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  1. You tie them up and force them to listen to it. How do I get Rage not to do that?
  2. By mentioning Chobit. How do I not get Rage to bring down the wrath of the mods?
  3. Granted, its impossible. I wish for people to post more in the games forum.
  4. By posting when they stopped posting How do I get Rage097 and Trekkette to do it again?
  5. Granted, you can only draw lines, but good lines. I wish my rover wouldn't break apart from my rocket on launch.
  6. 10/10 How could it not be 10/10? Also, explosions are often my best interests, they are so pretty!
  7. Yes, a KSP squadron would be a interesting idea and I would like to see it.
  8. 347. We spend the next day blowing things up
  9. *sniff* Amazing, absolutely amazing. With a great sound track and the addition on at the end.
  10. 10/10 So many medals....and great flag!
  11. 327. We can do WHATEVER we want, within or outside the bounds of sanity.
  12. His jaw is intact, it looks like his throats been stretched and cut. As for the rest of it....
  13. Granted, and not corrupted. I wish for PfL to be back...
  14. Who doesn't here... The user below feels the same.
  15. 318. That we don't bother with pick-up missions for the landed Kerbalnauts, we expect them to walk home
  16. 315: We sometimes consider explosions to be a job well done
  17. Thank you so much for continuing PfL Chobit. We now await the new process details, and breath a sigh of relief. Edit: Yay! Teaser in 24 hours!
  18. Yet another reason we need you Chobit. The fun we have with you here. I will say this one last time Chobit, stay. Please
  19. The best that I can think of is for you to go back to when you previously asked us to give you a argument for your staying. Go back and look at them, and see that we do greatly appreciate your art no matter what happens in the forums and see ,that even though it will retire eventually, we want to see it continue for now and not let all the work gone into it go to waste. Please, stay.
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