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  1. Would it be possible to add tracking markers to the greenscreen in a future update? Something akin to the lighter green crosses seen here: This would allow users to track their camera motion, making the mod significantly more useful.
  2. And you're sure it's not a matter of accidentally setting a slight trim? --edit-- Re-read through your posts, your right, it doesnt sound like a trim issue.
  3. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but I seem to be getting a bug when a rescaled part is selected as the root of a vessel. When you quicksave, then reload, the part scales down to its original size. Changing the root part of my vessel fixed the issue but it might be a small thing to fix at some point.
  4. I have been on an extended break from KSP and although I haven't played in months, I have been keeping up to date on reddit, the forums and of course the dev blog. Anyway, I've been getting back into the swing of things and have decided to build a fleet of reusable lifters and SSTOs. So far my SSTO, the Raven, can put a ton into a 200km orbit for about 1700 funds. I thought that it was a bit expensive so I went about adapting a lifter I had designed 'back in the day'. The original lifter, the Socrates was semi reusable; the lower stage was completely normal but the upper stage could deorbit an
  5. Nah, Scott Manely has a slight american twang to his accent. I prefer my own, pure bred Scottish accent.
  6. Gotta love the classic "Jeb brakes for Aero"
  7. I knew it! I had heard stories of big pink kerbals. This only confirms them!
  8. To what extent are we allowed to use our 'editors' and VFX programs? Because if its an open ended rule, I might go full VFX guru and greenscreen the absolute ship out out some footage.
  9. I think what is happening here is not because you have moved the COM higher, it's because the part you added causes enough drag to correctly orientate the craft by moving the centre of air pressure further up, much like a parachute would. I think any low mass, high drag part would have the same effect.
  10. Yeah, Time is the only freely available infinite resource in the game. As such, the challenge should not be to wait for your craft to do its job but to get the craft in position and then make use of the information it gives.
  11. I have a two week break starting monday but I'm going to be on an island with a tiny laptop... I dont want to ruin 1.0 by playing it on a machine that is not ideal so I think I will wait a week till I get back before I jump in. It will also mean that I wont have to deal with the mad rush to download it. ... Oh who am I kidding, I'm totaly gonna play it on my laptop
  12. Twitter did get there first, sure. But the riddle was posted this morning and some of us like to solve it even if someone else has already done so.
  13. I'm still working on the other numbers but the first number, 6585 is looking promising. Considering the picture is a lunar eclipse, I went hunting for some relationship between the numbers and eclipses. I found that if you take the date of any solar or lunar eclipse and add 6585 days to it and you will accurately predict a subsequent eclipse of the same kind that will closely resemble the one 18 years earlier. Certainly interesting, but am I on the right track? Who knows. hopefully with more research, I will find out. Edit: Ok, so apparently that time range is called a saros cycle and is 6585
  14. Although harder to reach, having a base at the poles would solve power generation issues. You would have the sun in the sky at all times as opposed to having no sun half the time. This may become even more useful with the addition of resource mining as you could mine continuously. Of course, should you want to set up base elsewhere the slope of the terrain and the proximity to the equator will be two main concerns. Also remember, should you set up base in a crater, to be mindful of the crater walls when ascending to LMO. There have been a few times where I have crashed into crater walls becaus
  15. 8 Ion engines powered by 4 large solar panels and a ton of batteries and xenon fuel. Used it to rendezvous with a smaller asteroid in orbit around the sun and efficiently tug it back to kerbin. It hasn't completed its mission yet but I'm almost certain it will have enough juice to do another run. If worst comes to worst, I can always refuel it and send it out.
  16. I use the upper stage of my lifter for most things. Although the RCS is unbalanced for the more heavy stuff, It works just fine. You don't actually NEED RCS to dock, its just more classy when you have it. I rarely do station keeping, but when I do, I'll use my Orion-like crew shuttle to move stuff around. Generally speaking I like to be efficient; if I can make a ship multi-task, I will. With that being said, I can see the benefit of having a dedicated station keeping tug, especially for stations that are constantly getting rearranged.
  17. Adding female kerbals is not only to 'appease' female players, I think it will also encourage a lot of them to sign up and start playing. As for me, I'm just a lowly astrophysicist of doom... *begins concocting some ridiculous formula while laughing away and rubbing hands together*
  18. Let me start by saying I voted no. I think the main problem here is that Squads view of 1.0 and our view of 1.0 are quite different. From what I have heard squad say, it sounds like they see 1.0 as a sign that says 'this game has all the core features implemented' not 'this is a finished game'. When they say they are leaving beta for 1.0, I recognise that they don't mean they are finished by any means. If they continue with their plan to go into a 1.0 release I imagine there will be updates focussed on bugfixes, optimisations and tweaking the systems that are in the game at the moment (e.g. Sc
  19. "No Durdos, we're not leaving you there, we're just not coming back for you anytime soon!"
  20. I've been trying to design a mk3 SSTO that can take a full orange tank to orbit, while looking classy. Its being a pain without proper wings...
  21. o.O is that right?! I suppose you learn something new everyday!
  22. First off, I'm not an expert in aerodynamics, so if there is no such thing as a centre of drag, sorry. If it is possible, I think it would be really handy to have a COD marker in the VAB and SPH for FAR and NEAR installs. I imagine it would look much like the current COM, COL & COT markers but just a different colour.
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