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  1. So I have found myself bombarded by real life recently and I am finding less and less time to play the game I figure that, if I could come up with some short missions around 15min playtime then I would be able to still have lots of fun playing the game while not burning into time I need for IRL stuff. So here are the things I have come up with: Build a REALLY fast plane Build a silly/unflyable rocket and try to fly it. Just go to orbit. Race to the mün Test small craft as part of a larger mission Design craft as part of a larger mission Try and build a boat (I still cant make a good one) Mess around with the cheats! (hack gravity/infinate fuel) Do you guys have any suggestions? these will only keep me going for so long...
  2. I don't think i could swim from Scotland (perhaps I could take a rocket?) but if you are ever in the upper end of the UK, be sure to let us know!
  3. When I am landing (either on duna or kerbin) and I'm physics timewarping to the 500m mark where my parachutes deploy. I don't come out of timewarp fast enough and my parachutes rip off leaving the crew to fall to their doom. This is even more annoying when landing on kerbin after a successful long and complex mission.
  4. I think there was a big row over what was considered part of the package that the player bought when buying KSP a while back. If I remember correctly, Squad is planning paid DLC in the form of expansion packs or something. People who bought the game before a certain date would get these for free. Those who bought the game after that date would have to pay for it. Thats not to say that there wont be free stuff, just that some of the goodies might need to be paid for. Im almost certain that all updates up to the 1.0 release will be free to those who buy the game. I cant find any sources but if I'm wrong, feel free to correct me
  5. Honestly Im going through one of these periods at the moment. My laptop is not powerful enough to run KSP at the level I enjoy and my desktops cpu is in dire need of replacement. Im also finding less and less time to play. I love the game, don't get me wrong, but my lack of resources plays a major part in my lack of playing it. I guess it also comes down to my mental state. When it comes to playing the game, I always think 'I can do that' and, given the time, I probably can. But the fact that i know i can do it kinda stops me from actually doing it. I mean, why invest time into doing something i know i can do, just to prove I can do it. I have decided to finish what I'm doing IRL then hopefully after enough time I will be able to return to the game!
  6. So I have been looking at some older pictures from previous versions of KSP and, perhaps its just me but, it looks like the lighting is better or more cinematic. compared to: Of course this could just be my taste for hard lighting. Or perhaps I don't like realistic looking stuff. I mean, It might be more realistic but is it prettier? And this could be said about much more than lighting... What do you guys think? if it came down to the game being pretty or the game being realistic, which would you choose (and why)? Or perhaps I'm completely wrong and the old game looks rubbish compared to the new. Your thoughts are appreciated.
  7. Yeah, I cant wait for this grappling hook! Grappling Hook proof
  8. Five is quite a push, sometimes you just have to settle for more launches.
  9. If you are able to download a craft file, it means that the owner has released it to the public. As such, they are giving you permission to mess with it, learn from it and even incorporate it into your designs. But if, for example, someone posts a craft file privately for their friends to learn from, then someone leaks it online. Then you download it, I would say that is wrong. Generally though, if you take lots from a design that is not yours, you should give credit. This is really just the same thing as copyright.
  10. So I'm a filmmaker, thats what I do when I'm not playing KSP. But I really do love physics and space, more so since I started playing KSP! as such, I figured I could combine my love for space with my passion for film and make a Science Fiction film! I got together with a friend of mine who also loves this genre and together we came up with an epic script. Now all we need is the funding to make the short film, and we can go ahead and create it! If you want to check out our Indigogo page, Click Here! A question I would like to ask though, is, as a player of a space game that (fairly accurately) recreates our universe, what would you like to see in a scifi film? I know that when Gravity came out I was always complaining about how wrong it was. Is this an issue for you when you watch movies? Your opinions are valued!
  11. Unfortunately MedwedianPresident, I have been lacking time recently to do much in the ways of ksp. I have been working on a short film! (If you want to check out the indigogo page: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ben-a-short-sci-fi-film/x/6330930) I will try and get it done when i have the time
  12. yeah, oops, my bad. I was thinking of europa but said titan
  13. Yeah, this would be pretty cool. Perhaps not in the spirit of the game when used on kerbin, but it certainly would be cool to say, break through an ice layer and explore the depths below. If you think about some of the ideal missions to titan, they would bring an underwater probe.
  14. It sounds like its a power issue, are you sure you have some form of power generator on the probe?
  15. My list in order of frequency: 1. Calling our planets 'jool' or 'duna' (I also seem to keep thinking titan is part of the ksp universe...) 2. Quarrelling with movie physics. Here is a convo I had with my friend: 3. Trying to turn the camera view in youtube videos.
  16. I feel kinda mean now Sorry about the flooding man, It does look quite bad down there. If you want me to help out with KASA while you get IRL stuff done, I'm happy to help out
  17. Is this just dead then? I haven't heard anything since being accepted
  18. yeah, just tell me what you want it to look like.
  19. So this just spewed out of my fingertips... I think he looks a little panicked...
  20. I have applied, I could always host the meeting. (the name is L. Wilson) I really look forward to this thing gaining momentum. I love the idea.
  21. Well, I cant say I made this for this challenge, but i will certainly submit it I would call this a settlement at the moment, but I plan to expand it into a mining and science facility. Neil Kerbstrong: First to enter. Munopia: Has 10 or more modules. Hal9000: Base fully complete no mods or anything and done using your brain the first portable computer.