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  1. Yes, I don't see any reason to kill you... The user below also doesn't want to come to my house and kill me
  2. True, I miss that thread... The user below also misses the count to 50 thread
  3. Not yet... The user below is either Canopus or Kreuzung
  4. ...NO! I'm LeonG17! MUHAHAHAH Canopus
  5. Mk 1-2 one, have to contain Jeb, Bob and Bill together! That way they can distract each other to prevent them from escaping containment...
  6. Its as if the entire species is designed to explore space.... As for the amount of G, likely as much as you can exert on them.
  7. Its hard, haven't figured out how not to procrastinate yet....so no! How do I stay up at night?
  8. True, we need other people Kreuzung
  9. True, I have two cats! The user below now wonders if Rage and Trekkette have lives after reading the past few pages.
  10. 10/10 Why you no in IRC bro?
  11. 7/10 Seen you round the junkyard and games
  12. Granted, it kills you. I wish for Rage to come to the IRC chat.
  13. .......NO! How do I get Rage to take part in more of the games in the Games forum?
  14. He will blow it all up!
  15. I will break that by this very sentence which is a answer in itself to your non-question which then turns it into a question and is therefore answered. How do I confuse people like this more often?
  16. Banned for now disturbing my memories of Star Wars
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