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  1. Amazingly, I was JUST thinking it would be cool to have a pack of segmented flying saucer parts - the sketches I drew on my steno pad instead of paying attention during my companywide meeting this morning look more or less exactly like this. In other words, definitely looking forward to trying this out. Wondering how your cargo bays are set up to work - do they open upward or downward? Or sideward? Or squidward? (Sorry, it was there)
  2. I am absolutely loving the IVA's for these... really just brings the whole thing together. Looking toward the future, are you considering support for Raster Prop Monitor MFD's? Those would make the big control centers really shine. ^^
  3. Heyyy, I loved this mod! Glad to see it's back in business. =D
  4. Aww yiss =D I know what I'll be doing during lunch today. Thank you @allista for the new version, even in the face of unreliable municipal services. o7
  5. Awesome, and also awesome. Looking forward to it!
  6. Didn't realize how badly I needed this mod until I tried my hand at some dropship designs. Quite excited to see this updated - patiently awaiting the non-debug version ^^ Which does bring me to a question... how nicely does this play with tilt-rotor designs (the kind someone might build with Infernal Robotics)?
  7. @Aelfhe1m that is a fantastic guideline - I think I've got the right idea from there. Thanks!
  8. Hey folks ^^ I'm about to give Gold Standard a try, and I had a couple of questions about a tweak I'd like to make. I'm somewhat interested in naming it MetalOre/Metal for the sake of personal preference. For that renaming to work, all I'll need to do is a find-replace in all the config files for GoldOre/Gold, right? That doesn't appear to collide with any of the resources in the CRP so I THINK I should be good to go there. Secondary question... it's a little unreasonable that I'm bothered by this at all, but the fact that we now have a DIFFERENT kind of Ore than the stock Ore really m
  9. Hey folks - big fan of the workshop mod. ^^ I had a question about a small adjustment I was looking to make to the MaterialKits converter recipes. I'm also using the Gold Standard mod that adds a couple more (highly valuable) resources to some planets. I'm interested in replacing the role of Ore in the workshop mod with one of the resources from Gold Standard - IE MaterialKits would be generated using Gold Standard's Unobtanium, rather than Ore. (Solidfuel/Ablator can still be manufactured using Ore, because that makes sense.) I THINK I have the right idea about how to adjust the .cfg
  10. Hecka looking forward to the return of your balloon parts. =) Will those be returning as a component of this mod or will they be getting their own mod?
  11. Shiny =) I'm thinking FuelOre. Seems appropriate. Looking forward to 5.2!
  12. Are you proud of yourself? Are you proud of what you just typed? (I lol'd =P)
  13. Kudos on the new beta version! =) My only real issue with the new execution of EPL is the name "MetalOre" - it makes me feel like stock's "Ore" should be called something else. If I had a mind to rename EPL's "MetalOre" or stock's "Ore" to something that I like better, would I be able to as long as I tracked down all the dependencies, or is stock's "Ore" hardcoded somewhere I can't touch?
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