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  1. When the vessel falls apart while being hold together by the launch clamps.
  2. What about the spices? I'm not a expert when it comes to extra-terrestrial giant crab soup but I think some spices would be needed. Would that be the monopropellant for the spices with a dash of liquid oxygen?
  3. Banned for being a eccentric mad hatter. I'm not slightly insane, I'm fully insane :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  4. I presume that the water for it would come from the ocean but what about all the spices? And you would need three bowls and a ladle for the soup.
  5. I see struts still need to be factored in then.
  6. When you realise that you forgot decouples for the girders on the bottom on your rover meaning that when the rover lands, it lands on the girder being stuck there with its wheels just spinning...
  7. 150. Drive a bulldozer through the store.
  8. How would they kill it? With what guns? But that would inevitably cause problems in the trip to Laythe.
  9. Perhaps it could be introduced at some point if we can ever build really MASSIVE ships without the MASSIVE lag that comes with them. You could build a artificial moon!
  10. Granted, it is only for a non-existing aeroplane. I wish my mouse would work or have a new one. You can't do KSP on a laptops mousepad. You need scroll for building the rockets.
  11. But the moon is cheese, otherwise why would we go there?
  12. Banned for not knowing about steam groups...
  13. Granted, you can only download -4GB of ram now. I wish for even more madness! (You get shot in Australia Rage?)
  14. 10/10 Have a guess why Rage
  15. Granted, you now experience 1 second for the rest of us as 1 year for you. You now live for about 80 seconds by our time. I wish for more madness in the world. Its FUN!
  16. Banned for knowing about the Armadillos.
  17. More or less stopped anything other food, schoolwork and the occasion different game if I need a break from it (it hurts to constantly think of why my rockets keeps exploding) that's non-KSP related. And even then they suffer a lot.
  18. They're best used in what their called, as boosters. I use them to give me additional thrust on launch stages for heavy payloads as a result of their better TWR compared to the liquid fuel engines.
  19. Top Gear is always important! Also, Yay! More PfL fiction!
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