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  1. This was very helpful @Brigadierthank you very much for your helpful advice, it was was very useful. I managed to figure out how to do all of the above and I think I have sent @linuxgurugamermy first batch of changes, for the Experiment: Plant Growth. Hopefully @linuxgurugameris happy with the changes and will have them in the mod
  2. Right, OK, how does one do that LOL!.... Like I said, no modding experience and very little GitHub knowledge. I have Visual Code and a GitHub account.... and that's it
  3. I don't have much experience in modding in KSP, would it be ok if I could contribute to update some of this mods features? Like, maybe starting with updating the science reports and adding some more kerbal like reports to the already existing ones?? Been a fan of this mod for years and thought that Space Stations been left out with their own special science experiments for years and just would like it to be more fleshed out...
  4. Any chance of getting some more content for this?? New science experiment packages etc???
  5. Hey @Alphathon, is there any plans for updating the part models with maybe adding more variations... e.g. a 3.5m Workshop etc.?? It's great to see this mod get some proper love, its one of the best and most under-developed mods in KSP Thanks for your work
  6. Is the taurusNuclearEngine heat production really accurate, I have to like 3200kW of radiators on my craft and the nuke explodes in like 30 seconds of burn????
  7. Is there a mod that allows to have portable and temporary tent style habitats that can be stored in KIS that's not Pathfinder... Looking for something more basic and stock-like...
  8. OK, thanks. I have changed the trailer to a Joint Socker and the truck to a Tow Bar. But when I right click on it it still doesn't give me any options??? Just the "Aim Camera"?????
  9. https://i.imgur.com/48TR9xv.jpg Ok, is KAS broken in 1.9.1???? I've looked up everything I can and can't find and explanation???? Or, what have I done wrong link an idiot? Thanks
  10. Hey @linuxgurugamer Is the RSCapsuledyne RS "Tiny" Size 3 nuke engine supposed to run so hot? Since using your version, I have been getting constant overheating and explosions using 4x Medium Radiators on my craft. The engine explodes after ~30 secs of burn which seems very overwhelming? Is there a supposed ideal radiator setup?? Any advice would be helpful from anyone Many Thanks! **EDIT** After much testing have found that this engine even after scaling down the heatProduction value manually to 1400 it will always explode even with multiple large thermal control sy
  11. Thanks for the quick response @sarbian If this is any help for debugging the problem in the AP logic. I have been experimenting with lots of designs, and the most common issue I have found is particularly caused with SABRE engine designs. For example, Raptor9 on KerbalX made two designs of the same plane, one with Whiplash engines the other with SABRE's. Both have the cockpit far forward of the control surfaces similar to the design i posted earlier... https://kerbalx.com/Raptor9/TR-9-Archangel -- Whiplash engines https://kerbalx.com/Raptor9/SR-9-Archangel -- SABRE eng
  12. Hi @sarbian This is just the best mod ever, makes life in KSP so much more enjoyable at times, although have run into a small issue with the aircraft autopilot. Works for most of my spaceplanes, however was trying to perform basic turns with this https://kerbalx.com/Raptor9/SR-21A-Phoenix and the autopilot went mad... It just constant keeps pitching the nose up an down getting progressively worse over time whist the throttle keeps going from 0% to 100% at the same time. Is this a bug with the autopilot? or is it the design of the craft cannot be handled by MechJeb?? H
  13. Hey @linuxgurugamer and everyone... Thanks for keeping all these mods alive, particularly @Porkjet's Habitat Pack, i think one of the best inflatable parts mods ever.... and thanks for trying to revive his newer mod. Just wondering as a fan.... I'm guessing there is no way to revive the animations in the original Small Centrifuge from that mod, I have tried to see any mention of it from past posts but did'nt see anything... Thanks again!!!
  14. OMG!!!!!!! @Nils277 you are the man!!!! well here goes another 1000+ hours into KSP....thank you so much for your time and dedication, As a convert from MKS you have completely earned all our love for this mod. I cannot wait to establish a fully fledged colony on Laythe and Duna that can launch their own rockets.... Already installed and now loading KSP.... Many Thanks from a devoted fan of this mod
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