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  1. Honestly I would disagree with you there Kashua. Experience is just down to how much time you spend learning/thinking about or playing KSP so you could take a break from playing but still keep up with the forums and continue to watch youtube videos to learn new tricks.
  2. I have a module that would go quite nicely with this... Count me in...
  3. I tend to fid some of the flattest spots on the mun are at the bottom of craters.
  4. The thing is, The two game modes are so different from each other. One is all about getting science and being efficient etc. The other is more about exploration and doing the improbable.
  5. I use my LES for my space station shuttle, I pretty much ignore it for everything else unless I'm going to be using the craft repeatedly.
  6. I have to say that I agree with you. If you have only one biome then its too easy. If you have three it is a matter of sending three missions. At the moment we have many biomes and so to gain maximum science you have to think out your missions more carefully. However I do believe that some science equipment should be more effective in certain biomes so that we are encouraged to go to different biomes rather than sending a lander with all the science equipment to land several times. Furthermore, if we look at the moon, Its not like it only has three basic types of ground, it has a wide variety.
  7. If you like finding things that many people use, keep an ear out for the wilhelm scream ( ) and there is also an alarm sound effect that I continue to hear in many films.
  8. Much of the music in KSP comes from Kevin Macleod (http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free) and is royalty free, meaning that many people can use it. Im not surprised that other people are using the music.
  9. I think that their ragdoll bodies should be kept when they hit something, but that the first part to hit would be buried in the object it hit... so if the kerbal fell headfirst into the mun, there would be a ragdoll kerbal with its head stuck in the mun... it would be funny.
  10. Now I wish I had brought all my lego with me when I moved for Uni...
  11. I do agree that if I am going to go through all the trouble of tugging an asteroid, I would like more science for it. I mean, I can go to the mun and get that much with a materials bay...
  12. Here is my problem: My first kerbal ran out of EVA fuel and so, after a while of ragdolling down the slopes of minmus, he stood upright. I decided to bring the ship to him, it would be quicker. When I got to him, he was frozen solid with his arms outstretched. No amount of camera view changing or bumping with other kerbals was helping. Finally I resorted to quicksaving and loading the quicksave. This only made the problem worse, now my rescue kerbal has also been put into this perplexing state. My lander is a two man lander, both pilots are frozen... What should I do?! Also, how can I avoid this happening again?
  13. I may have sent the wrong person a skype invite... I shall try again
  14. Yep, KMP and Telemachus are two of the mods we will be using. The people that NEED to actually play the game are the astronauts and the engineers. Obviously other team members may want to test their plans and such in game before they continue. Wether we will be using auto pilot or not will be decided at the design meeting tomorrow. If we will be using it, you will be informed (If you are not attending the meeting). As for that snazzy white vest... yes. and a pair of cool shades.
  15. Honestly, I think it will be relatively easy to smash an asteroid into kerbin if you know what you are doing. Capturing an asteroid on the other hand, now thats a challenge. Im aiming to put a few round the Mun.
  16. Also: - A Mun/Minmus-LKO Shuttle - SSTO return vehicle (I know you have an escape craft, but its always fun to have a classy way of going home when its not an emergency) - A bar (I sent one to eve)
  17. You could always put some fuel tanks on it. That might allow you to use it as a refuelling point for SSTOs and other rockets.
  18. Concerning the looks of the new large parts, Is it just me or do they look out of place? I just think that they look to NASA-y. They don't look Kerbal enough. On a side note, are we getting any new big radial decouplers to go with the new parts?
  19. Hi there! If you haven't heard of KASRA (Kerbal Aeronautics and Space Research Agency) then take a look at our opening thread or our website. In a nutshell, we are a bunch of folk who like playing KSP, we get together in a semi-professional environment and we work together like a real space agency. We have people who design rockets, we have astronauts, we have people like myself who organise everything, we have people on the ground, telling our astronauts what to do next, etc. But we need more people! Right now we are organising for our newest mission, a mission to land on the Mün and return home. For this, we need you! Two heads are better than one! So here are the jobs we need filled: Flight Director Astronaut Trajectory Planner There are more positions available, just take a look at the bottom of this page. You can apply HERE! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
  20. Yeah, Kerbol in the game is not bright enough to make you squint (unless you have a really bright monitor). I do it too, I think its down to being conditioned not to look at the sun, or to always squint when looking at something bright. And so when you look at it in game, your mind goes all "oh no, its a sun, better squint!"...
  21. Ooooh, That does indeed sound good. I shall be making use of that new feature! I rarely use quicksave, I like to play realistically. But when I do, I always press the save button instead of the load button...
  22. If you know your how to, you can edit the save file so that the probe core is facing the right way. If you don't know how to, unless you have a docking port at the front, you might just have to learn to drive backwards.