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  1. This mod kills my computer, can someone share memory usage with it starting successful? Maybe I am doing something wrong
  2. This is my config file for engines for stock game with mods (I have a lot of mods so had to configure something universal). @PART[*]:HAS[#category[Engine]] { MODULE { name = TestFlightInterop } MODULE { startFlightData = 50 name = TestFlightCore maxData = 100000 } MODULE { flightDataEngineerModifier = 0.25 name = FlightDataRecorder_Engine flightDataMultiplier = 10 } MODULE { reliabilityCurve { key = 0 0.005 key = 10000 0.002 } name = TestFlightReliability } MODULE { REPAIR { canBeRepairedInFlight = False canBeRepairedOnSplashed = False canBeRepairedByRemote = False repairChance = 75 } name = TestFlightFailure_ReducedMaxThrust weight = 32 failureType = mechanical failureTitle = Loss of Thrust duRepair = 250 duFail = 100 severity = failure } MODULE { failureTitle = Explosion! name = TestFlightFailure_Explode weight = 8 duFail = 400 failureType = mechanical severity = major } } Question. Can "reliabilityCurve" section have more keys? I want it to be something like: reliabilityCurve { key = 0 0.005 key = 10000 0.002 key = 50000 0.0005 key = 100000 0.0001 }
  3. Same here. I moved the chance to be 2 and I got failure in like 10 times (then I changed to be 1), I even reloaded few times the start, and it was always in the same engine (3rd stage Swivel) except 2 times (once 1 stage booster, 1 separtaor). How exactly the chance is calculated, is it like every few seconds or it is decided before lunch if the fail will happen and where? This is parto of the config file: KLFCustomParams3 { scienceAtFailure = True scienceAdjustment = 10 timeRandomness = 5 } KLFCustomParams2 { engineUnderthrustProbability = 0.3 autoAbort = False autoAbortDelay = 5 preFailureWarningTime = 5 alarmSoundFile = WhoopWhoop allowEngineFailures = True allowEngineUnderthrust = True engineUnderthrustProb = 0.003 allowRadialDecouplerFailures = True allowControlSurfaceFailures = True allowStrutFuelFailures = True } KLFCustomParams { initialFailureProbability = 1 expPartFailureProbability = 1 maxFailureAltitudePercentage = 1 failurePropagateProbability = 1 delayBetweenPartFailures = 0.1 enabled = True initialFailureProb = 0.01 expPartFailureProb = 0.01 maxFailureAltitudePerc = 0.01 highlightFailingPart = True propagationChanceDecreases = False failurePropagateProb = 0.01 delayBetweenPartFail = 0.001 minTimeBeforeFailure = 5 maxTimeBeforeFailure = 300 } Ps. I also use Gravity Turn mod. Maybe indeed the issue is long stay in atmosphere and it is not a conflict per-se but the result of the used algorytm/frequency of checking if the failure happened? Also question - is the calculation done per part which can fail of just for the rocket?
  4. Is it possible that the calculations can be done less frequently (maybe you can set it in configuration how often) and also a button to calculate it on demand?
  5. It seems you manage to work this mode with deep space exploration. How od you handle the nitrogen issue (needed for pressure control) and no possibility to generate it? For the time being I had to skip this mod for my current game play due to this issue and also due to problems with high warp.
  6. How to generate Nitrogen? I am trying to build 10-plus-years ship to get inter-planet (and even inter-stellar if possible) but I can't find a way to have self-sufficient process for Nitrogen
  7. KSP 2 for me: N-body physics better atmosphere simulation ongoing simulation of craft within atmospheres in background life (and life quiality) support (multi spicies need for life support?) much... much better quest system few sun systems (like Kerbal size, Earth size etc., each with specific features) possibility to play with Humans, not only Kerbals, multi spices.
  8. It would be nice to have "RAMA" style of event in late career (base on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rendezvous_with_Rama). Maybe some modder would make it
  9. I play in separate instance, Steam just is for downloading new version and stays mod-free always (and mostly not played).
  10. Hi I have build very long ship (Mars One style) and all my science equipment is located in front of it. But the camera is focusing on the middle part - so it is hard to access the science instruments. Is there a way to focus camera on front of it somehow?
  11. So do you mean that both crafts (the one loaded using "Load" and the one loaded using "Merge") must have green attachat point on their root parts? So you can only attached this crafts with their roots parts? That's just bit counter-intuitive. I will have to give it a try.
  12. Ender's Game Edit: To add to the discussion - we need whole game quest system redone (less of the "test X part at Y speed at Z height"), and more the proper quests like sending probes to other planets, creating (and then maintaining, and also cancelling space stations, building new one, changing crews, etc. - liek the mode for Stations and Bases), sending crews to different planets etc., building complex vacuum-only ships on orbit and reusing them - like quest line to build ship, send it crewd to Duna, go back, refuel, change crew, send it to Eve, etc. With proper balanced rewards. I would love... love to have quests in science mode too... just without $$$ rewards. Also - whats it the point of prestige? I don't see any for it. Also administration building sux... big time. This should support better the game somehow. Like the Strategies mode do. The stock "strategies" are very hard to understand. I just don't care about them, The Strategies mode is better. But for this we need at least proper TWR/dV display in stock game, and stock transfer window planner. This two are a must - so planning you can do on paper. Maybe also mission planner (like you can have white-board where you can put steps you want to do a mission (like start from Kerbin, transfer to Duna, Duna landing, Duna start, transfer back to Kerbin, and it would help show what are the time for this, the dV, TWR needed, etc. etc. Maybe with "sub-missions" if for example you want to build mother ship with "drones" and "landers".