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  1. This. I would also like to know what the deal is on this front. I have a few ships that I use to resupply my station, but I don't/can't always use the same docking port for the missions.
  2. If you're finding it easy to launch things to orbit then I would say your payload isn't big enough. Sure, you only NEED a small payload to actually do the tasks. But life is so much more fun when you do things in style. That's where it gets hard, and that's where it gets fun
  3. The model for the Kerbal is not stored as a 'part' or in any of the folders you will find in the download (at least to the best of my knowledge), It is compiled as part of the game, so you will need a program like ninja ripper to get to them.
  4. I've always called the continent containing KSC 'Kafrica' but I have never needed to name the other continents.
  5. I too would like to show my support for this. Looking forward to the generator!
  6. I must admit, I have used it once or twice to infinite fuel a craft in situations where the craft was efficient enough to do the job but my incompetence lost me my fuel. Ive not used it yet in this version of the game except to take a peek at those delicious new biomes. Oh, and part clipping... That's a thing...
  7. Hey, this is something that has been bugging me for an age but I haven't got round to mentioning it till now. When I go into map view and my engine is firing, not only does the volume of the engine SFX change (as if i'm changing throttle) but it also pans from one ear to another in a very weird way when the map camera is moved. I'm pretty sure everyone has come across this issue (I think I've heard it in many a youtube video), but I would just like to bring it up and see if there is a fix I am just ignorant of. Cheers. (Ps. I get this on both my Mac and PC)
  8. I have to present a 20min pitch tomorrow for a business plan... but all I can think about is how this new update is gonna be BETA THAN EVER
  9. In the playthrough we saw the new biomes via the tracking station... Does this mean we can now see biome maps from the tracking station if we so desire?! that would be freaking awesome!
  10. I've spent some time away from the forums. I usually check up on them every couple of days, but recently I have not been so vigilant and have been spending my time in other game communities. Ive just checked in again and have realised that this is actually one of the best game communities out there. Seriously. You should all be given a cookie, a hug and moar boosterz. Thanks for being epic everyone!
  11. Perhaps its something to do with water rendering? I know there was the whole water lag thing a few versions ago.
  12. Good to know. I would compare this to Banana for scale. Its funny and makes me smile but I would not want it as part of the stock game.
  13. Highlad


    Saw it in Imax today. It's a good watch, no massive bugging physics things like in Gravity. The end of it plays with the idea of "what is in the centre of a black hole" and, because nobody really knows, I am not going to judge what it shows (I'm purposefully being vague so as to avoid spoilers). You can really see a lot of 2001 in it (there is even a wee reference to it in the film), but it doesn't quite hit that spot that makes a movie great like 2001 did.
  14. I'm not really feeling the art for the buildings. I like the idea of upgradeability, but I was expecting it to be more of a size scale rather than a complete art style change. At the moment this looks like a modder had a month free and decided to change the buildings... Is it just me that's feeling this way?
  15. Will be submitting my plane here tonight. Just reserving a spot
  16. How are you defining the payload? is it just the starting mass minus the end mass? So if you have an item in the cargo bay but you end up in orbit with fuel to spare, does the weight of fuel count towards your payload? I don't see why not because you could transfer the fuel to an orbital station and so it would be part of your payload.
  17. So I've been randomly scanning through the dev blogs and found an interesting similarity in the opening of each dev blog before an update. Before 0.23.5: And so onBefore 0.24: And so onLast dev notes: And so onBasically it looks like every dev blog before an update harv tends to talk about 'bug squishing' and how handy the experimentals team is. This weeks dev blog was similar in its opening to that of the last two... What does this mean? is 0.25 just around the corner? is half life 3 confirmed? are the iluminate everywhere? Am I just mad? Who knows. Perhaps its nothing but a similarity in Harvs writing style. None the less, I thought it was interesting.
  18. I don't want to make a fan service video. I think that an impartial look at KSP and its inspirations, development and effects is the only good way to make this an interesting and honest documentary. I love the idea of not only looking at the development of KSP but also examining the impact it has had (whether that be an increased awareness of all things spacey or something else). I think the effects of the game are just as important, if not more so than the game itself.
  19. Cheers man. Originally I had something else in there, it made more sense but a mod took it out, so now it sounds weird! XD
  20. Ok, I have added what i have found quickly to the main post. Feel free to check it out. I'm waiting on my cinematographer to send me more links to his work so you will get an idea of what the documentary might look like.
  21. HERE is the programming schedule for KSPTV, the twich channel where sqaudcast is hosted. Squadcast starts at 0030hrs thats half 12 in the morning BST.
  22. You have a good point! I shall collect some of my previous work and that of the guys i will be working with and add it to the first post
  23. Hey folks! My name is Luke and I’m a filmmaker… So I’m studying filmmaking, I’m in my last year and with that comes the lovely situation of my final project. Personally, I would like to create a documentary, and with my overpowering love for KSP, I’m considering KSP as the focus for this documentary. Obviously if I were to go ahead with this I would want to do the best job possible, hopefully getting interviews with the developers, players, the media team and so on. It would cover the early days of KSP all the way through to whats going on now and the hopes for its future. (Please note that this isn't everything that would go into the documentary, Its just what i can think of right now) As you can imagine, I don’t want to devote a year of work to this project if nobody is really interested, so I’d like to know if you guys would be interested in a documentary of this nature! You might have noticed that the poll at the top mentions moneyz. Obviously if I’m going to be filming this & going off to interviews with a crew etc., money is going to need to come from somewhere. I’m going to put in a large portion of it myself (its my project and I feel obligated) but that almost certainly wont be enough. To solve this issue I’m considering turning to a crowd funding platform. This would allow you guys to get behind the project while also getting some goodies in return. So please say if you would be up for backing this kind of thing! Please give me your thoughts on this matter! (It actually matters to me) A music video my cameraman worked on. He will be the cinematographer for this project (so you can expect the cinematography to be as good, if not better than this) A short documentary on the Scottish independence referendum. I had a different guy working the camera on this one. I produced this and put together a wee team to walk the streets of Glasgow and ask questions with me. This one is a music video I directed, edited and did all the motion graphics etc. I will never be using this camera guy again... he was pretty much the worst guy I could have picked. Because of this, all the live action stuff looks like crap. Please ignore that. The rest of the videos are short (and I mean really short) VFX clips that I put together. You can also check out my youtube channel (link in signature), but most of it is just KSP lets play stuff, so only a few thing are relevant to this project. --UPDATE-- From what I'm seeing, most of you guys would like to see this documentary, but only some would want to back a crowd funding campaign. If you would support a crowd funding campaign, what would you like to see as part of the documentary? Are there any areas of KSP, its development and its influence that you have a special urge to learn about? And what sort of things would you like to see as perks for your support? (Besides credit and a copy of the documentary)