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  1. Haha, I'm sure I could make it fly. Its got the largest rover wheels as its wheels, so I would have to swap them out. But besides that, The COM is in the right place as is the COL. I might get round to converting it tomorrow
  2. So I sat down tonight with the aim of building an awesome space cruiser. I ended up making this instead... I will let you be the judge. Download (~850 Parts)
  3. Try moving the front wheel back so that it is connected to the crew module and not the cockpit.
  4. Cool mod. nice and simple, I love it! If I could suggest something: Perhaps you could do something like this but with science experiments? to save us having to EVA whenever we want to transfer a science experiment to a pod.
  5. Those rings are just fantastic! I like the little tilt you have on them as well. Once you get the lighting sorted, Its gona look amazing
  6. Im pretty sure this reflects at least half my time in KSP:
  7. So I got the game a while back on the website, I have since bought another two from steam, one I gave away, the other is just sitting there. It sounds weird but I'm waiting for the right person to gift it to. Is it just me that has random copies of the game or does everyone horde KSP...
  8. Love the mod, May I suggest some sleek landing gear or some air-brakes (or both?) Also, I find it hard to put gear on straight on the mk2 cockpit, its a little like when you try to put radial parachutes on the 3 man capsule and they go a wee bit squint.
  9. Nevermind a world Kup, we need some Kommonwealth Games!
  10. I think ninjaripper can take the models out of the game. But if I remember correctly, when I tried to use it, I got lots of little parts of a ship and not the whole thing as one model. So I think you would need to build the rocket from scratch with the models ninjaripper gives you.
  11. Lol. Do we have a name for the currency that will be used? I think I heard somewhere that it was going to be called Kash...
  12. I'm pretty sure it should be a TERATHREAD... I tend to not expect much from an update then get pleasantly surprised when it comes out. Saying that, I'm quite exited for 0.24.11!
  13. Jool is looking good but why would Dres have rings? (not that i don't like it, its just strange...)
  14. It might be worth updating. It might not have anything to do with your problems but... ASTEROIDS!
  15. Ive always thought about what kerbals do on those long jool transfers or on extended space station missions... I would say they play pool but I dont think it would work in 0Gs... Now I just think they do this: Any thoughts?
  16. So are we getting the cosmetic rings along with the asteroid rings? that would be awesome...
  17. Seriously though, I'm starting to wonder how much you are able to cram into this update!
  18. When do you think we can expect this new release? roughly.... *edit* Silly me. I only just found an earlier post saying when! Can't wait!
  19. Yeah looks like some kind of glitch with the alpha part of emissions... I suggest you open the hood, stare at it for a long while... then call a mechanic
  20. So the shuttle does not have to achieve LKO under its own power?
  21. Sounds fun. If your still looking for someone, count me in
  22. Right Here is my module! A solar 'Slab' as I like to call it! My initial design was overkill at its finest, so I stripped it down to this. And here is the updated save file
  23. Lol, I am still going to submit a craft The design that I was going to use had almost 200 parts... so yeah... lots of redesigning...
  24. I would edit the physics and render distance to infinity then build a space elevator on kerbin and eve. I would also try and build a ring around jool... because I like it... Really, my ambitions are more to do with loading distances, the problem is that I get lag when I put it up too high...