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  1. Banned for having a quote in your signature.
  2. Banned for making forum games.
  3. This is all caused by the possibilities of crab soup on Laythe?
  4. Since its the KSP version of mercury, then it would be like mercury. So it would be like it is presumably. But just very hot so you would have to have heat resistive parts used.
  5. You would have to have someway to stop the radiation. And given their technology, it would be possible.
  6. Then it would be a great place for mining but then some of the pictures wouldn't make sense. And you wouldn't be able to breath, less you die from the volcanic gases.
  7. Banned for planning to make mods.
  8. Pretty lights... It would have to be very strong that close to Jool and also for the size of Laythe. Edit: It would be interesting but not much fun to land and colonise if it was volcanic. You wouldn't want to land in lava.
  9. True. The user below has visited every planet and moon in KSP.
  10. It would be nice if we could have a habitable planetary body like a moon to colonise in KSP. But wouldn't Laythe be inside's Jool's radiation belt?
  11. So the oceans support life but what about the land? Or beaches? We want crab soup with xenon and blutonium!
  12. Then instead of crab soup, calamari soup? It could still be ion engine heated, with blutonium and xenon gas in it!
  13. Oh no.... The implications.... Well, a tentacled crab then? With the pincers at the end of each tentacle?
  14. If we assume that the Laythe environment is like earths/kerbins then crustaceans could of evolved. Lots of factors but still, its possible.
  15. Why not have the random encounter on the beaches of Laythe when they land. Then they can shoot it and cook it in the ways we have described earlier! Edit: But having it in the fiction is ok?
  16. Banned for me breaking you brain for banning you for banning me because of my recursion for banning redwolfy for being banned by me.
  17. Banned for banning me because of my recursion for banning redwolfy for being banned by me.
  18. Managed to design and build a new muti-planetary (hopefully) rover. Managed to land it on the Mun, unfortunately a girder was attached to the bottom with a mishap with decoupler placement. Meant it couldn't move... Now that problems been resorted and waiting to launch it.
  19. You can use the ion engine with it to slowly heat up the soup! The radiation source in the RTG's also sounds tasty. Perhaps use both then?
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