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  1. I had no idea this was coming, I knew the DLC was but this feels a little like a gift since I had no idea. Thanks!
  2. Really? GTAV is a massively popular cash cow for Take Two. The mods they attacked were direct competitors that threatened their bottom line. Whether or not I respect them, and I don't, for going after the modders is irrelevant (and not for reverence of modders either, but in the corporation v user I tend to vote user). Kerbal Space Program is not a billion selling cash cow fueled by in-game sales. Not last I checked. Now, according to Steam Spy it is a decent seller, pushing quite a few more copies in the last three months than I would have guessed. So my question is who exactly are you trying to strong arm? Any fan of the game should be fully aware of it's troubled development, mismanagement and wholly unexpected ability to continue to be developed. I don't keep up on this, so it may have changed, but last I knew Squad was woefully understaffed. It's like watching someone attack a small dog because it barked at them. Who is your grand villain? The Squad people think of as it concerns KSP is a small group, not some large evil corporation. And KSP has been both fan and mod friendly, having one of the more robust and dedicated communities I've ever seen. Flipping out over a EULA that has been there for a while now is expected to some degree but I always ask this question: when does a developer get a little leeway from people like you? EA is one of the most hated publishers in the world, and has been instrumental in the slow degradation of quality in AAA games as well as a huge advocate for pushing additional revenue models. KSP has been on the market for many years and is Squad's only game funded entirely by new sales. Maybe I just don't know how to function but they aren't exactly fitting the bad guy mold.
  3. Well, I got a crash. When I open up the data manager on my probe core, then toggle the map, the game crashes. Using 64-bit KSP, Windows 10, 16gb. I wanted to see if this also happened in 32-bit but ... well, KSP won't even load my save. So, I can't seem to pin down if it's 64-bit related or not. The output_log.txt and error.log. EDIT: I would love if there was a disable WYSWYG view, this forum software drives me nuts. Anyways, I tried again and well ... it appears that wasn't the issue. The issue was TRANSMITTING science and going to map mode. I suppose I'll keep dabbling with it to see what happens. EDIT2: As far as I can tell, when the science transmission is in-progress it crashes. Otherwise it works fine, the windows opens normally and the map is unaffected. List of mods:
  4. Hah, well that fixes that issue! I hadn't tried Kerbalism before so it's impossible to tell what's missing or not at a glance. Real Chutes has the same issue apparently, but that was a bit more obvious since missing parachutes is ... quite obvious. Thank you for the help. Then if I may ask another question, does Kerbalism also disable the 'toggle batteries off to put probe to sleep' behavior? I saw I can change signal behavior to limited which apparently should mimic the base game, but it still wouldn't let me toggle the batteries back on. I haven't played since 1.1 or so, if there was a major change like that I'd have missed it.
  5. So I was giving the mod a try and it seems to me that it isn't quite ... balanced. At least not for career mode. I just realized that the Fuel Cell requires hydrogen and oxygen ... one of which isn't currently available as far as I can tell. The description still says that it takes fuel and oxidizer, even though the module says hydrogen and oxygen. There are some other things like this, seemingly owing to not touching the tech tree as far as I can tell. Is there a good primer to read on this or some 'mandatory' mods people are including? Even something as "simple" as getting to the Mun seems near-impossible now given that in the 30 part limit there isn't enough electricity to make the journey, the fuel cell isn't available because there's no hydrogen, and solar panels need more science to be unlocked. So, sure, to overcome this I just need to grind out a half million to upgrade both the pad and the VAB. But what's the point of having the fuel cell if the requirements aren't met yet? Given the integration into the tech tree, it's obvious that consideration was taken to integrate it but I guess what it comes down to is I feel like there's some help file I should be reading, or that some of this stuff is out of place. Or just that people are using a mod that solves this. EDIT: Been a while since I played, I remembered you can turn OFF a probe and do it that way. Comment still stands but I did find the workaround I need.
  6. For all the people who bought before April 2013: if Squad makes good on that promise then that's cool. But I do think it's fair to say: wow, really? 2013 was 4 years ago, which means those of you who bought it before that time frame have been playing this game for five years. During that time there have been at least two major updates since launch, and obviously all the work that went into getting to 1.0 which included quite a few major updates. I have no idea what they'll charge for this expansion but it is it fair to say that FOUR YEARS is a completely acceptable time to commit to free development before launching a new paid content release? Granted it will be up to you to decide if the content is worth it, but man: asking out loud really comes off as: I PAID FOR THIS YEARS AGO, DON'T YOU DARE SUGGEST I OWE YOU A DIME. I BELIEVED IN YOU FIRST, WHATEVER YOU CREATE SHOULD BE MINE!!! This was back when DLC was being discussed before the game launched and people were worried it would become what games like ARK and PLUNKBAT have become. At this point, and I say THIS point, I'd be glad to support the developers again. Given what has surfaced about how the studio has been managed and handled over the years, I'm surprised the game still has active development let alone developers. It's stupid I feel compelled to add this bit to the end which is that I certainly do not hope that KSP becomes a DLC-fueled reflection of the modern gaming world, but the argument that paying developers for their ongoing commitment is appropriate in some contexts even if it has been damaged by people who trumpet large publishers, who are clearly taking advantage of them, as victims. When KSP gets cosmetic DLC, loot boxes or in-game currencies I'll be a bit more skeptical, but even as mismanaged as they've been: Squad has had a pretty fair attitude towards the consumer on the actual sale of their product even if internally it appears they've been worse than other major publishers. And whether or not I bought before April 2013, I won't be terribly offended to pay for the expansion.
  7. I'm not completely surprised. My guess, and I'm not a 3d guy, is probably that EVE is doing a lot of unnecessary work. (Woah, poignant observation, I know). Either way, it's good to know you are on the case. Of all the mods I use, which there are not many, EVE is the one that adds the most atmosphere (no pun intended). Scatterer is nice, but without clouds the worlds just seem bland and lifeless. And thanks to SVE, we can get a pretty damn fine version of both. When stuff like this happens I can't help but think the best part of the KSP modding community is thanks to having source available, people can help out and pick up a mod. Compare that to the Bethesda scene where mods are treated like personal treasures and if a modder gets bored and quits, their work may very well end up lost in limbo. Then again, maybe KSP gets away with that because (as I like to think), it attracts a fairly similar group of people whereas something like Skyrim has a far wider appeal. I don't think there's a loverslab for KSP, and if there is I really do not want to know about it. I'll take that ignorance to the grave, please. I digress, my point is simply when you compare the extremes in mod topics, KSP draws from a much tighter pool and I think it works out to it's advantage because we can enjoy open source modding.
  8. So, my highly unscientific tests yields ~20 fps improvement. On the launchpad I'm getting about 60fps rather than 40. That's certainly better, but I can't help but wonder why EVE is so expensive (other than being awesome). Kerbal Space Program is many things, but graphically advanced is not one of them. I know in the really old versions of EVE the performance impact wasn't quite so dramatic, and if it runs in shaders on the GPU then 9 teraflops should be plenty of overhead. I know KSP isn't multi-threaded but it should still be theoretically possible to make better use of the GPU. It seems like I must have a lot of cores just hanging around doing nothing. That sounded depressing, so let me top this off with all performance is welcome, thank you for caring enough to chase it!
  9. It's certainly worth a try. For the record though I meant if I'm getting lag with a GTX 1080, I don't think it's your work that's causing it. I just did a few basic KSC tests and it looks like EVE is the bottleneck. It's my guess that it's not working as well as we might like in 1.2. I don't have an old version to go do frame rate tests on, but as far as I recall from doing old tests, generally speaking EVE's impact was never 80 fps. I went ahead and used my old cloud configs and it went back up to ~70 so while you probably have denser cloud layers, without flat out getting rid of stuff I'll be interested to see what you can do to help that. Personally I like your cloud layers, they look nice. EVE is a really old mod, and it's likely that it is in dire need of a ground-up rewrite. rBray was clearly very talented, but he mostly just did maintenance updates for the past few KSP versions and it's very likely EVE is starting to come apart at the seams. What can I say other than, good luck! edit- I noticed some of your textures might not be powers of 2, maybe EVE doesn't like that? detailCumulus.dds is 1500^2
  10. edit - I take that back. I'm getting about 40 fps at the KSC with a GTX 1080 with the medium pack. Then again, I was getting some severe lag with just EVE installed. There might be something going on there, as I believe Waz said multiple layers can be pretty harsh. Pretty surprising when a game like KSP gives nVidia's flagship a gut punch.
  11. I'll do a premature 'woo!' while I download, and you can assume it worked if I don't come back and say, "It didn't work, here's the logs." Either way, thanks are in order. This is one of those mods I really always hope gets a stock implementation/always surprised it hasn't gotten a stock implementation. Now that buoyancy, aerodynamics, wheels, satellite communications and airplanes have gone stock surely atmospherics will end up on the list eventually!
  12. So, as far as I can tell I'd have to compile Waz's branch? I don't see a compiled version available.
  13. I've been playing KSP for a few years now and I'm always excited for the new patches. However, has Squad ever made anything official about the graphics? I know they've undergone changes over the years but with projects like Scatterer and EVE I'm sort of surprised a bigger effort hasn't been made to improve the planets. Early on we got experimental terrain scatters, ie: trees and rocks, but since then, as far as I can tell, Squad has been completely Mum sans some part updates. I know they don't want to make anyone's game run poorly, but I'd still like to see some more advanced graphical options. EVE is amazing for what it is, but Scatterer is far to buggy to be considered viable for everyday play and just like we eventually got better aerodynamics and buoyancy, I'd really love to see stock clouds and atmospheric scattering. Not to mention the Mun, as far as I recall, is the only celestial body to ever receive it's own custom effect ( craters ). There's just so much untapped potential on the artistic front, I'd love to hear about the solar system being enhanced as well as the gameplay.
  14. There may be other possibilities. I had a strange issue creep up a few weeks ago where KSP kept crashing as soon as it would load my game. I didn't pick up on the most obvious visual cue immediately, the planet on the main menu had shadows but no clouds, but simply putting a fresh copy of the mod fixed it. I really have no idea why that happened but sometimes deleting the offending mod and reinstalling it is all it takes.
  15. Well blackrack never originally planned to do the water, at least not in any public capacity I know of, so maybe. I just find it humorous. The people who did Proland had a team, the fact blackrack is trying to implement them into KSP alone suggests mental instability of the most beloved sort—like a crazy painter or the guy who builds Strandbeests. I sort of hope Squad takes notice though, and not in the modding Monday's sort of way, but that perhaps once the transition to 1.1 and Unity 5 is past, perhaps 1.2 will be the beautification update. Did you know KSP has less than 20 sounds, including music? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BLACKRACK.
  16. Lol, the water is certainly looking nice but I'll wait until blackrack drops the Proland forests on us before I start gushing.
  17. Your album is basically a compilation of Scatterer's greatest hits (if the hits were bugs). Rbray89 has definitely been instrumental in helping blackrack with his work, and the two have certainly spent a lot of time making their mods play together, but rbray isn't specifically responsible for fixing issues Scatterer causes with EVE. I'd recommend waiting for Scatterer to be out of development if the bugs bother you. There's a reason EVE is in 'released' mods, and Scatterer is not.
  18. Well, I did the same research but to me it doesn't seem to 'fix' anything other that a minor awkwardness I'm completely accustomed to and don't mind. The only thing I could consider of minor use is the 'drops the new root' part, but that seems like a heck of a chance to take on the possibility it might cause other issues elsewhere. Perhaps not; perhaps I'm just paranoid. Still, since the old version seems to work okay, the new version doesn't fix any bugs, and the addition of another bit of functionality I'm not necessarily keen on means I might adopt it eventually but for right now I'd rather wait and see if someone else will do the same thing without merging it with another mod.
  19. I'm probably being cynical but when people say their game runs great with no issues to speak of I don't really believe them. My startup is about 1.8 GB and as long as I don't run it in a full screen borderless window it usually takes a few hours to crash. I could try the -dx9 tag and see if that helps but, though KSP has never been more stable, it crashes eventually on all of my computers regardless of OS, hardware, mod configuration or otherwise. Stock is the most stable but given enough time it'll give out so it's well known that certain mods, such as Scatterer, exacerbate that and can have a detrimental effect but it's hardly an exception. I've had people tell me their computers run flawlessly and watch errors pop up when Windows load, or people play games at slideshow framerates suggesting it runs perfectly fine on their system. Perhaps it's a Pavlovian response but my skepticism runs deep and it seems to be a case of tolerance and familiarity as well. Still, with a 6700HQ and GTX 970M I'm not experiencing any new visual artifacts and the game runs at a healthy 60 fps on as maxed out of settings as KSP can muster. I was able to get it to slow a bit with oceans turned on (among other more obvious problems) but that's about the only appreciable yardstick I could use to test whether or not the tag 'fixed' anything. As far as it goes I'm content to wait for 1.1 and enjoy the heck out of 1.0.5 in the interim. I might try this out before I consider dropping Scatterer but as I suggested before, using 21c with the oceans disabled works great, doesn't ham my performance and looks balls out beautiful with EVE and sidesteps many of the current build's problems minus it makes my game more prone to crashing. So if it comes to that and it works, I'll both come back and click some rep for you and spread the word myself but it's definitely low priority. So low I actually wrote a post about how low it was rather than testing it out. My priorities are all messed up man.
  20. As an 'in-development' mod, no one comes away unscathed. The best you can hope for right now is to have a tenuous relationship with it. I don't use the ocean effects because of the various visual bugs, and I don't have many mods, and with scatterer it crashes on me pretty often; far more than the base game. So, we are basically signing a waiver when we install it. That said it looks like you might be able to free up memory to help with it. I notice you have USI, which without seeing the inside of the folder I can't know for sure, but his mods are generally pretty heavy in the memory department, and you also have stock visual enhancements which gives this disclaimer: "This mod uses a lot of RAM... I mean a lot. I honestly wouldn't use it unless you play on Linux or can wait until KSP updates to 1.1 for a stable Windows 64-bit version." So depending on any cuts you've already made you might be walking in a memory minefield. I'd recommend you clean out your mods, only install scatterer, and see what type of mileage you get. If it still crashes every other launch then you are doomed, but if it lets up you could probably drop SVE to make a significant difference.
  21. My question would be would you consider repackaging this. Right now it includes module manager 2.2.0, which is obviously out of date, but it also places it in the CoherentContracts folder rather than the root GameData which while MM is supposed to be able to handle for that, I can't imagine it's the best way of going about it. Also, what is the .DS_store file? Nevermind.
  22. In my experience I've dropped quite a few mods thanks to Squad's efforts. I don't use DRE, FAR, Better Bouyancy, AJE, Select Root, etc, ect, ect... anymore, and I see it as a good thing. I imagine some people like myself look at many mods as a stopgap for missing or underdeveloped aspects of the game, but as stock catches up it's fair to think some mods will become redundant. Unique to Antenna Range, and a big draw for me, is it's simplicity. It just works, quietly and simply. While I wouldn't mind a bit more complexity to it here and there, I mean this as an honest compliment when I say it doesn't clash with the base game and feels natural. It feels like what a stock implementation of antenna diversity might, and I'd say I turned out to be right because it's possible this stock version might well be plenty for people like myself who looked to this mod for just that. I suppose you'll probably never get a trophy but you can bet this is one of the models they used when deciding how the stock implementation should behave. That said, I'm not really a fan of RoverDude's mods and based on my experience with them I'd be surprised if there wasn't something you could add or change.
  23. Sounds good. KSP sure is getting a lot of visual love recently. Maybe pizzaoverhead will drop some amazing acoustic improvements to go with all this visual bling!