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  1. Indeed, but i think so far devs talked mostly about graphical effects, not the physical model of the blast.
  2. +1 for intro. I miss the old days when all games had intro to set up the mood...
  3. Imho variable (automatic) camera exposure is the key. Even backdrop starfield can illuminate the scene, it's just a matter of sufficient light amplification.
  4. Ah, so it's chindogu then
  5. This seems very overengineered, less robust, and much less effective then a simple heatpipe transfer...
  6. Nice stuff! However for me it feels like there's tendency to picture the first game as too much difficult and therefore that the sequel should be made easier (simplified?). Would be great if someone could correct me on this, as i hope it's not the case
  7. That's something i don't get. They said they won't be using anything like FAR, as it would be more complex for newcomers, but i actually find FAR to be more intuitive than the stock model
  8. Yeah, that should do. Hope he's at least expensive.
  9. I gotta admit i don't know his music that well. But i would assume any professional composer should be able to at least bend his style in a way it fits the theme.
  10. I'm certain he would be able to compose and master the track in a way it wouldn't sound out of place among the rest of the soundtrack.
  11. Wasting half of the whole budget on soundtrack sounds acceptable
  12. And Hans Zimmer and Yann Tiersen and Daft Punk... Oh, and we shouldn't forget M83. That would be nice! Feb 2021 EDIT: Okay, no Daft Punk then.
  13. I hope at least in KSP 2 we will get the promised barn as level 0 VAB!
  14. Depends. But i would happily spend 20 bucks for some significant graphical overhaul DLC.
  15. This is all nice (really is), but yet we still don't even have exhaust effects affected by environment pressure :( Imho it would improve fidelity of these engines more than this revamp.
  16. I wouldn't call it sad, it's just that different people have different tastes for their enjoyment. I fully understand that simplified graphics might spoil the fun for some people...
  17. I take this argument more as a trade - on one hand losing potato users, on the other gaining customers for which better graphics is a decision factor to buy the game.
  18. Not only this, whole vanilla KSP would really use massive graphics upgrade.
  19. I voted for increased depth, but graphics could indeed also use lots of improvements.
  20. Btw, why doesn't KSP use FAR approach to aerodynamics? To me it seems more intuitive (and more realistic as well)...
  21. Blaf

    1.1 wheels:

    Would increasing number of VPP simulation substeps help? I mean, in such case number of substeps could be added as an option to game settings. (if it's possible, ofc)
  22. Afaik Esri Cityengine has an Unity plugin, not sure what it's capable of though
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