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  1. Question: I'm running in Sandbox gamemode and all I've got accessible is the AR202 module. Apparently the Mechjeb 2 pod, the one with the eye is only available in Advanced mode. Does anyone either have a fix for this or know how I could fix it?
  2. How about two kerbals, one showing the other a native, horseshoe crab-like creature washed ashore on a beach near the kerbal's floating aquatic base on Eve? Or just an aquatic base, maybe with "fish" visible in the background? A kerbal gardener tending to the greenhouse pod keeping the crew alive on a long mission? A tiny, ion-driven ship with a kerbal in a seat as the control pod like the Concours 9000? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/34396-Concours-9000-Spacebike-and-trailer
  3. Wow. That is possibly one of the most insane crafts I've ever seen on the forum. In a good way. Is there anywhere it can be downloaded? And how did you deal with the jets flaming out and possibly leaving it in a spin?
  4. No, sorry. I haven't seen any ships intended to do such a thing mentioned anywhere on the forum either, and was wondering if it was possible. Correct. I'm not sure how a single stage rocket to Laythe could even conceivably work. Maybe use jets for takeoff and landing, and ion engines while in space?
  5. The idea here is simple. Build a craft which doesn't require refueling and/or docking, which can be launched in one mission, and is capable of getting to Laythe. Rules: • No docking or refueling the ship. Only one launch. • Must land a kerbal on Laythe. • Stock parts only. ________ Mini-challenges: • Lowest weight • Gets to laythe fastest • Has a rover • Carries more than one kerbal • Can somehow get back to KSC - note, this may be imposible
  6. The idea here is pretty simple. Build a spacecraft with a figurehead. Why not? Rules: • The ship must have a figurehead built primarily out of structural materials. • The ship must be able to achieve stable orbit around kerbin. • Post a picture and .craft file download.
  7. Love the style of painting and the neon signs visible in the colony. Also, kerbal combat armor? That sounds awesome/insane. Looking forward to any further artwork.
  8. Cool pack, but I've been having issues with the pod hatch. It aways claims to be obstructed even when in one test I used decouplers to have it be the only part within a two-kilometer radius. Even so, I still like the pack. The little liquid-fuel engines are perfect for rover sky-cranes.
  9. "Super-Titan." Intended as the most difficult body in the game. Orbits furtherest out from the sun. Has around five times the gravity of kerbin and a thick enough atmosphere that landings without the ship consisting around 90% of struts are only posible on mountaintops due to pressure. Highly armored bathysphere-ships might be able to explore the lowlands but even so, plenty of the planet could only be surveyed from the air with any non-cheat-modded ship being squished by the atmospheric pressure. Lots of huge, eroded mesas surrounded by dramatic seas of liquid methane. The challenges are as
  10. http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-1013-j But on a more realistic note, the most likely life we'd find in space would either be extremophile bacteria or self-replicating-machine starships, possibly flown by uploaded brains or self-aware AI. I would however love to be proven wrong.
  11. Give the ISS a module for centrifugal gravity. Given how many miscellaneous plans require it, the fact that nobody's actually done a proper, real-world test seems like an issue that needs to be corrected.
  12. "STUFF THE BODY IN HERE." Well, I guess it sort of makes sense. Most Kerbalnauts never come back alive anyway, so I could see the Kerbin Mafia making a deal with the finically struggling space program along the lines of "in return for launching these volunteers into space we'll give you loads of money. Also you get volunteers despite footage of your upside-down rocket getting on Kertube." Love the artwork, and would love to see more.
  13. Three ideas: • SCP Foundation logo as a flag http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/043/3/3/title_redacted_by_ultraboom3-d4pio2q.png • Apature Science logo as a flag • Skull-and-crossbones with a Kerbal-head-shaped skull
  14. Bassoe

    Hi guys

    Thanks! And it won't just be the Kraken, but all sorts of wildlife. Think Crocodile Hunter KSP edition. With drawings of the creatures and a kerbal in a safari hat.
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