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  1. Yup, same here. Edit: I just discovered that you can change the displayed speed unit with FAR in surface mode.
  2. Ah, ok. It wasn't entirely clear to me that those three keys are mostly deprecated. Thanks for the hint.
  3. Thanks for the insight. Btw, I find it admirable that you manage to keep contributing to the KSP community so much since I know what it means to be on crack-cocaine aka Factorio
  4. Wow, interesting. Does Contract Configurator override stock contract generating mechanics like the weighted contracts thing?
  5. Nope, haven't seen it in a while. Also, it's the first time I hear about a cached contract mechanic. But now that you mention it, it was always this exact contract (same experiments and rewards) that kept showing up until it didn't. When a contract is cached, does it mean there is an increased likelihood for it to show up the next time there is a free contract slot?
  6. Awesome mod! I have a request though. Would you be willing to implement some sort of crib sheet with the keyboard shortcuts into the game for simpletons like me? Maybe a right-click menu for the toolbar icon where the list of shortcuts pops up similar to the way Editor Extensions does it? Or maybe in the form of a KSPedia page? Anyway, thanks for sharing and keep up the good work
  7. Neither you nor anyone else here is entitled to updates for outdated mods or progress updates from mod authors, no matter how popular and useful a mod is. Nobody cares about a statement like 'this is taking a long time'. You're not helping here.
  8. Uhm, so I edited DMagicOrbitalScience.cfg like so: ... EXPERIMENT { name = dmbathymetryscan ignored = true } ... I also added the MM.cfg that you've suggested but in both cases this bad boy keeps showing up What am I missing?
  9. Is there a way to exclude certain experiment types from showing up in certain or all contracts, maybe by using Module Manager? For example, I'd like DMagic's bathymetry experiment to not show up in the HardScience contract where you have to 'gather rare science results from @biome'. I was thinking maybe I can edit the HardScience.cfg, but after looking through it a couple of times, I realized, this is beyond me. I also tried to get rid of the experiment by deleting the bathymetry part and the experiment_definition entry from DMagic's ScienceDefs.cfg but the contract with that particular experiment keeps showing up and I really don't wanna deploy a submarine at Kerbin's ice caps. And it's always the damn ice caps
  10. Epic mod! Beautiful additional content for KIS/KAS users. Thanks for sharing, guys. I've found a typo in one of the science experiment flavor texts: Makes me cringe whenever I see that one, so, I brought a little reminder. Please don't hate me for being a smartass
  11. I dislike how in career mode action groups become available only after spending hundreds of thousands of Kredits for upgrading the VAB and SPH. So, I made a very simple MM config to change that, only to give you a small example: This config makes the basic action groups available at VAB/SPH level 1 and the custom ones at level 2 respectively. Even though I'm a noob when it comes to Module Manager, this works for me. Suggestions for improvement are welcome
  12. Awesome! Thanks a bunch for sharing. This is one of the must-haves for me.
  13. Yes please. I second this. Toolbar is up for 1.1.2.
  14. FE is not showing up in my editor at all in 1.1.2. Using latest MM v2.6.24
  15. Has anyone experienced any issues in 1.1.2 with Contract Configurator v1.11.3 and Remote Tech pre-release #524?
  16. Hey, I just discovered this gem. Exactly what I was looking for. Would it be possible to split the custom action groups into sections, so that I can for example unlock custom groups 1 through 5 at VAB lvl 2 and 6 through 0 at lvl 3?
  17. I'd like the existing parts to have more configurations. Something along the lines of Interstellar Fuel Switch or B9PartSwitch and Adjustable Landing Gear. Some people already mentioned the necessity for ground base parts, so for example, in the editor I'd like to swap out the textures for the science lab and the Hitchhiker so I can use them horizontally instead of only vertically. Even though Squad haven't matched the gloriousness of the procedural parts mods, with adding procedural fairings they've made a good call. The next step would be procedural fuselages, cargo bays and to declutter the long list of wing parts by just adding procedural wings and control surfaces.
  18. Then how about basic action groups at level 1. Custom groups 1-5 at level 2. Custom groups 6-0 at level 3?
  19. But after the first upgrade that allows you to build vessels with up to 255 parts, you still can't use the custom action groups. Only after the third upgrade, that costs a whopping 1.1 million Kredits, you can. I think that increasing the part limitation is what upgrading the VAB and SPH should be about. If anything, we should have the basic action groups and maybe two to three custom groups at level 1.
  20. Yup, Action Groups Extended not being out yet for 1.1 is pretty much the only reason that's keeping me from playing a career game in 1.1. Does anyone know a mod other than AGX that can override that limitation in career mode?
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