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  1. Which parts of this mod are the broken ones? I've been away from KSP for quite a while and kinda lost track of what changed when. I know the wheels system changed at some point, so the wheels parts need to be redone. There was also a change to how animations worked, but I think that might have been before the initial release of KSOS? I remember that that was what finally broke BobCat's HOME mods. I still have those lying around on a backup somewhere... But what about the station parts from this mod? Are they also broken, or is it mostly the vehicles and the shuttles themselves that are non-functional?
  2. Do you have enough energy capacity for when you're traveling through the shadow side of a planet?
  3. Is there a set of configs for this mod to add USI-LS resources to the transport spacecraft (Soyuz, TKS, FGB, Progress)? If not, I'll start working on one myself. But I don't want to put in the work if others have already done it for me.
  4. Ah, okay, so it does replace the MH parts. The wording in the OP made me think that nothing at all would happen if MH is installed. Thank you!
  5. I want to install Restock+, but I see that a lot of the parts are disabled for those who own the Making History expansion. I do own that expansion, but don't particularly like the parts from it. So, is there any way to either disable Making History (I have not been able to find a method by searching around), or to enable those Restock+ parts despite Making History being installed?
  6. That mod only contains SLS parts as far as I can see. This one contains Shuttle, SLS, Jupiter and Ares parts, but a smaller selection of SLS parts compared to the other one.
  7. ...what docking port is used for the Orion? I've been looking through my parts list in-game and was unable to find anything resembling the screenshots on the first page, and I also couldn't find any docking port in the mod's files. On top of that, the Ares I seems to have an extremely high TWR if built as suggested. But then again, I believe the real one did have a pretty obscene TWR too.
  8. Very nice to see that this mod is still going strong. I've been absent from the game for several years, and am very happy to see how many of the good old addons are still being maintained.
  9. This all looks very nice! I remember there being two mods for Angara rockets a long time ago; one of them also included the Orel/PTK spacecraft, but I think both of those mods are long defunct by now. Nice to see that someone is taking up the challenge of creating this lovely rocket again.
  10. It's such a shame that these lovely parts are not usable currently. Is there anything I can do to help with the updating process? I do not have any skills in terms of modelling and only basic knowledge of programming, but I have tinkered with plenty of part configs over the years. I'd like to help out if that can be of any use.
  11. Is there anything that prevents it from working with 1.6.1? From what I've seen, the plugins are updated, so it should be possible to use the mod with 1.6.1 if the plugins are updated manually - or are there any issues that prevent that from being the case? Only thing I'm in doubt about is the Firespitter plugin - but that's because I haven't been able to find the download for it at all.
  12. So I've been using the Near Future Spacecraft mod for the first time in forever, and there's a lot of cool new pods. However, I find myself wondering - some of the pods do not fit with stock heat shields, but also do not come with their own heat shields. This is true both of the Dragon-alike pod and the one that goes really wide and then tapers again. What heat shields should I use with these pods?
  13. Haven't been around for a few years now... but I'm really happy to see that this thing is still around! It has ferried so many kerbals to and from my space stations through the years.
  14. I've had a loooong hiatus from KSP now, and this is one of my favorite part packs - I'm really happy to see that it's still alive!
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