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  1. Tell us your secrets oh king of renders
  2. I think the scientific experiments you can do with an asteroid are biome dependant and so you can get new science from being landed at each biome on kerbin... So as long as you can drag it around, you have a goldmine of science...
  3. I'm totally going to have a go at some photoshop drawings tomorrow. I shall try and digitise those
  4. I think the secret feature has something to do with explosions or failed missions...
  5. So whats the story with this and NEAR/FAR? Would love to see some sort of FAR compatibility.
  6. I think you might be right. With the release of NEAR and the focus on re-vamping plane parts, I really can imagine them doing something to the aerodynamics. All speculation of course.
  7. I might go and dig through some of my older screenshots, I'm sure I have a few beauties lying about. Until then, this will have to do: Also, although its a gif and not a still, It's still quite cool.
  8. May I ask why you are going to be using a mun assist? It will almost always be more efficient to burn normally without any mun interaction.
  9. I'm pretty sure we should all just be able to measure in boosterz. And I think we can agree that we always need more...
  10. Wow. I'm seriously surprised so few people knew about the commonwealth games. I always thought of them as second under the Olympics... None the less, I still need to celebrate them in KSP. Any suggestions?
  11. With my being Scottish and living in Glasgow, you can understand my super high hype level concerning the commonwealth games. And yet I have not seen any reaction from the KSP community! I think we should come up with some community competition or event to mirror the excitement surrounding the games! Any suggestions?
  12. I have to agree with you on this. However the fact that 0.24 is close to "Scope Complete" makes me doubt there will be many massive changes before then. That then means that anyone who plays and leaves now will most likely do so when we reach Scope Complete. That might mean that it doesn't really make a difference whether you put multilayer in now or in a couple of updates time. Then again, that argument is based on the assumption that there will not be any more game-changing updates until scope complete.
  13. I fell asleep on the hypetrain. I have awoken. I am hyped. Let the waiting begin.... again...
  14. Or perhaps, instead of deleting it or losing control, it would be added to a new classification of celestial objects. Perhaps 'Private Satellite'? You could then show and hide those objects like you can debris or flags.
  15. Perhaps it would look even more awesome if you changed the black and white stripes (at the bottom and top of the part) to the typical yellow and black "warning" stripes seen on the top of this: and the bottom of this: . Also, as to how the kerbals would get in, would adding a small hatch to the top end work? much like this: Awesome part though. I have been looking for something like this.
  16. I have a feeling you like things with wings on them too much...
  17. If I remember correctly, I wet to the Mun completely in IVA... So yeah...
  18. Dude, you should put together a 3m capsule as part of your habitat pack. I really think we need one what with the new bigger tanks.
  19. They are quite handy for a bunch of different things. I made this video before 0.23.5
  20. I put down 'Moar Boosters' but having read 'First Contract', I think im gona back that one :L
  21. Although its not a screenshot, Ive always thought jool was awesome:
  22. I didn't edit my next video I also didn't do the constellation challenge (which I have been meaning to do for a while now)
  23. I'm in the process of developing the design for flight. Its looking.... Promising.