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  1. Just got that bad cold that's been going 'round. Bout 80% now. How about @Jeast?
  2. https://webbcountdown.com/ t - 91 Days, 7 hours, 11 minutes and a few seconds when I posted this.
  3. This is a very good point. But I think this is one of those things that is perfectly acceptable to sacrifice some realism for gameplay. Perhaps an option to enable realistic lighting, or have a minimum illumination setting.
  4. $18. Dunno about your Rooskie Bucks though.
  5. As mentioned above, you paste the link directly into the post. The platform doesn't matter. Overlapping threads have been merged.
  6. Multiple Discord related threads have been merged.
  7. Ya know..... they make macro editors that will automate that tapping for ya. You'd still need to sit there to monitor, but you'd at least be able to do other things....
  8. They finished that project like 4-5 Billion years ago. Already funded.
  9. It's not, because it was a joke.
  10. I'm working on the assumption that the amount of funding wasn't a concern, just that it was funded. Therefore conventional rocketry isn't a problem, just add moar boosters. And some skillful Oberthing......
  11. But if we do that... we'll never know how fast they're going.
  12. A fully submersible exploratory mission, manned or otherwise, to the ice moons (Europa, Enceladus). Why not both? Their mission requirements are very similar (send a bunch of cameras and other instruments to this remote planet), take a not disimilar amount of fuel, so they could probably be developed concurrently to save costs.
  13. You can ignore the launcher and launch the game directly from the KSP.exe (I forget the exact name).
  14. Overlapping SpaceX threads have been merged.
  15. Is that Mark Watney on the beach from Contact?

    1. StrandedonEarth


      It's Mark Watney, yes, but the pic I randomly pulled off google to 'shop him into is apparently a Grand Cayman beach wallpaper.

      A little more googling and I see the resemblance of the beaches, but it was purely unintentional.

  16. Well, the test is still pending, but Friday I started getting cold like symptoms. Cough, runny nose, sneezing, fatigue. After working all night Thursday/Friday, I slept through my scheduled Friday test, and had to reschedule for Saturday. Slept some more. With the help of cold meds, I was able to fight off the worst symptoms. Talked to my Boss, and we agreed that since I work in a isolated part of the building, and there's plenty of space to keep distant when I do have to interact with others, until my test results come back, I'll keep working. Cause ya know, we're way behind due to the labor refusal to work. At work... I had a blueberry muffin, which tasted great, had my morning pop (not a coffee guy), and off I went. Hopped up on cold meds and scarfing down cough drops. Few hours in, I get a bad lozenge. And another. And a third. I realize I can no longer taste the lemony menthol goodness. Nor the less good cherry ones. My next muffin only tastes..... fluffy. No flavor... just fluff. really made me ponder existence... is fluff a flavor? I yell over at a coworker that I suddenly can't taste anything. He throws a Sour Apple Jolly rancher at me. The type that turns your face inside out for the first few moments you suck on it. Nothing. I can tell it's supposed to be sweet, I think, but that's it. Soooo...we decided to call it a night cause this clearly isn't just a cold. I grab the bottle of bleach and start spraying things down. But it's not wiping the way Clorox should. It feels wrong between the fingers. I sniff the bottle. Nada. I yell for my coworker to come over and tell me whats the in the stupidly unlabeled industrial spray bottle. Oh yay, it's mineral spirits. Oh... that explains why the outside of my nose is starting to tingle... wait... no, it burns now. Must have brushed some on my nose accidentally, Yay! So I find The bleach and spray everything down, fire off a text to the boss, and head home. I have been now sampling all the food I can to see what it doesn't taste like. I'm sitting here having an mild existential crisis contemplating the meaning of 'food'. Should write down my findings and call it research. And yes I'm fine. I'm going to finally get to quarantine, see what all you guys have been going on about for so long. Aside from the taste loss, it's no worse than a bad cold for me so far. And being an ex paramedic, when I have to crawl to the door, then I might consider getting medical attention. I'm A) too stubborn to do otherwise and b) not willing to add to an already overloaded system. I Have the Hitachi 2.5 hp one. I think they're called Metabo now. Recently picked up a cordless Ryobi (I have a huge slew of their tools, and don't knock the brand, They went toe to toe in the pro woodshop I worked in for a couple years with zero issues). Now I'm on the lookout for one for my Father. I want to find one that has the abilities of the bigguns, but he really doesn't need that much power. The Mikita 1.5 hp 'palm' plunge router is my leading candidate so far. I just need to figure out if I can mount it to a router table, with our without modifications.
  17. I like the pro-active approach here. Keep us informed.
  18. Hey @KSP Dragon, is this something you're doing in KSP, or is this a .... real space station?
  19. In the New Member Guide Thread: I point to the "How to use the forums": In which you will find the very first question asked is this one. TLDR: Just paste the direct link where you want the pic.
  20. It's not relaxing at all. At least the act of moderating itself isn't. When we're called in, there's something happening and we usually have to be the big meanies. That's never fun. Sure you get a little satisfaction out of banning a dirty dirty spammer, but it doesn't make up for being the referee. Yes, it does take a toll after a while. But that's why we do things like the Threads of the Month, etc. They allow us to find the greatness in the forums and to highlight it. Our previously mentioned mod chat really helps out. Not only does it help discuss forum matters, the majority of the talk is non-forum. These folks are my friends. We enjoy playing other games together, vent life issues, talk about sportsball, etc. But sometimes you just get burned out and need to step away for awhile. That's why we have a team. But for the most part, the moderation of the KSP forums is mainly housekeeping. Moving threads into their proper place, approving new posts, etc. Having to make a stressful decision doesn't happen that often.
  21. Not necessarily. I was one that was chosen when the asked for anybody interested.
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