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  1. To be fair, all the Kerbalnauts that are avalible for hire and use are insane to an extent. How else do you explain them willingly getting into untested rockets held together with tape and hope.
  2. Decided to try KSP after forgetting it for too long, discovered all the new features, tried to seriously use them for the first half hour then proceded to cause as many explosions as possible, destroying the now destructible facilites. So old buisness as usual
  3. With the size of the universe, then it's likely to find the Kerbal species out there, it's more a question of how close are they to us? As mad as it sounds, I don't like the idea of having Kerbals near us, I don't want Jeb to crash SRBs into us.
  4. When you start going through withdrawal problems when you stop playing KSP for a while
  5. You can only press the r key, but you can press it REALLY fast! The ability to breath underwater!
  6. Yes...I still have problems tying my shoes. I used to wear Velcro shoes.... So yes, we can fully understand rocket science and create colonies on other planets, yet we are confounded if presented with a untied shoe. Rocket science is much easier than tying a shoe!
  7. 344: The entire species has created nothing but the KSC and rocket parts.
  8. Banned for having multiple links in your signature.
  9. 75 A machine which spontaneously creates and destroys mini universes.
  10. Banned for only being eccentric
  11. Non exploding rockets. That's Not Kerbal!
  12. 5/10 Seen you mainly in this thread.
  13. Floor 67: A device for destroying the fabric of the universe.
  14. Always try to save my Kerbals, whether its through quick saving or restarting flight. I need to keep those orange jump suits on Jeb, Bob and Bill free of burn marks after all!
  15. Its got to be rocket science. Its just so easy!
  16. ...fine then, if you don't want it rated...
  17. Dear Squad, I want you to add more rocket boosters so that we can smash cars which a kerbal is flying directly into Jool. Also I like to shoot kerbals into the Kraken's maw. You should bring love to Kerbin through donuts shaped like Kerbals. This won't add chaos to the game revenue because donuts are tasty and
  18. Well, at least that person knows what he is
  19. Yes and no. The user below is in fact insane
  20. How are you losing hope? Having a quirky teacher is fun for everyone!
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