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  1. Ok, since this thread has become a place of absurdity, we’re going to lock it down.
  2. You’re right. KSP2 is not going to migrate to Unreal. End of story. Since that’s settled, we can move onto a discussion of Unity vs Unreal, without it directly pertaining to KSP, and that discussion belongs in the lounge.
  3. Okay doke, so moved. I might have missed which game it was in originally.
  4. Hard to claim being ninja’d if you wait two years to reply
  5. Overlapping threads have been merged, Again. Sorry that happened. Consider it a first draft and try again?
  6. Wouldn’t mind escort missions if the escortee didn’t move at a pace halfway between run and walk.
  7. The recent Ohtani vs Trout showdown was pretty dang epic.
  8. Moved to gameplay questions. I don’t recall if this works, but have you tried putting them on upside down?
  9. I really doubt that is the case, and we would hold you personally responsible if it happened.
  10. That was how KSP1 worked, I believe this is the intended behavior. It does have upsides though. Now you get to perform an unplanned re-entry, or mount a rescue mission. To me, that adds to the game play and overall enjoyment.
  11. Not a problem @By Antonio_YTKSP, I understand the need for sleep. Get to the license and source code thing when you can. As for the language , feel free to post in whatever language you wish, but just include a translation too. And we’ll just move this over to KSP1 development then.
  12. @cfloutier would this thread be better off in mod development since it’s not a full release yet? Also, as per our Add-on rules, Please include a license in the OP here, on the download site, and the full license in the download package.
  13. @By Antonio_YTKSP, 1) Did you mean for this to be in KSP1 mod development or releases? 2) I know this will be a pain, but all posts outside the “International” Sub Forum needs to be in English, or at least includes a translation. Feel free to use a service like google translate. Thanks. 3) Your mod requires a license. If there is a license listed, see #2 above. Please include a license here in the OP, on the download site, and the full license in the download package. 4) Please include a link to any source code you might have.
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