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  1. Hey @linuxgurugamer Is the RSCapsuledyne RS "Tiny" Size 3 nuke engine supposed to run so hot? Since using your version, I have been getting constant overheating and explosions using 4x Medium Radiators on my craft. The engine explodes after ~30 secs of burn which seems very overwhelming? Is there a supposed ideal radiator setup?? Any advice would be helpful from anyone Many Thanks! **EDIT** After much testing have found that this engine even after scaling down the heatProduction value manually to 1400 it will always explode even with multiple large thermal control systems (used 4 in my testing) even built on my nuclear engine using modded more powerful radiators from NearFuture and even it still will explode, it just extends how long it takes to explode.
  2. Thanks for the quick response @sarbian If this is any help for debugging the problem in the AP logic. I have been experimenting with lots of designs, and the most common issue I have found is particularly caused with SABRE engine designs. For example, Raptor9 on KerbalX made two designs of the same plane, one with Whiplash engines the other with SABRE's. Both have the cockpit far forward of the control surfaces similar to the design i posted earlier... https://kerbalx.com/Raptor9/TR-9-Archangel -- Whiplash engines https://kerbalx.com/Raptor9/SR-9-Archangel -- SABRE engines With the 'TR-9' the AP does not go crazy with pitching up and down and throttling 0 to max, yet with the SR-9 it does.
  3. Hi @sarbian This is just the best mod ever, makes life in KSP so much more enjoyable at times, although have run into a small issue with the aircraft autopilot. Works for most of my spaceplanes, however was trying to perform basic turns with this https://kerbalx.com/Raptor9/SR-21A-Phoenix and the autopilot went mad... It just constant keeps pitching the nose up an down getting progressively worse over time whist the throttle keeps going from 0% to 100% at the same time. Is this a bug with the autopilot? or is it the design of the craft cannot be handled by MechJeb?? Have tried performing the same turns and maneuvers using Smart A.S.S and stock S.A.S and it works perfectly??? Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated Many thanks from a long time fan and user of MechJeb...
  4. Hey @linuxgurugamer and everyone... Thanks for keeping all these mods alive, particularly @Porkjet's Habitat Pack, i think one of the best inflatable parts mods ever.... and thanks for trying to revive his newer mod. Just wondering as a fan.... I'm guessing there is no way to revive the animations in the original Small Centrifuge from that mod, I have tried to see any mention of it from past posts but did'nt see anything... Thanks again!!!
  5. OMG!!!!!!! @Nils277 you are the man!!!! well here goes another 1000+ hours into KSP....thank you so much for your time and dedication, As a convert from MKS you have completely earned all our love for this mod. I cannot wait to establish a fully fledged colony on Laythe and Duna that can launch their own rockets.... Already installed and now loading KSP.... Many Thanks from a devoted fan of this mod
  6. Hey @g_BonE, I use the Pathfinder mod, however I strip it of all parts except the "Hacienda" and the Pathfinder's .dll file. The "Hacienda" is an inflatable workshop that has a full IVA with inbuilt ore drill and multiple nodes so you can expand off it. However using it attached to a KPBS base it will slightly hover off the ground. This is a perfect stop gap until @Nils277 completes his KPBS Workshop. If you dont wanna use that, you can use the OSE Workshop bundled with the mod itself connected to a 4-way KPBS hub. Hope this helps
  7. Hi @DMagic I absolutely love your Portrait Stats mod and it is a must have on my KSP... I have seen on your change logs that you support other mods with Portrait Stats, would it be possible to support the new mod Colonists! with a generic planet-like icon. Many Thanks, and love your work. Feel free to tell me no! lol
  8. Wow @tomf! that is awesome, thanks so much!!! I love how people go out of their way to ensure mods keep working when the creators go quiet....
  9. Wow, welcome back @udk_lethal_d0se! and what a way to return...these parts look fantastic and very stock-a-like! this is definitely going into my game
  10. Hi @DStaal, I always assumed the Central Hub should be the first piece as it clearly has basic science lab and accommodation as per the IVA, and due to its size, its easily stack mountable so I have always sent it first as the initial outpost. The only thing that was off was the overly efficient life support that required Water. As for OSE, I'm not entirely sure now, the only way I use OSE at the moment is using the 3D Printing Lab module that comes with the mod with a volume of 300 litres I believe?? and nothing from KPBS came up on the OSE UI but I may have to do more investigating...Is there any Parts out there that use OSE at higher volumes except from MKS??? As for EL, I will probably start using the core dll in the future and build entire sections in one go and dock them. As long as it doesn't make it too complex...
  11. Hey @Nils277, love your mod, this is stock level quality and should be bought by SQUAD Just a couple of questions and I wanted to share and hear your thoughts, is there a reason with your USI-LS patches that the Central Hub has a 90% Life Support Recycler that requires Water to run? Because I would think that the Central Hub being the initial part upon a moon or world that forcing Water being needed is a little too difficult for new bases? Would maybe like to see it being dialled down to a lesser percentage Life Support Recycler, that only requires ElectricCharge would be better for the Central Hub and make the Mk2 Greenhouse have the better Life Support that requires Water to encourage expanding and using it? Also, I know you deprecated the rigid corridor structures, however with the release of 1.1 and its better optimization, I would like to see them being brought back as I have great fun using KAS to build my base bit by bit? I ship them down in a KIS container and use a rover to move them close (Can't wait for @RoverDude to release the "Akita" rover as this would be a perfect small manoeuvrable flatbed to put parts on to move into position) Would you also, maybe consider creating a Mk2 "Warehouse" like part that uses KIS but has much larger storage then the Storage Rack containers? But being much larger would be harder to put in place? Finally, I know you plan to bring support for OSE by making a KPBS Workshop, would you make the parts of your mod printable by OSE, so in future I and others can build KPBS parts in-situ and expand my base with KAS? Sorry for ranting on but I have been building a base on Minmus and have had many ideas and once again thanks for all your effort and work with KPBS it is one of my favourite mods of all time
  12. Hi goldenpsp, I made my own MM config file, can share it if you want
  13. Hi JPLRepo. Can I make a small request?? Can you possibly change the icon for the VAB section from a kerbal to possibly a snowflake icon that is included in the stock icons??? Love this mod and thanks for saving it from death
  14. Hi, This is for the developers....I think I have found a bug with this mod. When installed all of my solar panels no longer work. The detect the "Sun Exposure" just fine, but the "Energy Flow" is stuck at "0.00". I have tried and tested this, it only happens when this mod and the Kopernicus Mod is installed. When taken out the Solar Panels work fine. Is this a known issue? Regards, UPDATE: Found the problem is caused by Kopernicus 0.2.....so if you have OPM installed make sure your CKAN does not auto-update Kopernicus or manually install 0.1 of Kopernicus or your Solar Panels will be glitched. Hope this helps anyone who has this problem...
  15. Does anyone have any ARP icons for Station Science????