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  1. False. The user below is sad about the new PfL news.
  2. 180. Go completely insane and try to eat everything and everyone!
  3. False, I'm not a stalker. The user is sad about the new PfL news.
  4. 177. Release this: http://i50.tinypic.com/30c83nn.jpg Warning, Spider!
  5. 5/10 You've been around abit.
  6. Banned for saluting a thread in you signature.
  7. Its okay rage, just faint. Also, just click on the link on the previous page and make a nickname.
  8. It looks like Jeb, Bob and Bill made the KSC's first Laythe landing, only to discover that there is a industrial civilisation thriving on it. Or that the first Laythe lander is now a landmark for the colony.
  9. When will you tell us the news Chobit? We can't wait!
  10. Banned for not realising that they want to be in a station, they're in space and yet not likely to die!
  11. You know you've messed it up when the engine falls off your fuel tank for no reason before launch.
  12. Oh, but not with more struts! Less you explode the KSC.
  13. Banned because you are never lonely with random people on the internet!
  14. Banned because its the only way to contain you!
  15. So what would be compatible with your brain? 2100s technology? Also is the news more pictures or WIP?
  16. Those people probably need to take a break from the game if they get angry at the game mechanics. Unfortunately, they can't think of that and keep playing and keep getting angrier and take it out on the chat. Nice, I cant remember what my overall level is but I'm level 2 America, level 3 Germany, level 2 Russian, level 5 Britain and level 2 Japan.
  17. In the gas giants, if you survived the atmospheric pressure somehow, you would land in a liquid layer before reaching the solid core.
  18. No one likes dying. Its annoying when you get one-burst killed. But perhaps just try to ignore the community in the first place?
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