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  1. no, but actually falls in the category of great games for 3 things 1-you're free, you can do everything, you can base your space program in every aspect you want. 2-you have to think a lot, calculate, but also do impulsive things like saving your ship from crashing into a hill. 3. its community, its great,loving and caring its has tons of mods
  2. 100% most of times unless i use rockets that tend to overheat, also i always try to desing them with a lot of TWR i hate long launches but also not too much or they'll burn in the atmosphere.
  3. im having trouble when decopling the titan V engine, doesn't matter if i use kw's decouopler or another, i just destroys the whole rocket.
  4. i don't know if post this here or in real fuels, but some of my engines, specially the AIES 3m engines overheat at ridiculous speeds, i mean i can only fire them for 4 second or them explode, wich doesn't make burns annoyingly long but actually impossible.
  5. designing rockets,escape systems,landers,probes and test them before actually using them. but i do a lot of tests like: -groud tests -atmospheric tests -in orbit tests -low gravity body tests -worst case scenario test and so on.
  6. sure here you go: https://mega.co.nz/#!gkUA2CiL!VKzMTmJ3xusKisQ9HvxIcgulrU4OOwVlEUPYGDdY2Ug
  7. help me, i cant manage it to work,no matter what i do ksc appears down a hole, earth dissapears on map view while on flight and the only way to make it work is using the old cfg with resized kerbin,also i cant use the toolbar to pick up launch sites, i cant do anything, and i installed it correctly and have terrain detail to high.
  8. great parts, it really makes some nice station parts, the only problem i have is that i feel the torque too strong on the ship, i have to disable it so it doesn't spin around. aside from that its a wonderful mod
  9. is the righ click on parts info, like drag doesn't appear anymore or i have installed it wrong? because i remember it had that feature before
  10. oh great thanks, i should have noticed that haha, thank you very much ferram, keep updating your awesome mod!
  11. sure here's the link: output_log thanks for the help
  12. Im a great fan of, lest say somewhat "realistic" rockets, trying to recreate conditions like real rockets experiment as much as possible but creating my desgings, anyway FAR a very important mod in my install,who always worked great in my 0.23.5 suddendly stopped working, i was back to stock aerodynamics, the weirdest part, was that the toolbar plugin showed that FAR was currently working, but i could clearly see that my rocket was unnafected by FAR's aerodynamic model. So i staged some boosters and the rocket inmedeatly did a 360º flip and tore apart core's stage main engine, i right clic
  13. hahah something similar happened to me once, i tried to replace kerbin with earth, i think its a cfg for rss, anyway my ksc was in a hole like that, physics were normal at the bottom but once you got closer to the top things started to get weird, after "passing" the hole the atmosphere dissapeared but i wasn't in space, all was black but i could only see the mun and the ground were the ksc was, only the things at the bottom of the hole, everything else was black.
  14. knew nothing about orbital mechanics, i mean yes i knew that going to the moon took a lot of time, or that for achieveng orbit you would have to be going really really fast, but nothing about transfers, delta-v or gravity turns, also i thought that the proton rocket was fueled by actual protons
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