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  1. Keep trying Trekkette, we need you! And the answer is in both your and rages post as to what we saw...
  2. You really need to see the pictures in the chat Trekkette. Or have you already?
  3. Will you incorporate any of those lines into the fiction? Steam...
  4. We're all thinking it. Especially the ones in the chat room yesterday...
  5. Even best of friends could end up killing each other if they had access to guns if they were trapped in the capsule for months.
  6. I know but...I don't think them being trapped in a capsule for the time it would take to reach Laythe, would be a good idea if they have access to guns.. So Freya is the PfL version of Chobit then?
  7. What's the recipe that works with extra-terrestrial crabs? Also, they have guns?
  8. That's going to be a nice surprise for them when they land.
  9. Yet another classified. Toblerone Chobit? And what about the Krakens on Bop?
  10. We need Chobit and Trekkette to clear all this up and explain it.
  11. When you can't do anything as you keep thinking of new designs to build in KSP.
  12. 144. Superglue all the employees together.
  13. So will the Kerbals connect to the plants then?
  14. What has been created? Will the Kerbaldillos be green like the Kerbals?
  15. 141. Mark everything down to -2000% They would lose so much money
  16. Want to read it. Can't wait Your fingers are bleeding?
  17. To hot, I need more ice lollies.
  18. Why do they have to have so many variants of the same aircraft which are barely different?
  19. When you can think of nothing during the day than new interesting designs to try and create. These either explode or fail to be created for me unfortunately...
  20. Banned for suffering from "K" Syndrome
  21. One of my Mun landing attempts ended up with 150m/s lateral movement and 1m/s down at point of contact with the Mun surface. You can do the maths yourself
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