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  1. There really isn’t a need to close the thread. Others might have a question on this topic later, and there’s no harm in leaving it open till then.
  2. Yeah, I typo’d and meant to write summer.
  3. I'm still holding out faint hope that it still might go supernova sometime within my lifetime, purely for selfish reasons. But I'll be really be upset when it does happen, it'll be during the northern hemispheric winter.
  4. You’re imagining things. Stop that.
  5. The little hand icon is apparently time based and eventually drops away. I don’t know how long it lasts, but it doesn’t affect anything. It was added in a recent forum update, and since it doesn’t really do anything, we’re probably not going to meddle with it.
  6. Watched that today, and it's quite a love song for the system. It really turned my opinion around from cautious skeptic to "hey, maybe this really can work". It's long, but worth the watch. They do cover quite a few of the details that we've gone back and forth over here.
  7. Yeah I had that one in mind when I posted. It's format doesn't translate well to our forum though, so that link will do nicely.
  8. It's also compressed, almost logarithmic. If they had the entire chart on the same x axis scale as the right most block, that graph would be many kilometers wide, showing how the vast majority of the time it's been relatively flat, with occasional bumps, and the current projected increase is a major bump.
  9. I believe your right, and have been available for some time (Apparently 20+ years).
  10. But what ever you do, write. That’s what you seem to want to do. Just keep writing. Post your stories. Submit them to publishers of all sorts. Just write and write some more. You’re going to get kicked in the face by the editors for a while, but that will only help you refine your style. Remember Rowling was on welfare and practically homeless while she wrote her first novel.
  11. And career opportunities. The judge told my brother in law when he was 18 that he could do 4 years in prison or 4 in the military. He ended up doing 8 in the Navy and then the last 20 working for a defense contractor doing the same job he did on the boat, but now he makes ~170k a year. If you’re lost and need a path, the military is a good place to spend 4 years as you figure stuff out. I think a lot of our vets here will tell you the same. I know I’d be one of them if the recruiter hadn’t told me he already had his quota for the month a bit over 20 years ago. I’m sure even the Space Force needs enlisted people, and I think that’s more to your mindset than the other branches.
  12. Yes. i usually implies an imaginary number while I implies Current. E is Energy, and e is Euler’s number. And pi is 3.14 and Pie is good.
  13. Question moved to Add-on Discussion.
  14. Moved to Science and Spaceflight. Even if fusion is made viable today, it'll be upwards of a hundred years or more, if ever, before it's replaced all the greenhouse emitting sources it can. Even then. there will still be a number of processes that will be emitting. And without sequestering, we're not going to see any rollback in climate change while any of us are alive.
  15. "This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move." - Douglas Adams
  16. @Zsombi Your thread has been merged into an overlapping thread, perhaps it might answer your question.
  17. Not a phrase I'd ever expect to hear. I didn't see it mentioned, but have you seen the documentary on the Sherpa that did all 14 8k peaks in 7 months. That's not a typo. https://www.netflix.com/title/81464765 It's worth the watch, the man is an absolute freak of nature fitness wise, but you wouldn't know it to look at him, and an all around good guy it seems. I've "out grown" my climbing days, but I still have my crag bag and duffle full of gear.
  18. My 5 year old niece is that outdoorsy type of girl, always collecting and bringing home animals to show off. Basically a Disney Princess (who likes IPA's, but that's a different story). So one Christmas I got her a junior explorer type kit, binoculars, magnifying glass, net, bug cage, fake pith helmet, all cheap plastic, you know the type. She ran around the yard the first day finding all this cool stuff with her new instruments. We're her. The scientific community has their new powerful toy, and they're finding all sorts of cool new things they never saw before. Pretty soon these little discoveries will be mundane as they discover even cooler stuff that was unreachable before.
  19. Wut? Without wings, a ramp is 100% useless. Your craft doesn’t fly, it hovers. And if it can vtol from the ground, it can vtol straight into space. Your craft is fueled by magical unicorn farts, so it’s not a problem there. But let’s say we do try this ramp idea. The TL:DR of the scenario is that a heavy lift space elevator is a much simpler civil engineering project than your ramp and runway would be. Let’s say your launch speed will be a small yet not insignificant fraction of your eventual orbital velocity, so let’s say 3,000kph when you hit the ramp. Take a look at the wheels on the rocket cars vying for the land speed record today. They are huge aluminum discs with a tiny, TINY, contact patch And this is for a car that only weighs a few tons. Your craft would require TENS of thousands of wheels to not sink into the ground, with the engines turned off. Now let’s add exploding unicorn farts coming out the back of a craft the mass of a World War II light cruiser sitting on ten thousand pizza cutters. Then when this rolling death trap to tarmac reaches a few Mach, it runs into a ramp. There isn’t a structure or material imaginable able to withstand this device. Even if the craft did manage to survive yeeting itself airborne, the runway and ramp would be demolished and require a complete rebuild every launch. But all of that is still ignoring the fundamental problem with this idea: There is zero, Zero, ZERO benefit to horizontal motion on the ground for a craft that doesn’t have wings.
  20. Very Nice! Thread has been moved over to The Exchange.
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