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  1. Is there anything that prevents it from working with 1.6.1? From what I've seen, the plugins are updated, so it should be possible to use the mod with 1.6.1 if the plugins are updated manually - or are there any issues that prevent that from being the case? Only thing I'm in doubt about is the Firespitter plugin - but that's because I haven't been able to find the download for it at all.
  2. So I've been using the Near Future Spacecraft mod for the first time in forever, and there's a lot of cool new pods. However, I find myself wondering - some of the pods do not fit with stock heat shields, but also do not come with their own heat shields. This is true both of the Dragon-alike pod and the one that goes really wide and then tapers again. What heat shields should I use with these pods?
  3. Haven't been around for a few years now... but I'm really happy to see that this thing is still around! It has ferried so many kerbals to and from my space stations through the years.
  4. I've had a loooong hiatus from KSP now, and this is one of my favorite part packs - I'm really happy to see that it's still alive!
  5. Okay, I somehow managed to not scroll down to the next post just after... I might need to pay more attention. Thanks, anyways!
  6. Hey Pood, you invited me over here to comment on your pack, over from the OPM thread. I just want to say that I think it looks absolutely gorgeous, the only thing that holds me from using it is that I want my Tekto to have the uniform haze that real life Titan has. And by the way, texture number three is the prettiest for Neidon, although 1, 2, and 5 could also be really great. Number 4 is too cartoony with those wiggly lines, and 6, 7, and 8 just look weird to me. Okay, looking at the pictures a bit more has won me over. I'm going to install this first thing in the morning.
  7. This is a really great tutorial, very easy to follow... but the link to the next part is broken.
  8. I really want some clouds for Tekto, but I've been having some trouble finding a cloud pack that works for vanilla EVE (newest version). All that I have been able to find either require additional mods, are for the old pre-reboot EVE (Eleusis' Clouds for OPM) or radically change the feel of the planets (Pood's Overhaul). The ΣME cloud config pack is nowhere to be found.
  9. I'm having some problems with the LqdHydrogen IS Fuel Switch config when used alongside AtomicAge. Both include configs for IS Fuel Switch, but they don't work together. If I install both, only one of them will function. Can anyone explain how to fix this problem to me?
  10. Kinda ironic that the rework is being finished right before the big Unity 5 update, which will probably break it. I've got to say, though, it looks really awesome this time around. EDIT: Though it would probably look even better with a few colorized bits here and there. Perhaps some KSP-orange markings here and there?
  11. Excuse me? You're just as bad about this as the other side of the coin. People should play this game the way they want, whatever that means. If people think it's more fun to fly their rockets themselves, who are you to deny them that pleasure?
  12. It's not cheating, though. Since the game is not multiplayer and the only long-scale goals are the ones that players set for themselves, there's noone to cheat, and as such there is no cheating.