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  1. i wish he was still here to see it's worderful thread.....

    you know what,who,WHO IS READING THESE FEEDBACKS OR SOMETHING,idk,i'm not a native English..... D'oh!

    1. Deddly


      I dunno, I don't read them.

  2. If only you knew how big your thread has gotten.... If only you knew...

  3. ok, i will not click this.

  4. This is, without a doubt, one of the most prettiest things I've seen on this forum. Exceptionally well-done!
  5. Someone has discovered this! Not so much a tweakable, but it works nonetheless
  6. Totally worth it. I'm just glad that my post caused several people have feelings
  7. I've always considered Mun being the adjective of it, even though it is a moon. Similar to The Fast Cat, The Mun (moon)
  8. It is, but thinking as a Kerbal would think... Exactly! They're willing to have no leg room so their feet can touch the ground later!
  9. I'd have to say a tie between Vexx, Super Monkey Ball, and Morrowind.
  10. It could be compared to how a dog or cat needs you to take care of it, and not neglect it.
  11. Random Gravity Music Starts Playing Why do we play Kerbal Space Program? Is it the allure of the science that brings us? Is it the constant action in the game that brings us in? Or is it none of the above? For some, it could be both, however for me it's something much different. I play because I feel I owe it to the Kerbals. They've approved an unlimited budget and all the resources on their planet to the space program and have also appointed me as their administrator of their space program in hopes I can lead them to, hopefully one day, entire space colonization. I've set them off constantly
  12. Was most impressed by the videography and the missiles! Great job!
  13. That seems weirdly entertaining... Too bad no parks for about 10 miles around have swings
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