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  1. Why, what else would I do for respiration? The user below is in fact not human
  2. Banned because I am still more insane, I just don't show it....mostly....
  3. I was once rammed when I was in a Ki-43, with its light construction, by a wildcat, I think... The wildcat crashed and I flew on Unfortunately, one of the landing gears were ripped off, that I found out on the landing approach... I had to do a wheels up landing, and meant the Ki-43 couldn't be repaired as it got too much damage on the landing
  4. I've had my share of...interesting teachers.... A maths teacher I had for two years often showed us the beginning of Cool Running's but we never finished it. The RE one did the same with Bruce Almighty. My Physics teacher I had was cool, he often taught with practical's and experiments. He was also interesting. He once showed us a episode of Mork and Mindy mid-lesson to explain a quote from it on a PowerPoint slide. He also would watch Star Trek and play a game of spot the technical term
  5. Banned because living at home kind of is....
  6. Dear Squad, I want you to add more rocket boosters so that we can smash cars which a kerbal is flying directly into Jool. Also I like to shoot kerbals into the Kraken's maw. You should bring love to Kerbin through donuts shaped like Kerbals. This won't add chaos
  7. Well, I live in another country across a sea so likely yes The user below likes Cookies
  8. Granted, people now can't resist but eat your hands now. Have fun! I wish for this wish to be corrupted but not corrupted at the same time.
  9. We all wish as well....but no! Rage
  10. Granted, they are all inside me now I wish for the IRC to work
  11. Banned for not fixing the IRC Rage....
  12. Banned because YOU also take over the forums
  13. Banned for knowing about those Armadillos, which I still read differently...
  14. Banned because you post for your post count, we post for other reasons
  15. Banned because I love it, especially the comments on the articles. They're so fun to read!
  16. Banned for mentioning Doctor Who! Though it is great
  17. Yep, Leon.......wait.......NO! Rage097
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