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  1. Don't flame me or anything, but having spent a few person-years in hours playing KSP - I have concerns that the stated features in KSP 2 might be too far reaching. I have seen the videos and interviews and am very excited, but my excitement is tempered with real fear (ala No Man's Sky v1). To name a few points The shared videos of "Not Actual Gameplay" look incredible. I would suspect it would take a lot of effort to beautify all of those assets and add effects such as "unique" explosions based on the parts involved. Lets face it - KSP's stock graphics have always just blown - If it weren't for mod collections such as KSPRC, the game is pretty unappealing graphically. The new development team is tackling multiplayer and claim to have solved one of the biggest challenges - the physics behind it. Inter-stellar travel to new systems sounds awesome - but the development team needs to properly manage time warping features to make this work well - which I suspect is another serious challenge they have been wrestling with. Base building anywhere on bodies with solid surfaces, and then being able to launch from them - this is huge - and again something I suspect the development team has had to do a lot of work on. Making a game that is easily approachable for new gamers AND veterans to feel challenged. I can't help but think that things might be too limited or dumbed down. The development team has said in interviews that they started off with the KSP code base and essentially tore everything out and rebuilt it. This is a massive task. The new code base is allegedly designed from the bottom with modders in mind - this is also another massive task, but they say they have it. I will say I would be very very happy to be wrong! If they can accomplish all of these things I would be stoked. I don't mean to be a debbie downer or anything. Am I being overly pragmatic about this?