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  1. New station to replace the ageing Mir and act as a bit of a staging post for my future mun colony.
  2. Back when bobcat was around, just after the release of Soyuz 2.0 he mentioned on the old thread that he would replace the pixellated hatch in the Soyuz IVA with the good looking hatch from the LOK. But as we all know he's kinda left... So I was wandering is there any chance sometime in the future that someone could have a go at it and make the Soyuz IVA hatch less of an eye sore? Thanks
  3. raidernick, is there any chance of a re-textured Salyut 6 in the colour & style of Salyut 7 sometime in the future?
  4. I was going to start 0.25 with a stock-a-like selection of mod parts, then I came across this amazing set of probes, oh well... great work By the way.
  5. The New Striped Salyut and "soviet-green" TKS look Fantastic!!. Just for clarify though, they haven't been released yet? If they have how do I use them? Thanks
  6. I recreated a Venera style mission with the Block D, it such a useful transfer stage for probes, and looks amazing. Thanks for updating the N1 dragon01.
  7. Mun landing with Bobcats beautiful N1-L3...
  8. I just started assembling MIR again. The updated panels look amazing when they catch the sunshine.
  9. dragon, The engine hatch on the soyuz doesn't seem to be working, should It open when I activate the engine? Also has the MIR core module been re-sized, its not the same diameter as kvant anymore.
  10. Thanks dragon for updating everything, looking forward to the return of MIR.
  11. Helldiver & Nazari, I just wanted to say thanks for creating such a great mod, The KSO is probably the most fun craft to fly, and I cant wait to see what you two create next. Thanks again
  12. I took some screen shots of the new Soyuz on a mission to my Mir clone. Thanks Bobcat the new Soyuz is beautiful!!! Also I think the craft Pockrtplanesairways is going on about is the Soyuz 7K-OK.
  13. i'll have a folder shuffle and see if it turns up. Great news on the hatch bobcat, also is the far plugin so the Soyuz command module can have a controlled descent?