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  1. Found that option. It's in the debugging menu under Console > Debugging > Immediately Flush Log File to Disk. I'll definitely keep that in mind if (when) I find myself debugging crashes again. Thanks again for the help!
  2. I think I'm throwing in the towel on this one.. Honestly, I was getting a little tired of the TETRIX Tech Tree I was using. It felt overly tedious to me. Time for a new tree I guess. ((shrug)) I'm right there with you on getting weary of investing in playthroughs because they often seem to end in unrecoverable states like this. Definitely hoping the "more robust modding support" they're claiming with KSP2 ends up being true haha. Until then, I guess I'll just start a new Career, because apparently my enjoyment for this game outweighs the frustration - or I'm just a glutton for punishment.
  3. And on a fresh Career save, cheating myself the resources needed to unlock and build the same .craft files from my main Career save, orbital docking of the two vessels.. works. I'm not sure how I feel. There are still a LOT of variables that I can't account for - all of the advancement that goes on as part of developing a career. The only thing I can say is that it's probably not the mere existence of a given mod that is causing the crash. It's almost undoubtedly the result of something some mod did at some point. That's.. less than useful. Any new thoughts?
  4. In agreement with you on all counts really. And thank you for the back and forth - always helpful to have another brain to bounce these things off of. I do have "Verbose Logging" enabled - which I think is the setting you're referring to. I don't feel like it helped much, as you can see - there's no "smoking gun" error at the end of the file that would pinpoint the problem. I removed Kerbal RnD during my testing last night (after uploading that initial Player.log that you're seeing). Actually, here's the full list of mods I've tried removing so far: Final Frontier Kerbal Research and Development Connected Living Space Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes Action Groups Extended Procedural Parts Career Evolution Contract Configurator Contract Pack: Bases and Stations Reborn Contract Pack: Clever Sats Strategia At this point I'm wondering if there's something corrupt about my save file. Something from who knows when earlier in the Career that is only now showing its ugly head. I love and hate the variety of mods that Kerbal has. It makes troubleshooting so difficult.. I've uploaded fresh versions of Player.log and KSP.log to Dropbox, if you care to take a look at them again. I think my next step is to try a fresh Career save, cheat myself enough funds and science to unlock the parts I need, and try docking in that environment.
  5. So the crash plays out like this: The vessels dock and the camera shifts. Then visually the scene hangs - I can see the craft have stopped moving, all readout numbers stop updating. I can move the mouse for a couple seconds, and it's still the KSP mouse cursor (not Windows default cursor), but the mouse framerate is very low, sub 10fps I'd guess. Then the whole thing drops to desktop. Monitoring Task Manager during the crash I see CPU drop to 0%. No change in RAM - I've got 64 gigs and I'm well below that while running KSP. Here's the latest KSP.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ip8p1wc1rgowq3x/KSP.log?dl=0 Some more info: I did some testing in a Sandbox save. First I created two identical Probes with the same Mini Docking ports I'd been using. They docked together in orbit without issue. Then I created two basic manned capsules with the same docking ports. They docked without issue. Then I copied the .craft files of the vessels from my Career save that I'd been trying to dock, this time flying them in my Sandbox save, and THEY docked without issue as well. I then went back to my Career save. I even went so far as to terminate the two flights in orbit, reload the craft on the pad, and launch them fresh. When I go to dock them.. the same crash. So the obvious difference here is Career vs Sandbox - which kind of has me even more stumped.
  6. I had high hopes for that working.. but it didn't. Fwiw, I didn't have autostrutting enabled for the docking ports, but I did have it for the capsules themselves. I disabled all autostruts on both craft.. still crashed. Any other ideas?
  7. KSP: 1.12.3 Problem: Game crashes upon docking two vessels together. Heavily modded install. Have already gone through logs from previous instances of this reproducible crash and cleaned out a couple suspects, but the crash persists. Looking for a fresh set of eyes and ideas. Mods: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hsfz5miqkg01ivz/JFJohnny5 Mods.txt?dl=0 Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oaem52sok1d1z1v/Player.log?dl=0 Notes: I'm really stumped here.. There are some errors related to EVE, but they haven't been an issue. The game seems to be running fine even as the vessels start to dock. The ports connect. The view shifts to the Auto Camera view of both craft attached. Then after maybe a second, it freezes and crashes. The Player.log file shows the docking happening at Line 115901 which reads "Docking to vessel Ra II" and there are no errors in the log after that.
  8. Hey @DMagic first off, great mod! This has been one of my "required" installs on every playthrough for years. Can you give me a little more advice/guidance on how I could troubleshoot why these aren't generating? I've looked through the configs, but while I saw a lot of elements about setting contract rewards and parameters, I didn't see anything for contract generation requirements. For testing, I used Contract Configurator to disable ALL contracts except "Magnetic Survey" types. I ran time forward, and the result was no contracts available at all. From a game-state perspective, I've achieved Kerbin orbit as well as Mun and Minmus orbit and landing. I have the Magnetometer Boom unlocked and have even used it to capture some science already.
  9. I'm having an opposite sort of problem. I'll short fuel a rocket and save the design as such in the VAB. I then have KCT build it, and when it rolls out to the pad, the tanks get topped off - really throwing off my launch TWR plans.
  10. Yeah it's not listed. Which I thought was odd as I could have sworn it used to be its own category. I do see what I believe are its contract "types" under the stock contract listing (Magnetic Survey, Orbital Survey, Recon Survey, etc). https://www.dropbox.com/s/07mtck496qb18ya/Screenshot 2022-04-04 144913.png?dl=0 EDIT: Any thoughts on troubleshooting why I don't see a "DMagic" contract group?
  11. Is there some trick to getting these contracts to generate? I've used this mod in the past and they popped up basically immediately after unlocking the appropriate part. I've got multiple DMagic parts unlocked now and no contracts are generating. I'm using Contract Configurator, but I don't think this interacts with that.
  12. Sounds good! Thanks for the clarification. And thanks for working on this - it really is very cool!
  13. Related to that, what happens if this is installed alongside Waterfall - Restock as-is? There's obviously some overlap, so which config's effects end up loading?
  14. Is it possible to remove KCT's override of the Recover button? I know there's an option to stop it overriding the vanilla Launch button, but I don't see anything (in Settings or actual config files) that might point to stopping it from overriding the Recover button. I'm sure there are use cases for recovering directly to the VAB or the SPH, but I'd prefer to just use the vanilla recovery method (saving a click and making recovery a touch less tedious). I can mess with Module Manager configs, and I've done part creation, but this type of modding (where it's packaged into a .dll) is a bit beyond me. I can read the code enough to guess that it probably has something to do with the Start() function in KCT_Flight.cs but I wouldn't know how to insert a reference to a config setting that could disable the modded behavior..
  15. Ok, pretty sure I've solved it actually. Looks like the configs were being too aggressive in what they were removing - deleting the entire effects node instead of just the audio portion. Here's the fix, - in WaterfallRestock.cfg and StockWaterfallEffects.cfg, replace: !EFFECTS with @EFFECTS { @engage {!AUDIO{}} @running {!AUDIO{}} @disengage {!AUDIO{}} @flameout {!AUDIO{}} }
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