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  1. And yes, I've been waiting those 20+ years to bring this up in conversation without sounding pretentious. Not easy to do.
  2. Now it’s been 20+ Years since I took my offensive driving course, but IIRC It didn’t matter in the field. If we needed to spin them we did. The variety of car types don’t really matter. Even if they don’t end spinning out in classic fashion, they will be redirected and slowed down at the very least, allowing for other vehicles a better chance to block the target vehicle. PITs aren’t supposed to be done in isolation, it’s a team based play.
  3. Thought it was in one of those threads. You'll have to search around a bit, there's a few of these threads around, there are 2 methods that I know of to get old versions through steam. I don't know them and they're somewhat complicated, but the info has been posted here before.
  4. Interesting. Doesn’t work for me on IOS with either safari or Firefox.
  5. Over the last few months, the forums have been a little iffy. IT is aware and investigating. Till then, usually waiting a moment and reloading seems to fix it.
  6. At the bottom of each post. They don’t appear on mobile apparently though.
  7. @SkywavestarWelcome to the forums. We ask that you include an English translation for any posts outside the "International" sub forums. I have google translated for you for the rest of the members this time. Can support KSP 1.9.0? Is it possible that it is a problem with the settings of TUFX,
  8. Some posts have been removed pending moderator review.
  9. As this is about the game and not real life, moved to KSP discussion.
  10. I'll point you to the Mythbusters Deathray episode where they used mirrors to burn a ship. They had a huge problem trying to get the mirrors to align perfectly to concentrate enough energy to do anything. I would suspect your ultralight material would be no more stable a mirror as the school children they were using. To get the effect you are looking for, you are requiring focal points of pinpoint precision. The reflective material wouldn't be the mass of the ship, the massively rigid superstructure behind it would be the problem.
  11. A skyhook arm is far from a simple structure. First off, even if you recycled every single piece of material we’ve put into orbit so far, I doubt it would account for more than 1% of the material required, along with the added burden, as mentioned, of establishing the capability to produce it in the first place. Secondly, it will need to be made of exotic materials, and by the time we’ve launched enough of this material and had cause to recycle it, it would have been far simpler to build an elevator/hook to start with.
  12. Let’s just hope they ground the mirror correctly...... they’ve been known to mess that up.
  13. I believe that was an option only for those who purchased the game prior to it being available on Steam. Check your KSP store account, there will be some indicator to this.
  14. Double check if you're interested, the timeline of that thread is pretty convoluted, with multiple merges and redirects. There exists, somewhere, at least one method of using the Steam console to obtain access to earlier versions. It's not complicated, but it's more than a few button clicks.
  15. Pretty sure somewhere in that thread is info on how to legally obtain beta versions through Steam if you have purchased the game.
  16. Pretty sure that's the point of the whole thing .
  17. More content has been removed. Please remember that openly discussing moderator actions is not allowed. If you have concerns regarding the Moderation Team's actions, feel free to contact us privately.
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