tier 1: Zoology Observations - Bioproducts: 25 - REQ: F-RRY Zoology Bay Tier 2: Creature Comforts - Eurekas: 30, Bioproducts: 30 - REQ: TH-NKR Research Lab, F-RRY Zoology Bay Tier 3: ?????
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