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  1. I'm loving all the submisions! Keep up the great work guys! Ep 3 Now out!
  2. I just would just build the rover parallel to everything else, symmetry should work, then rotate it after you have built it. Of course the SPH is another option.
  3. Got my timetable ready! I have been working with FallingIntoBlack, he is coming up with a suitable launcher and i have been working on this! The Kethane mod is being used fyi
  4. Im just planing all my launches, does this initial craft have to be the same as our general launcher or can it be as big as we like. Also, if it can be big, how would its nominal capacity affect the 'nominal capacity' that is used in scoring?
  5. hey, I have a question. If we are to use Kethane, that would supply us with fuel but can that fuel then be designated as supplies or will we have to fly them in from kerbin?
  6. Dude, I just designed something that JUST has enough delta-v to get the thing back and it weighs 700 tones. there is no way that it is possible to do that without a bigger vab...
  7. Wow, I may just give this a shot. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this.
  8. this is gona be my project for the next couple of days. Its gona be epic. One thing though, does roche act like a sphere? (will my COT be in line with my COM after i stab it?)
  9. I really like this one You are alowed to use mods, perhaps some quantum strut action here? or perhaps a robotic arm?
  10. Hi, Im not sure if this has been brought up before but, when i engage landing autopilot (MJ 2.0) and attempt to land on the mun, it deorbits me, simply does nothing for an age then attempts to slow down about 10 seconds before impact. it fails and my ship is de-constructed. Im using KSP 0.2 Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. EDIT- After some varying designs, i realised the exhaust from two of my engines was hitting another part of the ship, cancelling out any thrust i was getting from those engines. Mechjeb obviously didn't account for my petty design!
  11. With ksp 0.2 out, i thought i would hit two birds with one stone and use the olympus space staton to show off some of the new features! Well done to knight123 and i hope we will be getting more interesting submisions in the future! feel free to check out pt 2!
  12. Yep, I have yours, looks quite cool. It does some weird things when you turn time acceleration on though. o.O
  13. Right, For future submissions, I would like to make it clear that you NEED to tell me what mods are used on the module and you also have to LINK me to the mods. Don't link me to all the mods you have installed on your KSP and don't send me all the mods in the download. Simply post your ship, make sure you know what mods are actually used on the ship and then link me to those mods. It saves a massive amount of time and hassle. Saying that though, The submissions so far look good!
  14. If you take the mechJeb off it then sure. (I dont need mechjeb to get it to orbit)
  15. If you take the mechJeb off it then sure. (I dont need mechjeb to get it to orbit) EDIT- Darn, I double posted as well. XD
  16. Ah... Yep, I see the resemblance. Well peekie, If you can change it around and make it your own, I will still take it. At the moment however, it does seem to be plagiarised.
  17. Looking good! I can see this one working well.
  18. Ok guys so I have started a new mini-series on my youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/Kerbanaut) in which I take viewer submitted ships (if any are submitted) and dock them all together! 'What is the difference between this and other space stations like the IYSS or HOCgamings ISSS?' I hear you say. Well, I figure that a limiting factor in most public space stations is that they do not allow mods and so this comunity project will allow mod-ules (see what I did there?). The projects name is Olympus. It began with the symbolic, stock space station core and I hope it will expand to include many awesome, funny and useful utilitys! There are a few basic rules, most of which would be common sense: Don't make the module too heavy (unless you have a good reason) Try to keep the part count down. We all know what happens when a trillion parts load at once Be creative in your use of materials! Although you are allowed to use mods, Don't put too many on your craft (No more than 3 or 4) Attempt to make it visually appealing If possible, Put more than one docking port on the module (so that we will never run out of space!) When Linking me to your craft, please also link me to the mods you have used on your craft. This just saves time If you feel that your module would fit in a specific place on the station or look best in a certain position, please say! Utilities Added: Knight123's Valla Space Telescope Theandrewtaco's Dry-Dock Omgalof's Habitation Module Links to videos: Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt. 3 Pt. 4 Pictures: Feel free to post any submissions on this thread or mail me a link and screenshot of your ship through youtube! Comments are welcomed with open arms and a plate of astro-cookies!
  19. Just thought I should share my artwork with you folks. Hope you like it!
  20. Yeah, I think Im just moving laterally. I doubt there is any vertical movement. As for touching the ground, Im not, no. Im a little cautious of the ground on jool so this platform is quite high. I dont want to have a suprise visit from the kraken.
  21. Just thought I would share my jool platform. Really is a bummer what with my guys not being able to walk round.
  22. And then you have to worry about the magnetosphere. I'm making a platform on jool with the 'airships to other planets' mod. Its pretty cool. One bad thing is that my poor kerbals cant stand up because it is not perfectly stationary.