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  1. Firstly, here's the easy way to dock (assuming you have already rendezvous):

    • Take two crafts into a 90 degree orbit.

    • Align craft A so that the docking port faces North (red line on the nav ball).

    • Align craft B so that it's docking port faces South (180 degrees on navball).

    VERY important that you do this. Having the ports face these direction means that as you orbit the planet, the ports don't "drift." I am willing to bet you cant dock because you ports keep drifting causing you to not only kill relative velocities, but also chase the port at the same time.

    • Change camera mode to "Locked" (V key)

    Optional. I find docking 100% easier with this viewpoint, but it's not critical to the process.

    • Moving SLOWLY and in ONE direction at a time (don't try diagonals) inch your way closer to the docking port on all axis (top/bottom and left/right if you look at your craft from the engine in locked camera mode)

    • Once aligned, press H to close the gap

    • ???

    • Profit!

    Secondly, my biggest regret is despite having all these planets to explore, I've only ever been as far as Duna (did it in a recent stream, you can see it if you want by clicking the link in my sig)

    *shameless self plug

    Thanks alot for that, I'll keep it in mind. Though that can only happen once I've gotten a rendezvous, which is a rarity for me. Still, thanks again, once I manage a rendezvous with extreme luck I'll remember this.

  2. What is your biggest regret in KSP? Is it a past faliure which weighs heavily on your mind, or something which you can never quite achieve.

    For me, it's that despite owning the game for years, I have not managed a successful docking so far. I've attempted it a few times, but found it hard to get the launch time right when it's passing overhead, or can't get near enough to the other craft without zooming past it.

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