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  1. I've been looking for a standalone warp drive for so long! Thank you!
  2. I'd like to see an easier ability to create great ships that go on one continuous mission like the Enterprise.
  3. The plug seems to be working fine except for a series of annoying shadows that don't go away. It's very intrusive. I also get crashes frequently, especially when adding parts that go together (antimatter container + antimatter generator for example).
  4. @Apollo13 I know Steam doesn't automatically install games. Ok?
  5. I don't have a problem installing Steam, I just don't want to because I don't want to install more games. It's a primarily school-issued computer (I'm a high school senior) and the administrator has to authorize every installation- if I get KSP, that's putting in the password twice. (Once to put it in applications, once to authorize its use). If I get Steam, that's four times- once to put it in applications, once to authorize it, and once to authorize steamclean, and then to authorize KSP. I just don't want to make a hassle for the admin because I won't be getting any other games on here. The
  6. It's hard to do but I have a load of fun with it, and right now I'm working on a space shuttle that's capable of interplanetary missions. It's an uncalled for behemoth. (I'll be adding a pic later rn my computer is being weird)
  7. If I own KSP on Steam, can I get on another computer, and download and play KSP without downloading Steam, maybe by putting in my Steam login info or something? Just wondering.
  8. I didn't actually check the delta-v stats yet, I was about to... Sorry :X
  9. The challenge here is to make an interplanetary space shuttle. I tried it earlier today and I realized that it was ridiculously large and infeasible, and that's exactly what Kerbal Space Program is all about. So! The criteria I want are as follows, put into a chiseled scoring system. 1) The upper stage must be able to return to Kerbin and land on the runway at KSC. Drogue parachutes are allowed, but it's gotta land like an airplane. 2) Once in orbit you can only have one remaining stage. No getting rid of fuel tanks or separating engines- the shuttle you get into Kerbin orbit is what you're t
  10. Wow, guys, it took a long day but I finally made a successful, working space shuttle that's faithful to the original launch design, along with the ability to hold a small satellite payload and dock with space stations. Launch requires constant - but not incredibly difficult - adjustment of the throttle limit of the main two thrusters (if you've got a bit of practice). Here it is releasing a MechJeb probe: And say goodbye to boring landing lights because these ones are super glam green and purple: If anyone wants the .craft file I'll put it up along with the payloads I've used. What do yo
  11. Man, I was all excited to be in first, then I got blown out of the water. Now I'll have to try this long-orbit technique everyone is using. But, Laie... Gotta admit, doing a four-year orbit around the Sun and coming back perfectly to hit the Space Center? Impressive. Perhaps...... too impressive.
  12. I don't still intend for this to be a missile, but it's certainly an incredible probe. I'm going to make a mission album.
  13. I thought this of interest while I was making missiles and I realized just how incredible this thing's delta-V is. It's simple- I have docking ports on it but they aren't necessary. At least one small solar panel, the smallest probe core, two small RCS tanks, and 3 of the RCS thrusters (since they are physicsless you can have any number, but I liked 3). It's easily capable of making it to Eve and even landing on it with plenty of fuel to spare from high Kerbin orbit, and it doesn't require you to wait five minutes for your efficient nuclear engines to make the transfer burn- the transfer bur
  14. Oh for God's sakes not this again @mivanit if I end up using it I will totally credit you! EDIT: I seriously give up on texturing this thing. I'll post the full model later, and if someone could texture it that'd be swell.
  15. Jebediah, that launch vehicle. What are you compensating for?
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