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  1. Hello all, Its been a long while since I last posted anything, I've been watching from a-far and playing a lot on my own. However after the .21 patch I have been rebuilding my Kerbal empire and recolonizing Duna and Laythe. During one such colonization run I happened to find myself leaving Kerbin at a high altitude (slingshot maneuver from the Mun after visiting my Kethane refineries there) while a Munar eclipse transpired. I was actually very awestruck at the sight and thought I would share it with the community. Thank you Squad for making such a wonderful game. I hope you all enjoy: -Eldorwanabe
  2. Ah I see now. Its a sliding bar. Thanks for the help
  3. So I have downloaded the plug-in and have it installed on both ships that are orbiting Kerbin about 150m from each other. However when I select a source and destination tank and hit "transfer now" nothing happens. Well the most that happens is a tank fuel bar appears on the left side of the screen in the staging area but no fuel transfers. I like to think that I'm not totally inept... I've installed the plugin in the plugins folder, am I missing something?
  4. Is the Download link broken for anyone else?
  5. Forgive me if I am wrong, but having used MechJeb for some time I have never noticed it being able to function while you do not have that craft as your “active†(controlled by the player) craft. PowerTech functions while the craft is not the “active†craft. I would like to have my station maintain its orientation during its orbit while I fly another craft to “dock†with it.
  6. I see Alchemist as left for a bit, but quick question to the community: Is it possible to attach the satellite to a structure such that it remains attached when activated? I would like for it to work its orientational magic on an orbital station I have build so it remains properly oriented for “docking†maneuvers. Failing that, is it possible to apply the powertech code to a ship such that my non active station will orient of its own accord? If so how may I go about accomplishing that? Thanks!
  7. I know people have already posted a little about the Spasm issue of Damned Robotics while in space. I've created a short video showing the issue: No issues on the ground. But In orbit there is an issue: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/oeUi1I2LUA0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. Indeed so. This craft is pretty robust. I\'m working on other versions that will incorporate the Damned Robotics plugins so those VTOL engines can be rotated and used.
  9. Haha, that I am. Was a rough landing on the recording, I\'ve done much better other times. Of course if you are referring to KSP RPG yeah I disappeared, was a little bored of KSP and the drama of the RPG community. Just got back into the forums when I way 0.15 was out!
  10. The Hornet VTOL aircraft: http://youtu.be/OQA23-0uLzc Actually handles well. I\'m not the best pilot but its a very nice aircraft.
  11. KSP is amazing in so many ways and I thank the Devs for all the work they have put into it. Even with the game in its infancy it has grown immeasurably since I have joined this community. With the continually growing pool of capabilities, from the developing game and the community add-ons, I am excited to see where this is heading. The involvement of the Devs in the community has also been wonderful, we feel like our voices are heard and that you actually care that we enjoy this wonderful experience. Thank you