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  1. Did that about 5 times before a final landing. Once I managed to stop before impact and slow myself so only the capsule survived.
  2. Jeb ended up on a 10km chase after a rover that rolled down the hill. Most of it was on his face after failed thrusterpacking.
  3. Granted, it comes to you after being crushed and the infinite fuel being burned all over it. I wish for happiness.
  4. Use a Tsar Bomba. Or use a microwave as it heats it all at once rather than a flame which burns outside but undercooks inside. How do I not give my soul to Rage?
  5. Fight each other against each other. Choose the winner. How do I stop having violent impulses?
  6. True, crossovers would be fun to see! Jeb riding a SRB in other games. Fun! The user below has made a SSTO.
  7. Banned for being part of the Pug space program.
  8. And also trying to get that into the plot lines how the doctor changed gender.
  9. I'm sure that as some split off series that could happen... It could be worse...
  10. Doesn't the doctor get younger with every regeneration? So eventually would he regenerate into a baby?
  11. Does anyone else love to hear these rants?
  12. Because of lag. Also, you would need millions of launches to make it. Maybe if you had some people work on it for the rest of their lives then perhaps... If you mean as a already built feature, then if it was round the Kerbal sun Kerbol then solar panels would fail. Other stars? Then maybe as a cool feature/Easter egg if they introduce interplanetary travel. You wouldn't be able to see it so you would only notice it if it messes up a encounter with another stars.
  13. I thought that we wouldn't have that many trolls as a result of the complexity of KSP frightening them away.
  14. Now I just need to get my internet to load it... And have time.
  15. What do you expect of a junkyard? Its full of highly explosive rocket fuel just dumped and left. You need to be careful not to detonate them. But yeah, the people who frequent the junkyard thread are the ones who frequent the enigma platforms generally.
  16. You tranquilize the elephant first then get some tap dancing shoes. Now Tapdance! How do I pick a image for the avatar?
  17. You give me a good one How do I get a good avatar?
  18. We place them into our mouths then chew then swallow. How to we convince the Mods to let us have a new off-topic thread?
  19. Granted, but the friend hugs you to death. I wish to be able to rewind time to before the enigma thread got locked to warn our past selves.
  20. 130. Cause the equivalent of the terror in France after their revolution after your uprising.
  21. That there will be no new enigma platform for the foreseeable future.
  22. Granted, it falls directly onto you. I wish for a new enigma thread.
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